Best Kids Shoes For Flat Feet 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Adidas2. Stride Ride3. Saucony
Adidas Originals Unisex-Child Swift Running Shoe Best Kids Shoes For Flat FeetStride Rite Unisex-Child Claire Xw-KUnisex-Child Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

There are a lot of misconceptions among people regarding flat feet. While some do not consider it a significant problem, others feel that it is a permanent disability and cannot be treated or managed effectively. Flat feet are very commonly seen in children and can be responsible for abnormal walking patterns and foot pain. Hence, it is important for parents to understand the importance of corrective shoes for flat feet kids. So, in this article, we shall tell you about the best kids’ shoes for flat feet. 

Top 10 Best Kids Shoes For Flat Feet 2021

1. Adidas Originals Unisex-Child Swift Running Shoe

Adidas Originals Unisex-Child Swift Running Shoe Best Kids Shoes For Flat Feet

Believed to be one of the most reliable kids’ brands, Adidas is also the best brand of shoes for kids with flat feet. The shoes are designed to provide adequate arch support that makes them comfortable even for kids who do not have flat feet. It has a regular fit and does not limit foot movement in any way. The shoe has a simple lace closure and has a modern sock-like construction. This design makes it much more adjustable, and the feet can snugly fit into the shoes. 

The outsole of the shoes is made with flexible rubber, while the upper part has a mesh. On the upper mesh, the textile lining is very delicate and comfortable. With an EVA midsole, the shoe keeps your feet in a physiologically neutral position. Hence, children with a high-arch or a collapsed arch will not feel any pain while wearing these shoes. 


2. Stride Rite Unisex-Child Claire Xw-K

Stride Rite Unisex-Child Claire Xw-K

The Stride Rite Unisex-Child Claire Xw-K is another good option when you are searching for the best shoes for flat feet kids. These shoes have a simple hook and loop closure system, which is easy for children to understand. Moreover, the shoes are made with 100% leather and are extremely durable as well. 

The shoes have a memory-foam insole that automatically distributes the body weight uniformly and the child does not feel any pain. The padded collar provides additional support as well. 

Since these shoes have a flexible rubber outsole, they can be worn for sports and running activities as well. The rubber outsole also provides the shoe an elegant design, which is appropriate for school. These are soft motion shoes that have enough room to accommodate the foot movements while walking, running, etc. 


3. Unisex-Child Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

Unisex-Child Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneaker

The Unisex-Child Baby Jazz H&l-K Sneakers are fancy yet comfortable shoes for toddlers. Although the material is completely synthetic, these shoes have unique triangular lugs that provide the necessary traction to the feet while running. A good amount of traction is essential for proper weight distribution. The shoes have a simple hook and loop closure, so they can be easily worn and taken off by small children. 

Advanced technologies like Grid have been used to prepare these shoes. The technology was developed after years of research in the field of biomechanics and helps in providing sole-based stability to the lower extremities. Hence, these shoes will reduce the muscular activity in the lower limbs, so the pressure will be taken off the feet, and the child will not experience any pain while walking or running. 


4. CHILD01 Euro Sneakers 

CHILD01 Euro Sneakers

You can also go for the CHILD01 Euro Sneakers. These shoes also have a very simple design, with a rubber sole and synthetic outer parts. The insole of the shoes is very durable, and it also has antibacterial properties. Hence, the shoe is a great option for parents looking for high-quality shoes to maintain foot hygiene in their children. 

Besides the regular insole, these shoes have additional arch support as well. The arch support minimizes the stress on the feet and also helps the feet muscles to get activated so that they naturally contract, and bring the shape of the arches back. 

Lastly, these shoes also have a heel stabilizer. Similar stabilizers are now being added to all modern footwear because they help keep the feet in a neutral position, even when you are walking on uneven terrain. Eventually, it is the heel stabilizers of the shoes that will protect you from fracture, dislocation, subluxation, etc. 


5. Unisex-Child Kids Gel-Venture 6 Gs Running Shoe

Unisex-Child Kids Gel-Venture 6 Gs Running Shoe

The Unisex-Child Kids Gel-Venture 6 Gs Running Shoes are special shoes for kids and young adolescents having minor foot arch collapses. The fabric on the outer side of these shoes is made with both synthetic and rubber material. These are stylish shoes with a lace-up closure pattern. 

The Rearfoot GEL technology is used in making the cushioning of the shoes. The cushioning provided at the sole attenuates all the bodyweight stresses and keeps the feet stable throughout. 

The synthetic material used in making these shoes is completely stretchable and flexible. It is this synthetic material that ensures excellent comfort, fitting, and stability. 


6. Polo Ankle Support Children’s Sneaker

Polo Ankle Support Children's Sneaker

The Polo Ankle Support Children’s Corrective Orthopedic Sneakers are recommended by doctors to treat flat feet problems in pediatric patients. These shoes do not have any artificial arches or insoles. Instead, they are completely flat and hollow inside. This design allows them to easily accommodate any corrective and custom orthotic device. 

The outsole of the shoes is designed to support the flat feet during the growing years so that the deformity does not get worse with advancing age. Thermoplastic asymmetric heel stabilizers are also present in these shoes. These stabilizers offer the best protection and stabilization to the feet. 


7. Unisex child Jungle Moc Frosty Wtrpf Kids Shoe

Unisex child Jungle Moc Frosty Wtrpf Kids Shoe

The Unisex child Jungle Moc Frosty Wtrpf Kids Shoe is among the best arch support shoes for kids. The arches in these shoes are extremely soft and are capable of equitable weight distribution while running. The outsole of these shoes ensures consistent traction during walking. Besides being comfortable and best suited for children with flat feet, these shoes also have a waterproof fabric, which is completely impermeable to water. 

The shoe also has a molded nylon arch. This arch is extremely important to give the required amount of support at the midsole level of the feet. The shoes come with a removable EVA footbed, that can be adjusted as per the child’s needs. 

The shoes are useful for kids having an interest in hiking, biking, and climbing. In all, these are some of the most comfortable shoes that you can find in the market today and have versatile features for modern-day kids. 


8. Pediped Girls Becky Mary Jane Pediped Girls Becky Mary Jane 

The Pediped Girls Becky Mary Jane shoes are not just good for children with flat feet but are considered one of the most comfortable shoes for young girls. They are worn by kids and young adolescents in several parts of the world.

The breathable leather lining of these shoes enhances the comfort value. American Podiatric Medical Association has tested and adjudged these shoes to be ideal for children with flat feet. Flex Fit technology has been used to make these shoes, which allows the child to wear them comfortably for a longer duration. 


9. TSUKIHOSHI Store Kaz Sneaker

TSUKIHOSHI Store Kaz Sneaker

The TSUKIHOSHI Store Kaz Sneakers are premium-quality supportive shoes manufactured by TSUKIHOSHI. The shoes are made with Polyurethane and some authentic textiles. The imported rubber used in making the shoes is very flexible and robust. 

The shoe has a generous toe box that allows the feet to move without any pain. With an anti-bacterial insole, the shoes are ultra light-weight. In all, the TSUKIHOSHI Store Kaz Sneaker is one of the best kids’ shoes for flat feet


10. Kids’ Artin 2.0 Athletic Running Shoe

Kids' Artin 2.0 Athletic Running Shoe

The Kids’ Artin 2.0 Athletic Running Shoes are meant for toddler girls with flexible flat feet conditions. Memory foam footbeds used in making the soles of these shoes are beneficial for reducing stress on the feet while walking. 

Oversized openings of these shoes are best for toddlers because it makes them easy to wear and take off. These are comfortable and durable supportive shoes made for toddlers. They can be worn comfortably for a long duration, and they are machine washable as well. 


Features Of Shoes For Flat Feet Children

1. Stability

A major problem with children who have flat feet is that when they transfer their weight towards the ground while running or walking, they tend to overpronate their feet. This means that during movement, these children tend to transfer a larger part of their weight on the outer part of the foot. This poses a great problem for them as their age advances because the outer part of the foot starts seeing degenerative changes due to the overbearing of body weight. 

For these children, the shoes that you select should have maximum stability. By stability, we mean that these shoes should be able to keep the foot in a neutral position, as per the physiological standards. This will help your child in, inevitably, transferring the weight in a normal fashion. Hence, ultimately, the secondary problems that the child will face due to overpronation will be prevented, and the child will not experience any kind of pain that results from that. 

Another thing to note is that shoes that offer extra stability are a must for people with flat feet. It is because these shoes prevent the further collapse of the longitudinal and transverse arches of the foot. Therefore, the condition does not deteriorate when you wear extra-stable shoes. 

2. Motion Control Properties

Some children may develop congenital flat feet. The reason behind this condition is either unknown or may have a genetic component involved. Anyhow, the flat foot seen in these children is of a rigid variety. It means that either in weight-bearing or in non-weight-bearing conditions, the arch does not appear. Hence, the shoes that you select for such children should have an inbuilt ability to maneuver movement and have motion control properties. 

Motion-control shoes are becoming popular these days for several orthopedic ailments related to the foot. These shoes are specially meant for those children whose feet have become extremely flat and who overpronate to a dangerous extent. 

Motion-control shoes are able to manage painless movement by providing sturdy support to the arches. Since the arches collapse to a large extent in serious cases, such support from the footwear becomes crucial for any kind of ambulation in children. 

3. Shape

The last of a shoe is nothing but the shape of its mold. For children who have flat feet, the last of a shoe should be completely straight. 

The reason behind this is that if the mold of the shoe is straight, it will give more room to the flat foot to move inside it. As per research, it is suggested that active movement of the foot is always beneficial in the recovery of the arches, rather than the artificial arch support present in footwear. 

For the beginning part of the treatment protocol, artificial arches can be used inside the shoes so that the child can start painless walking. However, in the long-run, a shoe with a straight last is very important so that active contraction of all the muscles that maintain the arches of the foot is facilitated. With this strategic planning, the chances of improving the condition improve significantly.

Moreover, even if the recovery of the arches does not occur in a short span, the usage of these shoes should be continued. It is because when the movement of the flat foot gets limited, along with the progressive collapse of the arches, the chances of pain and injury increase exponentially. 

So, to maintain some amount of movement inside the shoe, having a straight mold is important. Learning how to walk in such shoes is a difficult task for some children. However, patient education is crucial for better ambulation in the future.  

4. Cushioning

It is not necessary that all the kids who have flat feet will have an attitude of overpronation during walking. Some children who have rigid flat feet have a tendency to over supinate their feet while walking. This leads to the formation of a high arch in the feet, which is again highly unstable and does not allow you to gain adequate balance while walking. 

To manage such cases, cushioned shoes are considered the best option. These shoes have a cushion at those places where the arch is supposedly collapsing. In this way, the over supination of the arch is duly compensated on the opposite side. 

Usually, such shoes are recommended for adults more than kids. However, if your child has a definite rigid flat foot, you should consider buying him or her a pair of cushioned shoes. 

Points To Remember While Buying

1. Visit The Store

The most common reason why people find it hard to buy a comfortable pair of shoes for their kids is that they have stopped going to stores physically and prefer ordering online. In the case of children who have flat feet, the importance of adequate fitting cannot be overlooked. 

So, to buy shoes for a flat foot case, one must always visit a running shoe store having experienced staff members. The sales staff in good shoe stores must have come across flat-footed individuals a number of times. Hence, they understand the needs of the buyer very well and will help you choose the best shoes for kids with flat feet

2. Go In the Morning

Secondly, the time when you take your kids to the store to buy a pair of shoes is also pivotal. During the later parts of the day, the feet tend to get swollen, and their cross-section increases. So, children with flat feet will have difficulty in wearing the shoes and will not feel the comfort even if the shoe is highly padded and cushioned. 

3. Flexible Return Policy

Lastly, you should always remember that getting a pair of shoes that fits a flat foot perfectly is extremely difficult. Even after trying a number of options and finding a shoe that seems to be comfortable, the person can feel discomfort when he or she starts wearing them more often. Always ensure that the store from which you are buying these shoes has a flexible refund or exchange policy so that you can contact them if any such incident takes place. 


So, in this article, we told you about the best kids’ shoes for flat feet. Flat feet in children is not an emergency, but if not managed at the right stage, it can turn into a disability. The role of customized footwear is crucial, and thus, parents should select shoes that are comfortable, offer maximum stability, and give space to the feet to move. 


Q1. What Shoes Do Podiatrists Recommend For Flat Feet?

Since podiatrists regularly check and treat foot-related ailments like fractures, contractures, etc., they are the best people to ask about the ideal footwear for children with flat feet. According to most podiatrists across the world, a flat foot is a dynamic problem that does not remain constant in terms of features and ambulatory difficulties throughout life. 
Therefore, they suggest that children should wear shoes that have proper cushioning and motion control features so that any change in their foot structure is accommodated very efficiently by the shoes. Moreover, they suggest that children should not wear tight and compact shoes just because they look good. 
Children should use footwear that allows space for movement so that their foot muscles work properly and the arches get a chance to regain their original shape. 

Q2. Should Flat Feet Kids Necessarily Wear Arch Support?

Since flat feet can be of two types, the first priority should be the proper assessment of the problem. Once it is certain that the child either has rigid or flexible flat feet, only then the management of the feet should be contemplated. 
As far as conservative methods of managing flat feet are concerned, shoe modifications work very well and have shown great results in many cases. However, modifications like artificial arches are not always mandatory. 
Children who have excruciating pain on weight-bearing or walking can benefit from supportive arches placed above the shoe’s sole. However, if the pain is bearable, and the arch has not collapsed completely, it is always recommended that cushioned shoes with better motion control should be worn. Along with this, regular and rigorous foot muscle exercises should be done so that the chances of the arches regaining their shape improve significantly.

Q3. Is Walking Barefoot Good For Kids With Flat Feet?

As stated before, conservative management techniques of flat feet have shown excellent results over the last two decades. Among these, sand walking and barefoot walking have also been successful measures. 
The reason why children should practice barefoot walking is that without any shoe support, the muscles that maintain the arches of the foot have to contract. Since these muscles are weak in flat feet kids, barefoot walking will help in the strengthening of the muscles. However, since barefoot walking is not possible in every situation, cushioned shoes are extremely important for the proper management of flat feet in kids. 

Q4. Is My Child’s Flat Foot A Disability?

There have been several occasions where health authorities have regarded rigid flat foot as a disability, especially in the older population. Those people who have severe deformities, callosities that have formed around their foot bones, and who cannot walk without experiencing excruciating pain have been given disability certificates. Especially for rigid flat feet, disability percentage has been marked as high as 30%. 
Children with congenital flat feet due to known or unknown causes and people for whom physical therapy management has not been proven beneficial are also eligible for disability certificates. Since the features of flat feet and arches vary from person to person, the amount of disability that affects them is also different. In some cases, even a rigid flat foot might not be considered a disability. 

Q5. Can Insoles Fix Flat Feet?

If you have rigid flat feet, then other than some surgical procedures, there is no other way you can completely fix the problem. Similarly, even in the case of flexible flat feet, without proper muscle strengthening and regaining of the arches, no amount of supportive treatment will be able to reverse the problem completely. However, the conservative management of the condition is very helpful in managing the pain. 
The insoles available for shoes these days help in the distribution of the weight pressure evenly throughout the base of the shoe. These insoles do not maintain an arch and only reduce the pain by weight dispersion. Hence, to say that insoles can fix flat feet will be a wrong statement. 

Q6. When Is Flat Foot Surgery Necessary For Children? 

In children who develop flat feet at a very young age, the role of genetics and familial history is often suspected. In such cases, the collapse of the arches of the foot is generally permanent and progressive in nature. Hence, after a few years, the arches are bound to lose their shape completely, and the feet become completely flat. When there is no space left and the child is unable to walk without pain, even with supportive arches, corrective orthopedic surgeries are usually recommended. 
Many physicians and surgeons regard these surgeries as cosmetic treatments that are not mandatory at all. However, if the problem is diagnosed in a young child, surgery is always suggested because the child has a long life to live ahead. With such serious flat-feet, ambulation will become a huge problem as the age advances. 

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