Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Little Girls 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Fire 7 Kids Tablet Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Little Girls

Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet

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Buying gifts for toddlers is the trickiest. They are not very picky, indeed. However, most toys, games, and gifts available for children are usually for those older than three years. Besides, parents are naturally always worried about the safety of their toddlers.

There are plenty of products on the internet with an even more number of reviews. It would take a long time for anyone to go through them all and find the safest and best gifts for a 3 year old little girl, which is why we are here to help. 

We have considered durability, safety, and price, and finalized twelve products varying from fun puzzles to cute watches. We have also kept your kid’s cognitive development in mind; hence, not only will most of these products be loved by your child, but she will also learn something out of them. 

Hope you find what you are looking for!

Top 12 Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Little Girls 2021

1. Fire 7 Kids Tablet

Fire 7 Kids Tablet Best Gifts For 3 Year Old Little Girls

Nowadays children are extremely acquainted with screens. However, kids using their parents’ devices might cause many issues, including optical issues and difficulty in concentration. Amazon has a very simple solution for that: a kid’s tablet. 

This Fire 7 tablet includes one year of Amazon Kids+ (Freetime Unlimited) that gives access to over 20,000 apps, books, audiobooks, videos, educational content and even games from PBS kids, Nickelodeon, Disney and many more. 

Once you start using the product, your subscription will automatically renew itself every month, starting at less than $3 per month. You may even cancel it at any time by contacting customer service or the Amazon Parent Dashboard. 

With 16 GB internal memory and a slot for an SD card, you can store a large amount of content on the device. Kids are messy; hence the tablet comes with a kid-proof case and a built-in stand. 

But, wait. Wouldn’t it be harmful to give kids unlimited access to a tablet? Well, that is why the parental controls on this device allow you to set educational goals, filter content, and create time limits. 

Over 20 million parents and kids already approve of the product. This tablet will also last for a significantly long while throughout which kids can learn and play interactively. Lastly, the product offers you a 2-year guarantee, i.e., they’ll replace the product if it stops working for any reason.

Still wondering what will be one of the best gifts for a 3 year old little girl?


2. Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet

Bravokids LCD Writing Tablet

Doodling is one of those creative activities that come to us naturally. Kids can especially learn to express themselves through drawing. However, it gets pretty tricky for parents when this creative outlet is projected onto walls and furniture. This is why an LCD writing tablet might be one of the best gifts for a 3 year old little girl

The board is framed in a catchy pink color (also available in other colors), which will instantly grab a three-year-old’s attention. The 2019 LCD pressure-sensitive technology of the tablet ensures that your child’s eyes are protected; it emits no glare, no radiation, and can be used for extended intervals without worrying too much. 

The tablet being paper tactile gives the same experience as drawing on actual paper while simultaneously saving trees. The one-press clearing function saves you time and makes it even more convenient to use. Moreover, you can click the lock key on the device to save the content on it.

Parents can stop worrying about cleaning up the waste of paper, pencils, crayons since this eco-friendly board can be used to write over 100,000 times. It also comes with a battery that lasts 6 months and can be replaced once it runs out of power. 

We know what you are thinking. Is it durable enough? Because three-year-old little ones will surely drop the board frequently. The quality lightweight material and anti-fall, anti-shock round-corner design of the board makes it both durable and portable. Now you can keep your kid engaged even on flights.


3. M SANMERSEN Piano Mat


Looking for an innovative gift for a three-year-old little girl? You might want to check this magical piano out. 

M Sanmersen store brings you a piano mat for kids with eight different function keys and eight kinds of animal sounds, music, and more. Kids of age three are particularly responsive to music. This mat will enhance their sense of coordination while they walk on the mat making fun noises. 

The mat is made out of soft, non-toxic, non-woven fabric, which ensures your child’s safety. The electronic music carpet is very sensitive to touch; even if a kid does not hit the accurate target, the mat automatically recognizes the note. 

Apart from making cute noises, the mat is also equipped with a flashing light effect, which will only make it more fun for your little munchkin to dance around on it. Additionally, you can adjust the volume of this keyboard to your kid’s comfort. The colorful mat might also help your kids identify colors better. 

The mat will take up very little storage space being easily foldable, and can be carried around easily. And lastly, the fabric is quite thick and soft. Even if your kid falls on it, she will be safe and sound. 


4. Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog

Crocs Kids' Classic Clog

If you are looking for a very useful gift for a three-year-old, a cute little pair of pink crocs can never go wrong. 

Like the adult’s shoes, these crocs for kids offer the same sporty design, quality, and comfort. These shoes being incredibly light, will be perfect for three-year-olds who are still learning how to balance their weight well. They are also available in several different colors. 

These shoes are highly durable being made of 100% croslite, and can withstand rough weather conditions. Crocs also offer a roomy and generous fit; your little one’s feet can grow freely in these. The best part? These crocs can be customized with Jibbitz charms to add a little personal flair. 

Parents would also find this useful since these shoes are super easy to clean and maintain. And come on, how adorable would these vibrantly colored crocs look on little ones?


5. LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book 

LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

Are you looking for an educational gift for your little one? Here’s one your kid cannot have enough of. 

LeapFrog presents you Scout and Violet, two adorable little pups who will introduce your kids to more than 100 age-appropriate words. Categories of words include animals, food, colors, mealtime, activities, and so much more. 

What makes it fun? Touching the words on the pages will play the respective sound effect and fun facts. Words, songs, and instructions can be heard in both English and Spanish for a whole bilingual experience. 

It is never early to give kids a playful, educational experience. Your kid’s vocabulary, sense of color, and a knack for languages will grow with the help of this simple device. 

There are also several variations of this product, such as Places I Go, Animals, Learning Friends, etc. Pick whichever you like, and it will keep your three-year-old engaged while also having an enjoyable learning experience. 


6. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

 Kids are powerhouses of chaotic energy. Adults can hardly ever keep up with them. If you are looking for a product that will channel your kids’ energy productively and healthily, a simple pogo jumper can make all the difference. 

In three-year-olds, physical activities enhance motor development, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Pogo sticks are a great way to let your kids get some physical exercise, especially given that kids nowadays hardly go out. Flybar’s pogo jumper will make sure your kids get some healthy physical activity while also having a lot of fun. 

Although you can buy several pogo jumpers, we wanted to make sure you buy the best one. This pogo stick is made out of durable foam with quality heavy-duty components which can withstand rough use. Parents do not need to worry about space issues because this lightweight toy can be easily folded and put away after playtime. 

On a fun note, each jump makes a cute squeaky noise that only adds to the toy’s charm. Guess you can already see your little one jumping around the house on this adorable little toy. 


7. FunzBo Snap Pop Beads

FunzBo Snap Pop Beads

Around the age of three or four, kids develop constructive behaviors and can identify colors. These snap-pop beads by FunzBo combine all these elements and give you a fun product that your child will absolutely love. 

The kit consists of a whopping 520 assortments of colorful beads with which your kid could make as many combinations as she wants to. Headbands, necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets are some of the many pieces of jewelry that can be made. 

The bead’s snap mechanism requires no strings to attach them together, making it easier for children to play with them. The smooth surfaces and non-toxic material of the product will make sure kids are completely safe playing with these. Children can use this toy for several years, and the beads are quality enough for little girls to wear them as jewelry.

The sturdy box that comes with the set can be used to store all the beads once your kid is done playing with them. 


8. Disney Kids Watch

Disney Kids Watch

Everything looks adorable on three-year-olds. But guess what would look the most adorable? A watch featuring Frozen! Chances are your kid is already a huge fan of Frozen. This kids’ watch by Disney was naturally one of our picks for the best gifts for a 3 year old little girl

Designed to fit tiny wrists, this adorable little watch features Anna and Elsa. But hold on, the watch doesn’t just look good. Made out of stainless steel, the watch is extremely sturdy. The Japanese quartz movement shows you the time accurately. Your kid can learn how to read a watch very early on.

The water-resistant and scratch-resistant qualities of the watch make it durable. It can withstand children’s chaotic energy with ease. The hook and loop nylon strap ensure that your kids would not lose it easily. 

This watch is recommended for kids aged three to seven years; hence, this classic gift will age well, and the little one can use it for years to come. 


9. Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent With Glow In The Dark Stars

Foxprint Princess Castle Play Tent With Glow In The Dark Stars

Who doesn’t love magical things? Children, most of all! Here’s a magical gift for your three-year-old that she will never get enough of. 

It’s difficult to find toys for three-year-olds. This tent, however, is one of the best toys for kids aged two or above. It is super quick and easy to assemble. Simply pop the tent up and insert the support rods for additional stability! The sturdy shock-corded fiberglass poles are enough to keep the tent standing properly. You do not need any extra tools or accessories to fix it. 

But the main appeal of the tent is it’s aesthetic. Decorated with hearts and glow-in-the-dark stars, the tent looks vibrant and beautiful even in the dark. Set the tent up in the backyard, and your kid can play in this comfortable little shelter for hours. 

If the kids try to assemble the tent with adult supervision, it will help enhance their motor skills and balance. 

The product can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and soap. Further being foldable and light, it can also be stored away easily. Lastly, since it is quite spacious, kids would not grow out of it easily. Loved by thousands of parents and children, this tent will surely make any kid’s day.


10. Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks STEM Educational Toys Tiles Set

Magblock Magnetic Building Blocks STEM Educational Toys Tiles Set

If you want to enhance your kid’s cognitive development from an early age, Magblock has a great toy that she can play with for years to come. 

Magblock’s magnetic building blocks are a STEM toy that can engage your child for hours. It consists of 45 square-shaped, 30 triangular 2 hexagonal, 2 wheel-shaped pieces, and 24 castle cards. Using all these 103 pieces, you can make an endless number of models and structures, both 2D and 3D. 

The instruction manual provided with the set has easy-to-follow guidelines to build the various shapes. Around the age of 3, kids start to get familiar with the concept of colors; these colorful magnetic blocks might help your kids learn to know and identify colors better.

Building the structures would also enhance their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. It can also get parents some quality bonding time with their kids. 

The product is made of non-toxic and durable ABS plastic, is perfectly safe for your kids. The round-edged design will also make sure that the tiny hands are safe. 

If you want to give the child something that will age well, this is one of the best gifts for a 3 year old little girl


11. SKYFIELD Wooden Animal Puzzles

SKYFIELD Wooden Animal Puzzles

Among all the things three-year-olds love is bright colors and whimsical patterns. Skyfield has a puzzle that blends those two perfectly. 

This set of wooden animal puzzles consists of four packs of carefully selected cute little animals: a bear, a butterfly, a ladybug, and a bee. Colorful and catchy, these puzzles will engage your toddler in no time. 

Your kid’s safety should always be the first concern. Hence, these puzzles are made out of quality environmental wood, which has been rigorously tested. They are entirely lead-free, BPA-free, and phthalates-free. In short, they are non-toxic, smooth-edged, and will keep your kids safe. 

The vibrant colors of the puzzles enhance sensory stimulation. Solving the puzzles will encourage the development of their hand-eye coordination, concentration, and basic problem-solving skills. 

The puzzle pieces are thick enough for your kids not to swallow them but compact enough to fit in the tiny hands. They also come in a sturdy and cute pouch bag where you can store them. Skyfield also provides you with a customized gift box. In short, this is one of the best gifts for a 3 year old little girl you can find anywhere. 


12. Fricon Create Rainbow Scratch Art

Fricon Create Rainbow Scratch Art

Drawing is one of the ways kids can express their experiences and find meaning in the same. Fricon has a highly creative doodling notebook that kids would absolutely love. 

Unlike every other doodling book/board, this one works like a scratch card. Kids can use the wooden styluses to scratch away the black film on the pages to reveal the vibrant rainbow colors. The colors particularly stand out against the black. 

With these creative drawing pages, kids can explore their imaginative potential as much as they want. This is another excellent way for three-year-olds to be acquainted with colors. Besides, using the stylus to scratch on the pages would develop their fine motor skills. 

A lot of kids find it difficult to focus. This fun and colorful doodle board can engage them for long intervals, thus increasing their attention span. 

Lastly, the pages are entirely non-toxic; there are no added flavors and no toxic powders. Pocket-friendly and innovative, this certainly is one of the best gifts for a 3 year old little girl


Factors To Consider

On a minor note, we must mention that we have considered all the factors for each of the products. They are all made from safe materials, are useful, durable, engaging, and have a high value for the price. 

1. Safety

When it comes to three-year-olds, the first factor that one should consider is safety. Kids are small, messy, and cannot take care of themselves. So, no matter what you gift them, you must ensure that it is made of non-toxic material. Toys that three-year-olds can play with should not have sharp edges or snap too hard because it might hurt their little hands. 

2. Functionality

Kids are growing every day. Their cognitive, emotional, and social skills are constantly developing. Classic gifts such as dolls are fine. However, toys that help them think, grow, and have fun would make for more mindful presents.

3. Is The Gift Engaging Enough?

Children get bored pretty easily. They also learn through play. Too educational or functional might just be discarded by the gifts. We don’t want that to happen. Hence, we must make sure that the gifts are engaging, colorful, fun, and something that incites their curiosity. Find creative gifts that will grab the little one’s attention while also helping them grow. 

4. Durability

When it comes to durability, there are two sides we must consider: firstly, whether the product is physically durable. Kids are messy because their motor skills are still developing. We must try to make sure the gifts are sturdy enough to withstand rough use.

Secondly, we can also try to make sure that the gifts age well. It is simply a bonus if the child can use the product for at least a few years.

5. Price

The price tag does not reflect the quality of a product. As long as you make sure that the value for the price of the products is high enough, you are good to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Should I Get My 3 Year Old For Christmas?

Three-year-olds are the pickiest kids. Anything they will find fun and engaging is a good gift. You may add an educational touch to it. However, kids learn through play. Hence, whether she will enjoy the gift or not matters. 

Q2. What Are The Most Popular Toys For 3 Year Olds?

Doodle boards, building toys, pogo sticks, or elementary puzzles are some of the toys three-year-olds would undoubtedly love. 

Q3. What To Get A 3 Year Old Who Has Everything?

You could go for something that the kid can use in the long term, such as a building set that she can use for years to come. 

Q4. What Do I Get A 3 Year Old For Her Birthday?

Birthdays are fun when you are a kid. So, a fun gift such as a toy, a doodling book, or something colorful and catchy might be the right choice. 

Summing Up

Every child is unique in their own ways. We have tried to tap into all the interests that a toddler can have and picked products carefully. Your child’s safety and comfort are the basic priorities, and those have been taken care of as well. Lastly, we have also made sure that the gifts will engage their curiosity. 

So, you do not have to fret; simply pick whichever you like, and we are sure you will make the little one incredibly happy. 

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