Best Kids Shoes For Wide Feet 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Every kid has different growth, especially the feet. The feet for different kids grow differently and can be of different sizes too. Commonly, kids’ feet grow quite fast, and the shoes become too tight too quickly. However, if you find that most of the shoes don’t fit properly for your kids. In that case, there are high chances that your kid might have wide feet. Hence, we bring you the best kids shoes for wide feet

Is Having Wide Feet Something to Worry About?

When you notice that your kid has wide feet, it is common to get worried. Having wide feet means that you have to get specific shoes with certain features that will fit their feet. 

However, there is no proven fact that once the kid has wide feet, it will be permanent. There are instances where people had wide feet when they were kids but it came to a natural shape once they grew up. Also, this doesn’t mean you should try to force their feet into smaller or narrower ones to bring their feet to a narrow size. 

Also, you must avoid buying extra wide shoes for your kid. This is a common mistake a lot of young parents do, assuming that they will keep growing. No matter how wide they are, always get the appropriate size of the shoe. Having a huge size of the shoe means your kid can easily topple over.

If you don’t get extra wide shoes, you can go for shoes that have an extra depth to the shoes. This will prevent them from getting blisters too. Also, you can check if the shoe has a rounded toe-box that will provide enough toe gap. All these together ensure that your kid, even though doesn’t have that wide shoe, can still wear normal shoes.

Having wide feet isn’t something to be necessarily worried about. Your kid can still wear the “normal” shoes that are available in the market but must have some added features. Or you can simply just keep searching for the best shoes for kids with wide feet.

Top 10 Best Kids Shoes For Wide Feet 2021

1. Saucony Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

Saucony Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker Best Kids Shoes for Wide Feet

This sneaker from Saucony ensures that your kid has the maximum comfort on their feet. Made with suede and mesh, this shoe has a rubber outsole that will provide not only comfort but even durability and stability. This will make sure that the feet do not topple over while walking. 

There are a hook and loop on the shoe which you can use for easy on/off adjustability. This means it won’t take much time to open or close the shoe. Moreover, thanks to the comfortable midsole, your kid will also find the shoe quite lightweight. Thereby, you will find your kids loving this shoe and the quality. It will give them a comfortable walking experience. 


2. Florsheim Kids’ Berwyn JR Shoe

Florsheim Kids' Berwyn JR Shoe

This formal shoe is sure to make your kid look classy. Made with 100% imported leather, and has a synthetic sole. However, the most important feature of the shoe is that it has both medium and wide-width variants. Hence, if your kid has minimal width, you can get the medium-wide one. However, if your kids’ feet are quite wide, you can get the wide width.

Another feature of the shoe is that the linings of this shoe are breathable and moisture-wicking Suedetec. Additionally, the sole of the shoe is quite durable, flexible, and non-marking rubber. These make the shoe more comfortable. You will observe that the insole is made with memory foam technology, this is again responsible for the extra comfort of the shoe that your child gets to enjoy. We can easily put this at the top of the list of best shoes for kids with wide feet


3. Keds Girl’s Daphne Mary Jane Flat

Keds Girl's Daphne Mary Jane Flat

This keds is the perfect choice for your girl who has just learned to walk and you want them to have something comfortable for their feet. The leather used on the shoe is completely imported and feels premium. The whole upper part is made with leather giving it a quality look.

The footbed of the shoe is made with memory foam, which means that the kid will feel utmost comfort with each step she takes. Thereby, motivating them to walk more and enjoy their tour. The t-strap closure makes it more convenient for them to open and close the shoe, so your kid can slip into them in a jiffy. Just let them put it in, and close off the strap. There are certain deep flex grooves that will provide maximum flexibility to the kid. The outside is covered with rubber that provides for traction. 


4. Stride Rite Made2Play Artin-K Sneaker

Stride Rite Made2Play Artin-K sneaker

Made with 100% leather and mesh, this shoe from Stride Rite, is going to be the ultimate companion for your kids. We all know that kids love to go out and play, this often results in them getting dirty. One of the major drawbacks is that their shoes get dirty too. 

This is where this shoe is your savior. You can machine wash this shoe, thereby, getting rid of all the dirt and germs from the shoe easily. Another impressive feature of the shoe is the anti-stink technology. It has an antimicrobial lining that helps to keep the shoe odor-free. This means that no matter how much your kid goes out and plays, the shoe is not going to stink at all. 

There is a hook-and-loop setup on the shoe that will make putting the shoe extremely easier for the kid. Also, it won’t come off easily. Additionally, the base of the shoe is made with memory foam which means that the kid will feel extremely comfortable with the shoes on. This is one of the best kids’ shoes for wide feet.


5. See Kai Run Kids’ Robyne Sneaker

See Kai Run Kids' Robyne Sneaker  

This shoe from See Kai Run is made with 100% textile. The construction of the shoe feels quite comfortable and premium. The shoe has been given padded collars in certain areas so that the kid feels comfortable while in the shoes. It is also fully lined with natural and breathable materials. This means that even in summers, the kid won’t feel any type of discomfort. The shoe has a removable sock liner. Hence, if it gets too sweaty inside, you can remove the liner to give the feet more air to breathe. 

Additionally, there is a herringbone lung pattern that makes it great traction to play. The shoe also has a vulcanized pattern that makes it more durable, flexible, and even lightweight. There is a rubber cap toe that gives extra protection to the tips of the feet. Also, there is a hook and strap that make it easier for the kid to open and close the shoe.


6. Nina Bonnett Mary Jane (Toddler/Little Kid)

Nina Bonnett Mary Jane (Toddler Little Kid)

This cute shoe will go with every girl’s outfit your kid opts for. Hence, if you want to make your girl look cute, this shoe is the go-to. Made with 100% leather, the upper part of the shoe is quite glossy, with rounded toes, that give a comfortable finish to the shoe. There is a buckle that makes sure that the shoe fits in perfectly.

The sole is synthetic, which makes the shoe look classier. Hence, your kid can have a comfortable and durable experience without compromising on style.  


7. Merrell Kids’ Jungle Moc Moccasin

Merrell Kids' Jungle Moc Moccasin

This moccasin will be quite a comfort to your kids’ feet. Made with 100% suede upper and has a synthetic sole that will give your kid the maximum comfort. The construction of the moccasin is designed with tugged rubber on the outsole, this would mean that no matter how much the shoe has to go through, it has long durability.

Additionally, there is M Select Grip which is flexible and non-marking traction. It also has high slip-resistant stability that will make walking on wet and dry ground easy. Hence, you can take your kid out hiking by wearing this shoe. They will feel quite comfortable and it will be quite durable too. The shoe is also quite flexible and has supportive construction making it one of the best kids’ shoes for wide feet.


8. Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe

Sperry Halyard Hook & Loop Boat Shoe

This shoe is made with 100% imported textile which gives your kid a comfortable edge on their feet. The sole of the shoe is made with rubber, which means your kid won’t feel much pain while walking. Walking will be a fun exercise for them. The shoe is quite durable and has high adjustability. 

The canvas is on the upper side of the shoe, which makes it comfortable which gives them an amazing walking experience. There is also a hook and loop closure that has an easy on/off adjustability. Hence, you can be assured that it won’t take a lot of time for your kid to open and wear the shoes.  


9. WETIKE Mesh Slip On

WETIKE Mesh Slip On

This shoe is made with mesh and has a lightweight non-slip TPR sole. This shoe is made for extreme comfort and has quite high endurance, enabling your kid to enjoy the walk. There is an upper stretch mesh that will give an optimal and breathable feel to the shoe. Also, the mesh is responsible to quickly absorb the sweat and keeps the shoe dry. Hence, you can be assured that your kid won’t come back with smelly feet.

It also has a foam sole which gives a lightweight cushioning. There are vertical and horizontal flex grooves that provide flexibility to the feet. Hence, your kid can keep on walking for long distances without feeling any pain while running or jumping. 

This shoe is a slip-on but with Athletic Knitted Sock Shoes Styles. It has adjustable laces with the dynamic lockdown. There is also a small flat head screwdriver that can open the clip on the tab. This is again one of the best shoes for kids with wide feet.


10. Troadlop Kids Sneaker

Troadlop Kids Sneaker

This shoe is uniquely made with kids’ feet in mind. It is made with utmost comfort and lightweight. The sole is air knit with lots of features that will make walking an amazing experience for your kid. 

The knit mesh on the upper part of the shoe is breathable and would keep your feet dry and comfortable when one is playing. There is also an anti-collision toe feature which means that there is a protective layer on the toe area which would keep the kids’ toe from being injured. The shoe also has a protective ankle which makes it easier for the kids to put it on and off. Moreover, the cushioned insole gives the kid a comfortable experience while they are walking. This is one of the best shoes for kids with wide feet.


Factors To Look For While Buying Kids’ Shoes

Now that we have gone through the list of the best kids’ shoes for wide feet, and we are sure that you will find it quite confusing which one to go for. Hence, we will be listing out the factors to consider before buying the kids’ shoes:

1. Put A Shoe On First

You have to put a shoe on your kid first. This means that you need to buy a shoe from a shop before you go to buy them online. Hence, it will help you to get better at understanding the shoe choices for the kids. 

2. Check Their Feet

Now, it is time to check the feet of your kid. Once you have bought the shoe, and make them wear it. You have to feel the feet yourself. Make sure that their feet are not curled or they don’t feel uncomfortable. There should be at least a thumb space between the feet and the tip of the shoe. 

3. Wear With Socks

Also, make sure that if your kids are going to wear socks a lot, you can trial the shoes with their socks on. This would help you to understand the hit of the shoes. Thereby, your kid will feel comfortable. 

4. Listen To Your Kid

This is one of the most important factors that you need to keep in mind. Make sure that you are listening to your kid. If they are persistent about being uncomfortable or if it is bothering them. You will have to find the solution for it. Most importantly, you will have to get them a replacement. 

5. Resist The Urge To Go One Size Up

As much as you would want to get one size bigger for your kid, however, you need to resist the urge. Buying a huge shoe for your kid might topple them over. This would also make their feet grow weirdly. Hence, you must get a shoe that will have an appropriate size, giving them room enough to grow but also within a structure.  

Happy Shopping!

We hope that you have liked the list of the best kids’ shoes for wide feet. After considering the list and even the factors, you will just have to find the shoe that fits in your kids’ feet. You can also consider other factors like the style and color of the shoes. Remember, having a proper shoe that fits well and gives enough room for growth will give a proper shape to the feet. The kid must get a proper shaping at that age, otherwise, it might a be problem later on. 


Q1. How Do I Know If My Child Has Wide Feet?

If you want to find out if your child has wide feet, you can first try rectangular shoes on their feet. If you observe that there is a bump on the outside of the shoe in the place where the little toe is there, then your child has wide feet. 

Q2. How Often Should The Child’s Feet Be Measured?

We all know that kids’ feet grow extremely fast. However, you might be wondering how often one must measure the feet. You can do so, every 2-4months. However, that does not mean they need new shoes every 4months. Now if you see the feet have grown significantly, you have to go for the new shoes.  

Q3. How Much Should One Spend On Kids’ Shoes?

One thing to keep in mind is that you need not spend a lot on their shoes. It is best to be under a budget, as you often keep buying it. However, that does not mean you should get the cheapest ones in the market. The shoes should be of good quality and are comfortable on their feet. 
The best way to get kids’ quality shoes is to look out for branded ones while they are having a discount. You can go for Merrell Kids’ Jungle Moc Moccasin or Florsheim Kids’ Berwyn JR Uniform Oxford Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid) . These are some of the best shoes for kids with wide feet.

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