Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Hapinest Make Your Own Paracord Bracelets with Charms Kit Best Gifts For 12-Year-Old GirlsHapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts And Crafts KitEFYTAL 12th Birthday Sterling Silver Necklace

12-year-olds are at a crazy point in life; they are stuck between being a kid and a teenager. Girls of this age tend to go through a lot of personality changes. This is the age when many of them discover their unique skills and may develop an interest in a varied range of things, including sports, makeup, jewelry, etc.

Choosing a tween girl’s gift is no easy task, as they tend to like one thing this instant and lose interest in it a few days later. But if you are wondering what will be the best gifts for a 12 year old girl, you’d be happy to know that there is a wide range of choices to select from!

In this article, we aim to provide you with some of the best gift ideas for a 12 year old girl that is sure to be loved!

While some girls of this age are fond of clothes or accessories to go with their clothes, others may like something that lets them put their creative mind to use. We have chosen products from various categories to ensure that we have the perfect gift for their varying personalities. You are sure to find the best gift for a 12 year old girl from our specially curated list below. Check them out!

Top 15 Best Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls 2021

1. Hapinest Make Your Own Paracord Bracelets with Charms Kit

Hapinest Make Your Own Paracord Bracelets with Charms Kit Best Gifts For 12-Year-Old Girls

The creativity of girls of 12 is at the peak, and what’s better to bring it out than a do-it-yourself kit! This paracord bracelet kit from Hapinest is perfect for a fashionista who loves wearing accessories with her clothes.

The bracelet-making kit includes 3mm and 4mm paracords of 96 inches and 11 inches in length, each in 8 different colors. You also get eight color clasps and six charms clasps, along with an assortment of pretty little charms. The kit also comes with glue and instructions to help the pre-teen fashion their bracelets the way they want!

The different colored paracords are great for making customized bracelets matching their favorite outfits. Alternatively, your 12-year old can also mix and match different colors to create a unique one that stands out! This little kit gives a lot of room for their creative juices to flow, and it won’t be a wonder if it becomes their favorite gift from you!


2. Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts and Crafts Kit

Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts And Crafts Kit

Here’s another jewelry-making kit that your 12-year old will be fascinated with. The Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts and Crafts Kit is sure to keep your child busy making some pretty accessories for themselves and their friends and family.

The kit contains everything you need to craft some very fabulous pieces. It comes with 108 grams of polymer clay in 8 different colors, including shades of pink, purple, blue, green, and white. You also get an assortment of beads and charms besides three necklaces and a bracelet cord of 30-inch length.

To make their task fun and easy, the kit also includes detailed instructions in addition to necessary equipment such as pendant clay cutters, a bead rod, a cutting tool, and a roller.

They can mix the polymer clay to create beads or pendants with marvelous colorful patterns. They can also combine clay beads with the ones included to make a piece of jewelry as unique as they are!

Let your child flaunt their skills in designing beautiful jewelry pieces that they can show off to their friends and earn compliments! The materials included are enough for making around three colorful bracelets and three pretty necklaces!


3. EFYTAL 12th Birthday Sterling Silver Necklace

EFYTAL 12th Birthday Sterling Silver Necklace

Here is a beautiful gift to show a 12-year-old how much she means to you. The EFYTAL 12th Birthday Sterling Silver Necklace is just the right product to celebrate her last year as a tween.

This dainty little necklace, crafted in sterling silver, features a total of twelve beads, each representing a year of your princess’s life. The sparkling gemstone beads will remind her of your good wishes every time she wears the necklace.

The necklace is handcrafted and measures around 17.5 inches, which is just about the right length to show off the beads. But even so, if you want to adjust the length to your preference, you can simply get it done by contacting the manufacturers! 

You can be assured of quality, as the brand takes special care to ensure each piece of jewelry is up to the mark. The chain, crafted to last a lifetime, is delicate yet sturdy and won’t break too easily. And even if you happen to break it within a limit of 5 years, you can get it replaced or fixed by the manufacturers!

And the necklace comes in a pretty and gorgeous package which will make your 12-year-old look forward to opening it. This necklace will undoubtedly be the best gift for a 12-year girl who loves wearing jewelry.


4. HOMOFY Girls Princess Toys

HOMOFY Girls Princess Toys

Thanks to the popularity of Disney fairytale movies, every girl around this age dreams of being a part of her very own fairytale. While you can’t exactly make that happen, you can gift her something that lets her create a princess’s castle with all the amenities she can dream about!

This building blocks toy set from HOMOFY is just the product you need! This 568-piece set includes blocks for building a castle along with a host of other different structures like a parlor, garden, kitchen, swing, etc. Getting this set as a gift for her 12th birthday is sure to make your princess’s day!

To make it easy to build, they provide a fully-detailed instruction manual with the product that one can refer to. This is a great way to spend some time bonding with your daughter as you help her construct her dream castle.

The blocks are easy to assemble and made of high-quality, durable plastic. An ideal way to pass the time, this product will keep your girl away from the laptop or smartphone, to which most children of this age are addicted.


5. Unicorn Night Light 

Unicorn Night Light 

Want a unique gift for your child’s 12th birthday? Check out this Unicorn Night Light. It is made of high-quality optical acrylic material, and it works great as a night light for your 12-year old’s room!

The light uses a unique technology that creates a very realistic illusion of a colorful unicorn, which is not harsh to the eyes in a dark room. It comes with four lighting modes that you can access either by touching the lamp or with its convenient remote control. You can also adjust the brightness as per your preferences.

You get a variety of color modes to choose from – it has 16 static monochrome and four gradient color modes that let you customize your lamp as per your mood! It comes with a 5V USB cord. You can connect this cord to a suitable adapter to power the product. Alternatively, the product can also be powered by 3 AA batteries!

And the best part is that it is long-lasting; it can last for up to 5 years even when used for 6-8 hours daily! The only thing to look out for is not to touch the acrylic surface with bare hands, as it can leave fingerprints on the clear surface that won’t look good. But you can easily wipe those away with cleaning wipes.


6. Girls Bowknot Cute Leather Backpack 

Girls Bowknot Cute Leather Backpack 

Look no further if you are searching for the best birthday gift for your 12-year-old daughter who loves to travel, even if it is for a small picnic! This mini backpack is just the thing your daughter needs to make a stylish entry at the next weekend picnic with her friends!

The super fashionable backpack is quite sturdy, made of high-quality PU leather with an inner lining of polyester fabric. Perfect for carrying the numerous things she needs, it comes with enough pockets to organize all her stuff efficiently.

Apart from the main compartment, it also has pockets on the front and back and each side. And that’s not all; there are also two inner pockets within the main compartment for carrying phones and other small things.

The bag looks quite pretty, with a cute little bow knot on the front pocket and stylish golden zippers. And you can get one for your girl in her favorite color too, as you get to choose from loads of choices!


7. Your Diary Journal For Girls

Your Diary Journal For Girls

Children of this age group love exploring, and what better way to remember their new experiences than writing them down? And what can be more exciting than a journal so interactive that you want to write down each and everything about yourself!

Your Diary Journal For Girls is a unique product that will help your daughter note down all her daily activities, likes, dislikes, etc. Unlike other journals with blank pages for writing down whatever comes to their mind, this journal has pages filled with illustrations, drawings, useful trivia, questions, and other stuff that would interest a 12-year-old.

She can attach pictures and selfies too to make her daily entries more interesting. It also helps work her creative mind, as there are spaces to jot down short stories.

The diary is all about her. She can share her smallest and greatest secret with it without any fear of being found out! This is because the diary comes with a sparkly lock that keeps her space safe from everyone!

This diary will become one of the best gifts for your daughter, as she can come back to it and reminisce about her life as a pre-teen when she is older!


8. Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars

Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars

Here’s one for the nature lover! The Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars is designed especially for children and is the ideal gift to go for if your 12-year old loves to be surrounded by nature more than anything else.

The eyepieces of the binoculars are covered with soft rubber that won’t hurt your child’s eyes. It also has a shock-proof rubber coating that can protect the lens and body if dropped accidentally on the floor.

With a specially designed ergonomic grip, it fits children’s hands with remarkable ease. The view is crystal clear, as the binoculars feature FMC prism green coated optics system. This controls the amount of optical reflection to give you a clear and realistic view. It has a considerable range – you can see the leaves of a tree 100 yards away from you!

Let her take this with her on her next trip to a forest or national park and watch her be mesmerized with the numerous birds she spots within the dense foliage of trees!

It is one of the best gifts for a 12-year-old girl interested in seeing birds and animals up close. It may come in handy for checking if her friend has arrived in the nearby street or park or if they have planned to meet or play! 


9. Birthday Charm Bracelet

Birthday Charm Bracelet

Want to make your daughter’s 12th birthday special? Gift her this birthday charm to let her feel how loved she is! This bracelet, made from 316L stainless steel, won’t get tarnished even after years. It will stay with her forever to remind her of how special she felt on this day!

The charm bracelet has the number 12 to signify the 12 great years of her life, in addition to a heart, star, sunflower, and moon. It has an expandable design – you can slide it to make it bigger or smaller. So there’s no worry of the bracelet being too large or too small for your daughter’s hands, as you can adjust it to the perfect size.

The edges have been carefully smoothened and rounded to avoid any scratches or injury to her wrists.

It is free from nickel and lead and won’t irritate the delicate skin of your daughter. The high-quality material ensures that its color won’t fade ever! Being solid and durable, it is perfect for daily use. Watch her showing off her pretty birthday bracelet to all her friends!


10. Bluetooth Wireless Karaoke Microphone

Bluetooth Wireless Karaoke Microphone

This is the age when the many talents of your girl come to the forefront. And if your daughter’s finest skill is singing, then here is the perfect gift for her! The Bluetooth Wireless Karaoke Microphone will help her develop her singing skills better in a fun way!

The Karaoke Microphone has a super stylish look and is compatible with numerous singing applications. This product, made of aluminum alloy, is built to last. It has a built-in Bluetooth, which helps it function as a speaker, recorder, and player.

One of its most remarkable features is that you can connect it with a phone in two ways. You can either use an audio cable or Bluetooth connection to link it with the singing app on your device. Featuring a professional audio processor system with a triple-layer high-density noise reduction function, you can be assured of outstanding sound quality anywhere!

This microphone will become one of the most important items for all your family gatherings, picnics, and parties, where your 12-year-old and others can show off their singing skills! 


11. Pinwheel Crafts Jewelry Making Kit

Pinwheel Crafts Jewelry Making Kit

The Pinwheel Crafts Jewelry Making Kit is one of the best gifts for 12-year-old girls who like to add their artistic touch to everything they do! It is ideal for girls with lots of imagination who surprise you with little trinkets created from things lying around the house.

This product is great to encourage their creativity and jewelry-making skills in the best way possible. Watch her create some fantastic masterpieces for herself and her friends.

And who knows, you may wake up to see a little handmade gift from your 12-year old lying on the bedside table!

The kit includes eight pendants in different shapes and their glass covers, more than 200 images, and eight chains for the pendants. The package comes with glue and instructions to help your girl make some statement pieces that everyone will love!


12. ZGMYC Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag

ZGMYC Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag

Here is another pretty product that your fashionista will surely love. This cute pink little tasseled bag with a cat motif is sure to go perfectly with all her outfits. 

It is made from a soft leather material, which feels extremely comfortable to touch. The strap of the bag is long, letting it hang stylishly from the shoulder of your girl. In case you feel it’s too long, you can also adjust it by tying a knot!

It consists of a single pocket secured by a magnetic snap closure which is easy to open and close. The size is perfect for carrying a few small things like a phone, some change, jewelry, a few chocolates, and similar stuff. 

The pretty pink color combined with the cartoon cat makes it stand out in the crowd. It is a perfect accessory to take on all your kid’s trips to the supermarket or on visits to friends and relatives. You can get it in other colors and sizes too.


13. Touched by Nature Girls’ Organic Cotton Dresses

Touched by Nature Girls' Organic Cotton Dresses

What’s a birthday without new dresses? This set of two cotton dresses from Touched by Nature is ideal for daily wear that is high on comfort. 

The dresses, made of 100% organic cotton, come in pretty colors and prints that would appeal to your 12-year old. The set contains a dark blue dress with a white bow and detailing and a black and white striped piece with lemon prints.

The short-sleeved pull-on dresses are perfect for summer wear as they are soft and comfortable on the skin. The high-quality fabric will make them your daughter’s favorite summer clothes in no time! And the best part is that these are super affordable too!


14. Busy Kid Plush Diary With Lock

Busy Kid Plush Diary With Lock

Diary writing is a habit that should be highly encouraged in children of this age group, as this can help them improve their writing skills. And what can be better than gifting your princess a diary that is so adorable that she will love to write in it!

The Busy Kid Plush Diary has a design like a furry pink kitten – so adorable that your girl will fall in love with it! It has 160 stitched pages to store your daughter’s life experiences, memories which she can revisit when older. This diary is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for 12-year-old girls!

The fluffy diary is so soft that she might even cuddle with it! The letter size diary is easy to store or carry around wherever your 12-year old goes. And the best part, it comes with a heart-shaped lock with two keys that will allow your girl to keep her little secrets locked within her diary! 


15. SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique

The SmartLab Toys All-Natural Lip Balm Boutique is an excellent gift that will enable your child to create her very own range of customized lip balms! This product is another do-it-yourself kit that your 12-year old will love. 

The kit includes one lip balm mold, six lip balm containers, lotion bar mold, and gift bags, in addition to a packet of natural beeswax pellets. You also get a sticker sheet to customize your gift bags for the person you’re gifting to!

You can customize each lip balm with a different flavor or scent by mixing your ingredient of choice with the beeswax. All you need to do is follow the instruction pamphlet, and you will have an assortment of moisturizing lip balms ready for use!

The set is enough for making six offbeat lip balms using ingredients from around your house. It is perfect for gifting to friends and family, who will appreciate the thought and effort behind it!


Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Gifts For 12-Year-Old Girls.

Choosing the best gifts for a 12-year-old girl can be a rather challenging task, as girls of this age group tend to have varying interests – a gift loved by one may not be well-liked by another! But worry not. Once you know the magic formula of choosing the right gift, you are sure to be successful in giving her something that she will cherish forever.

To help you in your endeavor, we have listed a few of the factors that you need to consider while choosing a gift for a pre-teen. Check them out!

1. Personality Of The Girl

The first thing you need to identify before choosing a gift is the personality of your 12-year-old – what are her likes and dislikes, things that she is interested in, etc. For example, if the girl loves to dress up, she will be delighted to get a pretty dress, beautiful jewelry, or even better – a jewelry-making kit!

Whatever you choose, just ensure that it fits in with her personality, and you can be sure that your girl will not be disappointed with your choice!

2. Safety

Another important consideration is the safety of your child. Try to avoid things that can be dangerous for a 12-year-old. Some examples can be easily breakable items like glass, or if you are buying jewelry, make sure to check if it’s hypoallergenic.

Taking safety precautions into account is highly essential when you are gifting to avoid any unwanted accidents.


Choosing a gift for a 12-year-old girl becomes a lot easier when you know about her preferences and personality type. A product that matches her interests is sure to be well-liked by a pre-teen.

We hope you found this article on the best gifts for 12-year-old girls helpful in choosing the perfect gift for your 12-year-old. We have specially chosen each of the products to ensure that you find the perfect match for your daughter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Is The Best Gift For A 12-year Girl?

The best gift for a 12-year old girl depends on her unique personality. You need to know about her interest, likes, and dislikes to select a gift that is sure to be to her liking. 
You can choose from simpler options like clothes or jewelry or go for more creative options like do-it-yourself kits, interactive journals, etc.
If you are looking for the best gifts for a 12-year-old girl, some of the options you can check out include the Hapinest Make Your Own Clay Jewelry Arts and Crafts Kit, Dreamingbox Compact Shockproof Binoculars, Your Diary Journal For Girls, and the ZGMYC Cat Tassel Shoulder Bag.

Q2. What Do 12-year-olds Want For Their Birthday?

12-year olds can be interested in various stuff, and the best way to know what they want is to observe their personality traits. Pre-teens may be interested in nature, jewelry, clothes, accessories, books, or gadgets. And gifting them what they like is a sure-shot way of ensuring that they always remember their twelfth birthday fondly!

And if you feel too confused, you can always ask them about their likes and dislikes! Girls of this age are not too shy. They will tell you all you want to know, which can help you identify what they want most for their birthday! 

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