Best Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide


1. Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit 2. The Best What Am I Riddles3. XIKEZAN Unisex Bluetooth Beanie

Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit Best Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

The Best What Am I RiddlesXIKEZAN Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones

Buying presents for kids is not an easy task – you need to know about their preferences in all aspects. Otherwise, your painstakingly chosen gift will probably end up forgotten in a corner of the house.

And if you wish to buy gifts for kids who have everything, the task becomes ten times more difficult! It’s no use buying them a doll, video game, or a stuffed toy, as they probably have it already. Instead, getting them something unique is a great idea, especially when you watch their faces light up with surprise and happiness on opening the gift.

But what to get them? If you are troubled by this question, this is the right place for you! To lower your confusion, here is a list of some innovative gifts that you can purchase for kids who already have everything they need. Kids are sure to love these out-of-the-box gift ideas.

Personally, the Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit is my favorite of the lot as it’s fantastic for building different skills in little ones. But as we all know, kids have different personalities, so not everyone may like this one.

But not to worry, as I have considered all this! From indoor and outdoor games to books and everyday accessories, below are some unique birthday and Christmas gift ideas for kids who have everything. Take a look!

Top 9 Best Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything 2021

1. Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit

Osmo - Little Genius Starter Kit Best Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

The Little Genius Starter Kit is our top pick for little kiddos! This all-in-one fun learning game just made buying gifts for the child who has everything much effortless!

It is an outstanding choice for parents whose kid stays glued to the smartphone or iPad screen for hours every day. You can keep them entertained with these educational yet fun games that they can play with an iPad. And unlike several other iPad-based games, this interactive game requires your child to engage in activities in reality, not virtually on the iPad! So it’s a win-win situation for both of you!

Let your little genius spend their time counting, building shapes, learning the alphabet, mixing and matching costumes, etc. It is a perfect gift for preschoolers or children just starting school as it helps them gain some prior practice of the activities they will be doing in school.

So what are the skills that your child can learn with this kit? Firstly, they will have improved math skills and a more expansive vocabulary. The interactive games also help develop their fine motor skills as well as their creativity, critical thinking, imagination, and empathy.

The silicone sticks and rings that come with the pack are BPA free, so you can be sure that it’s safe for kids. Even then, we would recommend that you keep an eye on them while they are playing to ensure that they don’t try to swallow the small pieces.


  • A good start for preschoolers towards learning the activities generally taught in school.
  • High-quality materials and attractive design
  • It helps develop several important life skills in kids.


  • It is not compatible with all iPads, so make sure you check before purchasing.
  • The app is relatively slow.


2. The Best What Am I Riddles

The Best What Am I Riddles

Here is an excellent book to put your little one’s mind to work. This book has a collection of over 300 riddles that can keep your kids busy.

Gift this to a kid and watch them take a break from video games (much to the parents’ relief) to try and solve the riddles. This book is great for family time, too – just sit together and take turns to read out riddles as the others try to guess the answer. Everyone, no matter whether they are six or sixty years old, is sure to enjoy the game!

So get ready to stretch your brains with the kids on a lazy afternoon or while on a road trip. There won’t be a boring moment with this book even during travels, as you can easily pop it in your bag!


  • Lots of riddles to keep children busy
  • There is no age limit – it can be read and enjoyed by children of all ages.
  • Can help in developing cognitive abilities in kids


  • Not very original – you can find several riddles similar to those online.


3. XIKEZAN Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones

XIKEZAN Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones

We came across this brilliant product while looking for unique gifts for kids who have everything and were blown away by the features! The XIKEZAN Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones are perfect for slightly older kids who love listening to music and singing.

Charge it once, and you can use it for hours without fail. It’s an excellent accessory for your early morning walking or jogging sessions with your kid as they can listen to music without you worrying about the earphones falling off!

Another feature that we liked was its connectivity range. The headphones can connect to any compatible device within a range of 33 feet with the help of Bluetooth V4.2 technology. The sound quality is fantastic, too – you get up to 120 dB volume with great clarity!

The beanie hat is crafted from double-knitted material, which will keep your child warm during chilly weather. Moreover, it is very soft and comfortable and fits perfectly on the head. It is also washable – just remove the earphones and pop the beanie hat in the washing machine!

And if that wasn’t enough to convince you how cool this is, the beanie hat headphones also come with a matching pair of gloves! So your kid stays stylish and warm at all times.


  • The sound clarity is great
  • The earphones are detachable, making it super easy to wash the beanie as required.
  • The beanies and glove set are incredible for keeping warm in cold weather.


  • The speakers are rather bulky
  • Others can hear what you’re listening to if the volume is at the highest level.


4. iPlay, iLearn 2 in 1 RC Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine

iPlay, iLearn 2 in 1 RC Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine

Is your child interested in sports? Here is a fantastic gift that they will absolutely love! The iPlay, iLearn 2 in 1 RC Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine is a complete kit that will be their companion while they play with friends or by themselves.

The kit consists of a pitching machine, one tennis racket, one baseball bat, and six balls. It is an upgraded version of the earlier model of iPlay, an iLearn pitching machine, and comes with a remote control bat.

Operating the machine is quite simple, although the mode is different depending on whether your kid is using the baseball bat or the tennis racket. When using the baseball bat, all you need to do is switch on the pitching machine, and your kid can trigger a pitch by pressing the red remote control button on the bat. On the other hand, the tennis racket has no such button, so you need to pitch it through the machine’s auto mode.

If your child shows talent in any or both of these sports, the best way to build their skills is through constant practice. And with this machine, they can practice to their heart’s content every day! This will relieve the parents too, who might get tired after throwing the balls continuously in the absence of such a machine.

And it comes with overload protection, too, although this may often cause the machine to get jammed. But worry not, just switch it off, remove the balls and wait for a while; the machine auto-resets within a few minutes.


  • You can operate it through a remote control switch
  • Easy to operate – even by kids themselves
  • It comes with auto-reset overload protection


  • The machine tends to get jammed often
  • The kit does not include batteries


5. FUBARBAR Fun Brick Mug

FUBARBAR Fun Brick Mug

The FUBARBAR Fun Brick Mug is a great choice among the gifts for kids who have everything. While most children do have their cup or mug, this particular product comes with lego pieces that will surely charm the little one. And it won’t be a surprise if, afterward, they want to drink their milk from their new favorite mug!

The mug is well-made yet lightweight even with all the legos attached, making it perfect for the little hands. And if your kid loves playing with lego toys, they are in for a surprise. The unique design of the mug allows them to attach their lego bricks to the surface to create a cool new look! Say yes to seeing a differently designed mug every day!

It is an excellent item if your kid is shy with other kids. The novel design of the product is sure to make them the center of attention, and they will make some new friends too! And they can take turns in coming up with new lego designs for the mug too!

It is made from BPA-free plastic, so you can be sure that it’s safe to drink from.

The mugs come with three packs of randomly chosen bricks, so even if you buy two of them, you would probably get different lego pieces. This is great if you are buying for twins as there would be no difficulty differentiating between the two mugs (although you can customize them by adding your own lego bricks too).


  • It is quite lightweight
  • It is compatible with most other lego bricks
  • Made from high-grade BPA-free plastic


  • The size of the cup may be too big for little kids
  • Not microwave safe


6. OgoDisk Max XL Disc Set

OgoDisk Max XL Disc Set

Another excellent choice for active kids, the OgoDisk Max XL Disc Set is perfect for playing both indoors and outdoors. We love it for its versatility and the different ways in which you can play with it.

The set consists of two OgoDisks. These are circular disks of 15 inches in diameter and a soft and squishy koosh ball. The disks are crafted in the same style as trampolines, enabling the ball to bounce off easily from its surface.

There are no limits to the games that your kids can play with this toy. If they are playing by themselves, they can try bouncing the ball on the disk and catching it again. And if they are in a group, they are sure to have a blast hitting the ball back and forth with the disks or even throwing the disk itself amongst themselves.

And that’s not all. You can also try playing games like badminton, volleyball, disk golf, etc., with your kid using the OgoDisk. This is a great game set that you can carry to a picnic or on a day at the beach and have a fun time.

And the best part is that it is entirely safe to play. Even if it misses the OgoDisk and hits a kid while you are playing together, the koosh ball is too soft to cause any severe injury. And you can also use other things instead of the ball to maximize the fun. Throwing some water-filled balloons around on a hot summer day doesn’t sound like a bad idea, does it?


  • You can use it to play a variety of games
  • The disks are pretty durable


  • The large size of the OgoDisks may make it difficult for kids to get a firm hold while playing.


7. Yikerz Game

Yikerz Game

If you are on the lookout for some innovative gifts for kids who have everything, you should give this product a glance. The Yikerz Game is a single or multiplayer board game with a twist! Unlike most other board games, the Yikerz board consists of 4 separate interchangeable pieces. You can arrange these pieces in different ways to increase or decrease the difficulty levels of the game.

So what is so different in this game? Well, the game consists of board pieces and a set of magnetic stones. You have to arrange all your magnetic stones on the board in a way that none of the magnets touch each other.

Sounds easy, right? Well, it isn’t, especially when you are playing with your friends. The one who puts up all the magnets in their share wins the game. But if your magnet attracts another one and they join together, those become part of your share!

The game is ideal for building cognitive skills in kids as they strategize about the ideal position to place their magnets.

This is great for some entertainment on boring afternoons at home, or even on a picnic. The convenient travel pouch makes it super easy to carry around just anywhere you want to!


  • The game is innovative and exciting for kids
  • One or more players can play it
  • It comes with a travel pouch for convenience


  • The included magnetic stones are too less for playing in a group.


8. Zipfy Snow Sled

Zipfy Snow Sled

What can be a better gift for your little one than a sled that makes their outing in the winter snow twice as enjoyable? This uniquely designed Zipfy Snow Sled is sure to become one of their favorite toys in no time (at least for the winter months)!

The sled, made of tough and durable plastic material, comes with an anti-slip vinyl seat that guarantees the utmost safety for your child. And it is super easy to use. Just sit in the seating area, hold the handle tightly and lean in, and away you go down the snowy slope! You won’t have to spend too much extra time letting your child get the hang of it.

It is lightweight, making it easier to carry while you’re going up the slope. Even your kid will be able to carry it if needed!

The feet-first design effectively reduces the chances of accidents, as one can effortlessly slow down the sled by using their heels. And the best part is that it is suitable for all ages – kids, teenagers, as well as adults can use it to ride on a snowy slope. Yes, you read that right – the sled can handle weights of up to 250 pounds!


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Unique design
  • Can handle a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds


  • It does not function well enough in soft snow


9. OgoSport Kooba Deluxe

OgoSport Kooba Deluxe

The OgoSport Kooba Deluxe is a fun twist to the classic dart game – here, instead of darts, you play with magnetic projectiles!

It consists of a board that you need to mount on a wall. Using the Kooba game sticks, you have to fling the Aeros (magnetic projectiles) towards the board.

Although the game seems pretty simple, you would need some time to figure out the right way to shoot the projectiles towards the board. But once figured out, this game is sure to give you and your kids hours of fun as you try perfecting your aim!


  • A fun twist to the classic dart game
  • Children of all ages can play it


  • The directions may be a bit difficult to understand, at least initially


Tips For Choosing The Best Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything

I understand how tough it is to choose gifts for kids who have everything, especially if they aren’t from your own family! But there are ways to ensure that you get them something that they like. Want to know about them? Read on!

1. Choose Something That Matches Their Interests

Kids have varied interests – some may like to be in the midst of nature while others prefer to be surrounded by technology (playing computer games, for example). Or while one kid may prefer reading books at home, another may want to spend the whole day playing outdoors.

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the personality and interests of the child in question so that you know which type of gifts they would like or dislike.

Every kid has a different personality, so I have tried to include gift ideas covering a range of varied interests to help you find the right one!

2. Ensure It Is Age-Appropriate

The gift you buy should match the age of the child. For example, you cannot choose a book of riddles for a kid who has just learned to read the alphabet. An educational game, such as the Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit, might be a better choice in this case.

Also, the safety of the child is extremely important. If you are buying a gift for a very young child, you should ensure that it doesn’t have any small parts that can become a choking hazard if the kid swallows it accidentally.

To make it easier for you, I have mentioned each gift, along with the age range it is most suitable for. These have been listed in the table below. Check it out before you finalize the gift for the little one.

Best Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything – A Comparison

ProductTypeBest Suited For 
Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit Educational game3 to 5 years
The Best What Am I RiddlesBrainteaser (book)6 years and above
XIKEZAN Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat HeadphonesWireless audio deviceTeenagers
iPlay, iLearn 2 in 1 RC Baseball & Tennis Pitching MachineSports training toy5 years and above
FUBARBAR Fun Brick MugKids’ drinkware3 years and above
OgoDisk Max XL Disc SetSports game4 years and above
Yikerz GameIndoor game3 years and above
Zipfy Snow SledOutdoor sport toy5 years and above
OgoSport Kooba DeluxeIndoor game4 years and above

Best Gifts For Kids Who Have Everything – Conclusion

I hope that this article on the best gifts for kids who have everything will come in handy for everyone confused regarding getting the right present.

In my opinion, the Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit is a winner for younger kids due to its fun-filled educational activities and games. But, the XIKEZAN Unisex Bluetooth Beanie Hat Headphones and the iPlay, iLearn 2 in 1 RC Baseball & Tennis Pitching Machine are close runner-ups due to their valuable functionalities.

Make sure you go through the reviews of these and the other products in detail before choosing the one that matches your requirements. Just ensure that the gift you choose complements their personality and age, and we are sure that the kid will be delighted with it!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Do You Get A Kid Who Has Everything For Their Birthday?

If you are buying a gift for a kid, the best way to ensure that they like it is to know their personality. Try to get to know their likes and dislikes before choosing your gift. Also, your gift should be age-appropriate too!

Q2. What Do You Get A 5-year Old That Has Everything?

Educational games are the perfect gift for 5-year-olds as these can help them build on a variety of skills. If you are looking for a unique educational game, the Osmo – Little Genius Starter Kit is a product worth checking out.

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