Best Science Gifts For 12 Year Olds 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Klutz2. Root3. Be Amazing!
Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Activity Kit  Best Science Gifts For 12 Year OldRoot RT1 iRobot Coding RobotBe Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab

“Science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity.”-Tim Minchin. 

Science is that subject that has something in it for everyone. As a child, we tend to bombard our parents with a plethora of questions as to the reason behind certain things. There is only one answer to those questions, i.e., Science. Every science lover dreams of having certain objects in their collection. 

However, finding a gift to give them is not an easy task. With the constant change of tastes and preferences, it can be challenging and difficult to find that one gift. 

Therefore, to help you find the best science gifts for 12 year olds, below are an array of factors to be considered, as well as some of the top gift ideas to ponder upon. 

Top 6 Best Science Gifts For 12 Year Old 2021 

1. Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Activity Kit

Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions Activity Kit  Best Science Gifts For 12 Year Old

Topping the list as one of the best science gifts for 12 year olds is the Klutz LEGO Chain Reactions (Klutz Science/STEM) Activity Kit. Fabricated by one of the leading toy manufacturers, this particular kit stands to be a favorite amongst most 12 year olds. 

Designed to inspire young minds, this kit is a fantastic option if you are looking for a science kit that is open-ended yet educational.

 The overall concept of this particular STEM learning kit revolves around evoking a spectrum of chain reactions. In the kit, you will find thirty-three LEGO elements, 2.2 yards of string, a paper flag, a paper funnel, a paper bucket, eight paper ramps, as well as six LEGO balls.

Individuals can also find a detailed instruction manual. This 78-paged book consists of vivid images that will help them build a plethora of machines ranging in complexity, starting from the beginner level and going up to the advanced level.

If you find yourself stuck on a particular step, you can find helpful substitutions or suggestions formulated on how to tackle common problems, as well as the scientific explanation behind each machine.

Furthermore, in this kit, your child can build up to 10 unique machines, including the Dominoes, Board Bouncer, as well as Elevator Ramps.

The benefit of this kit is that it is designed to open many doors of creativity for your child, as well as enhance their fine motor skills.

On the whole, this science kit is the perfect coalescence of fun and science and can keep your child engaged for hours.


2. Root RT1 iRobot Coding Robot

Root RT1 iRobot Coding Robot

For any science enthusiasts, robots stand at the top of their list. Hence, if you are searching for a good robotics science kit for your child, you should check out the Root RT1 iRobot Coding Robot Programmable STEM/STEAM toy. 

With this particular science kit, individuals can explore the vast, fascinating world of robotics. They learn how to encode and decode robots and make them move how they want to.

As you look closely at the packaging of the toy, you will find that this robot is compatible with apps for both iOS and Android devices. In other words, children use either a Macbook or a PC to launch the app and explore its interesting features. 

This particular science kit helps students code the robot wherein it can flash, blink, or glow in the spectrum colors of the rainbow. Plus, if you want to command your robot to do various tasks, all you have to do is switch on the tap and bump button on the controller.

When you open the kit, you will find one coding robot, a set of vinyl stickers, a foldable whiteboard and markers, the coding app, as well as the charging cable.

On the whole, this is a magnificent creation that can kickstart your child’s coding dreams.


3. Be Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab

Be Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab

When speaking about the best science gifts for 12 year olds, it is hard to miss the Be Amazing! Toys Weather Science Lab-Kids Weather Science kit. Developed to explore the wonderful world of science and weather, this particular science kit can get your child interested in the myths and mysteries behind climate and weather. 

In our daily life, we often encounter various climatic changes, whether it is a sudden change of clouds in the sky or the downpour of rain during a storm. Has your child ever asked you the reason behind such changes? Well, the answer to their endless questions is this particular science kit. 

As it consists of twenty different all-season activities, this kit is the perfect match to spark your kid’s inner imagination and creativity. Plus, it can help boost your little one’s cognitive skills. 

With this kit, your little one can become a meteorologist and perform all types of tasks such as measuring the wind speed, noting down the atmospheric pressure, or even build their rainbow. How cool is that? 

Once you open the kit, you will find a collection of exciting meteorological tools, including two experiment bottles, a DIY barometer, snow powder, anemometer, balloons, and much more. 

Furthermore, buying the best science gifts for 12 year olds requires a careful analysis of certain factors. One such factor is safety. With this particular science kit, parents and children are assured a safe, non-toxic toy. Every material is free of harmful substances. 

Overall, this is a fun, interactive kit to get your child interested in the diverse field of meteorology. 


4. CIRO STEM Project 12-in-1 Solar Robot Toys

CIRO STEM Project 12-in-1 Solar Robot Toys

Another remarkable kit that makes an ideal idea as one of the best science gifts for 12 year olds is the CIRO STEM Project 12-in-1 Solar Robot Toys science experiment kit. The best part about this particular kit is that it can be used to construct 12 different types of robots. 

Each kit consists of 190 pieces, including various connecting and moving parts such as shafts, gears, plates, tires, etc. It is designed in a manner wherein kids can easily assemble or disassemble after building each shape. 

Furthermore, the kit includes a detailed instruction manual. With this manual, they can easily build the robot by following a step-by-step procedure. 

A unique feature about this particular kit is that it is solar-powered. In simpler terms, the robot can roll, crawl, or float under direct sunlight. This enables children to explore the concept of green technology and the importance of renewable resources. 

Overall, this kit is indeed a great educational toy that will keep your child engaged for long hours. 


5. Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100

Some of the popular items for kids in today’s toy market are those that are innovative and educational yet fun and entertaining. If your child loves everything about electricity, then the Elenco Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 is the perfect match for you.

With this kit, your child can build items that employ circuits to operate sirens, lights, etc.

Besides, this particular science kit provides them with over 100 projects that can be created using the pieces included with this kit.

In this kit, you will find 30 snap-together pieces, along with wires, slide switches, speakers, alarms, music circuits, etc. The advantage of including these snap-together pieces is that your child can assemble and dismantle their creation fairly quickly.

The best part about this particular kit is that everything can be connected. Hence, there is no need for you to solder any of the pieces of equipment included.

The overall idea of the kit revolves around building household items such as televisions and other electronic devices.

Furthermore, you will encounter that some of the projects are included in the instructional manual. These include a police siren, a flying saucer, and even a doorbell.

If you were to take a closer look at the instructional manual, you will find that every piece is numbered and color-coded, making it easier for children to identify and follow along.  

To top it all, this scientific kit is relatively affordable than most science kits available in the market today. With its engaging nature, this provides a delightful learning experience and can be a lot of fun.


6. Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set

Learning Resources Primary Science Lab Activity Set

Lastly, you can end your colossal hunt to find the best science gifts for 12 year olds by taking a look at the Learning Resources Store Primary Science Lab Activity Set.

With this extensive lab set, your kid is all set to handle the magnificent world of science easily.

Each lab kit includes real-life tools that will help your child remember the names of such tools, as well as increase their knowledge about scientific terminology.

Furthermore, this is a twenty-two-piece set and includes various equipment such as funnels, a magnifying glass, tweezers, eyedropper, flasks, test tubes, as well as 10 distinct activity cards.

Created by a manufacturer that aims to straddle the line of entertainment and education, this is indeed a great gift for a science fanatic.


Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Scientific Gift For A 12-Year-Old

The preference for toys has to be thought carefully, as there are a plethora of models to choose from. The excellent diversification of kits makes it quite difficult and confusing to choose from.

This can be done easily by having a clear understanding of what your child needs, as well as their tastes and preferences. A clear and good idea of this will make sure you attain the maximum value from the product.

While buying the best science gifts for 12-year-olds, several things have to be taken into account as it demands a careful and thorough analysis of each product before the purchase. A clear understanding of purchasing science kits can help make your child’s childhood fun and innovative.

Below are several factors that need to be pondered before you start shopping for science gifts for your junior scientist.

1. Fun And Enjoyment

The first and foremost factor to think about when searching for the best science gifts for your child is the emotion it evokes. In other words, the gift should be fun and entertaining for your kid.

The main purpose of a science gift is to encourage them to delve deeper into the subject. Thus, the gift must be amusing yet educational at the same time.

Science gifts are quite useful in molding the childhood of your kid. They boost your child’s inquisitiveness and make them curious about science theories and facts.

For example, if your child is a fan of robotics, then a good robotics kit could make an ideal science gift for your child.

On the whole, when your child is interested in the various scientific theories, they tend to enjoy their time with these noteworthy scientific gifts.

With them, the child will spend most of their time testing various hypotheses and figure out multiple solutions to a particular problem. 

2. Crave For Science

Most children are scientists from an early age. They are always curious about the happenings and the world around them. With endless questions, they tend to develop a fondness for magnetism, weather, and robotics. This love for science can be encouraged if they are supplied with science gifts that make their childhood cherishable.

Therefore, to make your child experience the beauty of science, you have to encourage their fascination and interest in science. This way, they can strive to be a better version of themselves.

3. Safety

When hunting for the best science gifts for 12 year olds, it is important to contemplate the safety of the gift. Science gifts, especially scientific kits, constitute various components and equipment that are not hazardous or toxic for kids.

They are fabricated to provide a safe, hassle-free experience for your child. By doing so, they can learn about scientific concepts and facts in a healthy environment. However, it should be noted that some kits require adult supervision. 

Therefore, before you choose the perfect science gift for your child, it is recommended for you to take a look at the instructions manual. This manual explains all the steps required to master the kit in a neat and detailed description.

4. Size

Size also plays a crucial role for a child before they kick start their love for their science gift. Typically, kids fancy a small-sized gift that they are quite easy to carry and portable. This makes them happy and excited.

Hence, before you buy the best science gifts for 12 year olds, try considering the volume and size of the gift.

5. Quality

The quality of the science gift is a vital factor that needs to be taken into account before you purchase the best science gifts for 12 year olds.

Science gifts are usually composed of plastic, steel, iron, etc. The materials typically depend upon the type and nature of the gift. Therefore, a scientific gift has to be able to withstand and resist all kinds of damage and breakage.

Due to this reason, the quality of the gift is given utmost importance. A helpful tip would be to research the product thoroughly, and ensure if it truly works.

6. Durability

If you are on the colossal journey to discover the best science gifts for 12 year olds, it is important to think about the durability of the product.

In its basic sense, you need to ensure the product can endure all types of damage without causing any harm to the child. A helpful tip is to check whether they are strong and rigid before you purchase them.

Furthermore, it would be nice if the gifts were water-resistant. This will make them versatile, as they can be used on all types of surfaces.

7. Price

Lastly, you need to think about the price of the science gift. As the price tends to vary amongst various models of science gifts, it is important to decide upon your budget for the gift.

In a nutshell, your main goal is to buy a gift that meets all your requirements without you going broke.

Benefits of A Science Kit

Science kits have multiple benefits. They are specifically designed to bring out the inner scientist of your child. Many people ponder over the need and advantages of employing a science kit for their children. 

Below are a few advantages of science kits, and are worth knowing as they may hinder your final decision of buying one. 

1. Time Saver 

Children, at the age of 12, learn to conduct and analyze various science experiments to find possible solutions to a particular problem. However, these experiments require immense amounts of materials, which can be quite expensive. 

Thus, scientific kits are developed to eliminate such time-wastes. It consists of all the materials and ingredients your child needs under one roof. To top it all off, each ingredient is carefully tested, and students ensure they work and are safe to be used. 

2. Money Saver

As mentioned above, the purchase of a science kit reduces additional costs that may incur when purchasing the materials individually. In short, they are a great money saver. 

3. Stimulator 

Apart from saving huge amounts of precious time, scientific kits are great for stimulating your young child’s brain. Every kit is integrated with suggestions and recommendations that allow your child to think outside the box and approach a problem in different directions. 

4. Method Of Learning 

With each scientific kit, individuals can learn and gain knowledge about various scientific concepts such as physics, chemical reactions, robotics, etc. 

Gift Ideas For Science Lovers 

Are you stuck while finding a gift for your little junior scientist? Well, worry no more. We have got you covered.

Below are a few gift ideas that will aid you in finding something for your little emerging scientist.

1. Apparel

The first gift idea is apparel. Children love to wear funky, exciting prints to showcase to their friends. Thus, you can try to purchase apparel that features scientific instruments, elements, and their symbols, quotations by famous scientists, etc.

Hence, a helpful tip would be to search your clothing store for pants, sweatshirts, T-shirts, or caps that feature the above elements.

2. Microscopes

Another remarkable gift idea is a microscope. As children are curious about their surroundings, they tend to bombard us with millions of questions. Therefore, to help them open the window of science, it is a good idea to purchase a good-quality microscope.

Furthermore, a microscope can enable your child to see a new world and look at things closely with their naked eye.  

The best way to describe a microscope is a fun, exciting accessory used to navigate the tiny size of the world.

3. Science Kits

If you are looking for something innovative yet fun, try searching for some science kits. Science kits are designed to stimulate your child’s mind creatively. They tend to range in terms of their coverage.

Below are a few commonly found types of science kits that can guide your child in kick-starting their scientific endeavors.

a. Chemistry Kits

The first category of science kits is the chemistry kits. With such kits, individuals can understand the true reason behind various chemical reactions that are commonly found today.

In a nutshell, it provides a basic, at-home chemistry experience for your kid. All they have to do is select the project kit and follow the prescribed lab instructions.

b. Engineering Kits

Another type of science kit is the engineering kit. These are often called STEM kits. They are designed to help your child learn the fundamentals and symbiotic relationship between maths and science.

The main advantage of such types of kits is that it helps to break the stereotypes that science and math are difficult and challenging. It helps to look at these subjects from a new lens, yielding to a new perspective.

With the help of engineering kits, children can improve the way they think and broaden their minds. As most kits require you to think independently, children learn to depend on their intelligence rather than being spoon-fed.  They seek problems as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Also, engineering kits are designed to imbibe creativity in children. As they are required to build and construct various objects, they begin to think outside the box and find a unique way to express two or more ideas.

Lastly, they are a great tool to improve coordination skills. In its basic sense, an engineering kit boosts a child’s hand-to-eye coordination drastically compared to standard learning.

The more they are exposed to such types of activities, the stronger and confident they become in their ability to use their hands and fingers.


From the above discussion, it is quite evident that finding the best science gifts for 12 year olds requires extensive research about your child’s tastes and preferences, interests, and desired method of learning. 

Try looking at some of the aforementioned products, as they are some of the best in the market, as well as contemplate a few factors mentioned. This way, you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Do 12 Year Olds Like To Do?

Finding the best science gifts for 12 year olds can be quite difficult and challenging.  However, if you base your search as per their likes and dislikes, you are sure to find the right one for you.

Below are a few activities and games that are quite common amongst most 12 year olds.
Firstly, children love to code at the age of 12. Gamified coding is a creative and fun-filled activity that can give 12-year-olds an enticing learning experience.
With the help of coding, they can strengthen their communication, critical
thinking, problem-solving, as well as collaboration skills. The best part about them is that it can teach them perseverance and teamwork.
Apart from that, you can also acquaint them with various scientific kits to learn and explore the various concepts across the diverse branches of science, such as chemistry, physics, and biology.

Q2. What Are Some Of The DIY STEM Projects?

Many parents often find it confusing to buy a good quality kit for their little science enthusiast. With the increase in quality, the price of these kits tends to increase, which may not be appealing to all.
Therefore, if you can’t find a science kit, you can always make one. Handmade science kits make some of the greatest gift ideas.
Below are a few DIY STEM projects that make your little one happy and engrossed in the vast field of science.
a. Pizza Harvesting
The first and foremost activity is pizza harvesting. In this kit, you will include seeds of tomatoes, peppers, as well as herbs such as basil and oregano. Through this kit, your child can understand the various climatic conditions, i.e., sunlight, moisture, etc., each type of plant requires.
b. Design A Structure

In this type of kit, you will include materials that will allow your child to build a solid structure. Materials would include cardboard pieces, plastic cups, paper clips, etc. 
Your child’s main goal would be to think outside the box and design something. Through this activity, you can teach your child about inclination, which is an important concept in physics.
c. Matter, Matter Everywhere

Everything is composed of matter. Therefore, it is a crucial concept to be learned. To teach the concept of matter to your child, take a small amount of cream in a container. You will label this as a liquid.
Freeze this container. Once the container is frozen, you will explain why this is a solid and its characteristics.
Lastly, boil some water on the stove, and wait for it to evaporate. Once it starts to boil vigorously, you can teach them the features of the gaseous state.
On the whole, the main purpose of STEM activities is to showcase the impact of science on everyday life. 

Q3. What To Get Someone Who Loves Science?

If you are on the hunt to find the best science gifts for 12 year olds, you can try some of the aforementioned models. Apart from them, you can also try looking for an Albert Einstein action figure, Earth Jigsaw Puzzle, a Lava Lamp, a set of Chemistry labeled crayons, and a perpetual motion desktop toy.

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