Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Pindaloo2. CIRO3. Street Walk
Pindaloo Neon Juggling Skill Toy Led Ball Best Gifts for 11 Year Old BoysCIRO STEM Projects 12-in-1 Solar Robot ToysStreet Walk Hand Operated Drones

Pre-teen years is the most exciting time for young boys. They usually have moved beyond the “Big Boy” toys but haven’t quite reached the teenager phase. So, finding out what entices them is a daunting job. The trick is to find a sweet spot so that the gift is neither too childish, nor too adult-like. 

We asked around, spoke to parents, uncles, and aunts, and older siblings to find out what an 11 year old boy really likes. And they gave us some really cool ideas and a few useful tips for shopping for the best gifts for 11 year olds! Thus, here we present to you the 15 best gifts for 11 year old boys that will make them jump with joy!

What Is The Secret To Find The Perfect Gift For An 11 Year Old?

Too many toys and playthings will make him feel like you are babying him. Also, he won’t like boring adult stuff either. So, look for some cool experimental activity sets such as LEGO sets or high-tech electronic gadgets, that are capable of arousing curiosity and interest in his young mind.

The toys can also be of educational importance and encourage STEM learning. Some games are designed to improve critical thinking and logical reasoning, so they can also be a great pick. However, to save you some time, we’ve curated a list of some of the best gifts one can give to an eleven-year-old boy. Let’s have a look! 

Top 15 Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys 2021

1. Pindaloo Neon Juggling Skill Toy Led Ball

Pindaloo Neon Juggling Skill Toy Led Ball Best Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

The Pindaloo neon Juggling Skill Toy is a great way to improve your hand and eye coordination through a fun activity. This game is both challenging and entertaining. Playing with this juggling ball requires using both sides of the brain which helps in improving balance, gross motor movements, and fine motor skills.

This game has proved to be able to calm people and can help kids with difficulties such as holding a pen and other simple motor skills. Pindaloo juggling LED balls also helps in improving concentration, enhances focus, and also encourages creative and critical thinking, and increases confidence. More than a mere gift, isn’t it? 

The Pindaloo Neon Juggling LED ball is engineered to perfection on the basis of theories of physics and aerodynamics yet simple to work with. The set consists of a U-shaped tube and two impact-activated balls which light up when juggling. The balls remain lit for two minutes and give a mesmerizing effect while juggling. 

When you finish playing, you can close the tube with the balls inside to prevent losing them. This visually exciting yet therapeutic game set is surely one of the best gifts for 11 year old boys to keep them engaged for hours.


2. CIRO STEM Projects 12-in-1 Solar Robot Toys

CIRO STEM Projects 12-in-1 Solar Robot Toys

Looking for a Christmas gift for your kid? This Ciro Stem Experiment kit is designed to not only entertain kids but also help children build a strong foundation in science. This set will increase interest in them about science, technology, engineering, crafts, and robotics. 

The robot toys can be arranged in 12 different styles and they work as long as there is sunlight. You won’t need to search for a battery ever again when playing. Moreover, the robots can even walk on water! A step-by-step manual is included in the set for the child’s understanding and convenience.  

This STEM education-friendly robotics set is made so as to develop the concept of green technology and renewable resources in young minds. With 190 individual pieces, including moving and connecting parts like gears, plates, tires, and shafts, this set is enough to keep your kid engaged for hours. This is one of the best gift ideas for 11 year old boys to enjoy with their family on vacations. 


3. Street Walk Hand Operated Drones

Street Walk Hand Operated Drones

Not sure what to give your 11 year old nephew on his birthday? This hand-operated drone by Street Walk can be one of the best birthday gifts for 11 year old boys. The outer casting of the drone is made with soft, child-safe plastic. The material also protects the drone from damage when it lands on the ground. 

It also features high-tech infrared motion sensors. These motion sensors help detect obstacles in the path. The drone is also equipped with an efficient voltage protection system and has colorful LED lights that add to its aesthetic appeal. You can use this hand-operated drone indoor as well as outdoor. 

The drone is encased in a UFO-shaped protective case that prevents injuries from the four flying leaves of the gadget. Being powered by Infrared sensor technology, it can fly in all directions with a quick response based on your motion. It would know when to ascend and descend on its own. 

The drone is durable enough to withstand numerous crashes without any serious damage. The pack also includes a USB connector, a screwdriver, a fan for replacement, and an illustrated user manual. A multiplayer game flaunting a compact design, this hand-operated drone is.  


4. Doodle Face Game

Doodle Face Game

Does your child love to draw? This Doodle Face Game set can be one of the best gifts for 11 year old boys who have a knack for doodling and scribbling. It is a simple way of having fun with your friends and family by combining everyone’s artistic skills. 

The Doodle Face set includes drawing pads, pens, face cards, and theme cards to enhance your creativity. It is very easy to play and can be a great game choice in family get-togethers. In just three simple steps you will be rolling on the floor with bouts of laughter. 

Imagine having a Potluck dinner. “Doodle Face” has the same concept. In this, instead of bringing food, you will get to showcase a little of your artistic talent and witness all the little contributions become a masterpiece. 

Firstly, take a drawing pad, pick one of the group members and sketch one of their features without letting them know.  Pass the pad to the next person and everyone will draw one facial feature of random people in the group and you will end up with either a hilarious result or a true masterpiece!


5. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain Game

Puzzles and mazes are always fun to solve and it is as exciting to an adult as to a child. With some technological twists, this ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run Brain game is one of the best birthday gifts for 11 year old boys. This game can also be a great addition to any homeschool curriculum. 

The puzzle is made with high-quality components and comes with an illustrated user guide for your kids’ convenience. The game is designed to develop logical reasoning skills in young children. It includes 60 fun-filled pre-set challenges to keep the kids enthralled for long hours. 

The brain teasers with increasing difficulty levels will need critical skills and can be enjoyed with family and friends too. Through the challenges, your kid will be able to improve his spatial reasoning and planning skills. He will also get to build the towers and toys and he is sure to enjoy the learning process. You can also give this to your child to encourage STEM education.


6. LEGO Chain Reactions Activity Kit

LEGO Chain Reactions Activity Kit

When you want to gift something to a young boy, you can never be wrong if you are choosing Legos for him. This Klutz Chain Reaction Lego set is one of the best gift ideas for 11 year old boys. With lessons from Physics and Engineering, this game set is a great way to encourage STEM education. 

In this box, you will get 33 Lego elements, 6 Lego balls, 2.2 yards of string, 8 paper ramps, 2 paper pop-up signs, 1 paper funnel, 1 paper flag, 1 paper bucket, and a platform. The kid can put his creative skills to design and build amazing moving machines. The set also comes with a well-illustrated instruction booklet to help your child in building 10 different moving machines.

All he would have to do is connect, rearrange, and experiment with Lego pieces to construct simple machines and create a chain reaction. He can combine the machines in any way he imagines. And when the chain reaction starts, one thing will lead to another, ending in a fun and excitement overload!


7. BOZTX 12-in-1 STEM DIY Solar Robot

BOZTX 12-in-1 STEM DIY Solar Robot

Is your little brother interested in robotics? This BOZTX 12-in-1 DIY Solar Robot building set can be a great birthday gift for him. The game set is designed to promote interest and build a strong foundation in science, technology, engineering, crafts, and robotics. 

The Robot is set is powered by sunlight to develop the concept of Green Technology projects in young minds. The set also comes with an easy-to-understand user manual that will help your kids to build their own robots. It would also improve their manual dexterity, enhance problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. 

These STEM toy robots are featured with solar panels to harness solar energy and make the robots crawl, roll and even float on water. The toys are made with non-toxic ABS material that is completely safe for young children. With its power to give life to infinite imaginations, this is indeed one of the best gifts for 11 year old boys


8. Remote Control Car

Remote Control Car

Remote-controlled gadgets are one of the most sought-after toy choices for pre-teen boys. Are you looking for one such gadget too? Then you can consider this amazing Remote Controller Car by Dolanus as a gift. With an attractive appearance and amazing flexibility, this RC Stunt car is one of the best gifts for 11 year old boys

The car is made with soft ABS plastic which is firm, durable, and safe to play with. The cad is designed to run on all kinds of terrain. It can easily run in sand, grass, roads, rocks, and also on snow. It is equipped with Elastic anti-slip hollow tires which offer full range protection while you fight in the battle.  

The oversized wheels also protect the car from any damage even when it falls from a height. The car has 2 powerful motors and 4 wheel drive system, which is ideal for racing cars. The car is capable of performing 360° tumbling, spins, and flips. It can be controlled with two battery-powered joysticks. If the car faces any obstacles, it uses various stunts to surpass them which is an absolute delight to watch.


9. ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Guns And Vests

ArmoGear Infrared Laser Tag Guns and Vests

Are you looking for an ideal gift for your son’s 11th birthday that he can play with his friends? This Armogear Kids’ Laser Tag Gun Set can be one of the best gifts for 11 year old boys. It would give the feel of real battle and its innovative features will raise the game to a whole new level. It allows you to play with four teams with infinite players.

The set comes with target vests that can receive hits like authentic arcade laser tags. All the elements of the set are made with durable, sturdy materials and will last for a long time. The guns can also act as receivers using completely Child-safe infrared technology. The game also features Invisible Mode where you can hide your location. 

The guns are equipped with Night Vision Flashlight which you can use to find your opponent in stealth mode. They also have a powerful 150 FT Shooting range that works flawlessly indoors or outside. The game also features Voice-guided directions. This Multiplayer Laser Tag Game with flickering lights, booming sound effects, and tactile vibrations can entertain you and your friends for hours on end!


10. ComTec Laser Tag Sets with Gun and Vest- Infrared 0.9mW

Work pressure not letting you take your son to an Arcade Laser Tag game? Now you can get a Laser tag set for your home where you can play with your kids at your own convenience. The ComTec Laser Tag comes with 2 laser tags, 2 vests, 2 straps, and multiple gun options. You can freely switch among pistols, shotguns, submachines, and Rocket Launchers. The set is designed to offer you a real-life battle simulation that is more exciting than you can ever imagine. 

Each weapon provided delivers different types of damage to your opponent. The maximum shooting distance is 130ft which is ideal for outdoor laser battling. The vests are equipped with built-in infrared sensors which makes the game even more authentic. Each time you are hit, the vest will vibrate to remind you that one life is lost.  The infrared signal emissions are less than 1mW, as it is made keeping the safety of children in mind. 

The guns in the game set are ergonomically designed. They offer a solid grip so that kids can handle them without any hassle. The set offers you four different color options: Blue, Green, Red, and White. You and your friends and family can make four groups and battle against each other. Also, infinite numbers of people can get involved in the game so that’s a bonus! 


11. Klutz Lego Activity Kit

Klutz Lego Activity Kit

The Klutz Lego activity kit is another great choice as a gift. The set also includes a 78-page booklet with detailed step-by-step instructions with bright illustrations that will guide you to build 11 different machines. The machines can whir, flip, punch as well as cruise. The set also includes a gravity-powered car and a boxing robot! The child can also use their imaginations to make their own set of machines.  

The provided booklet will also let the kid learn about the practical application of the different machines in the world. The game will help in encouraging STEM education in a fun and exciting way.  It will also promote creativity with open-ended prompts in children. The set has 58 LEGO elements including cross axles, technic bricks, plates, pegs, and gear wheels. These pieces can be combined, connected, and rearranged to make 11 different machines. 


12. Holy Stone HS190 Foldable RC Drone

Holy Stone HS190 Foldable RC Drone

Technology has always fascinated young minds and they are super-fast in grasping new concepts and ideas. The Holy Stone HS190 Remote-controlled drone is one such technology-enriched gadget that can be one of the best gift ideas for 11 year old boys. It is compact in size that can be folded into the controller and easily carried on trips. 

The propellers of the drone, once unlocked, start to spin. This will prevent kids from accidentally starting the drone. The drone features an Altitude Hold function which harnesses air pressure to hover at a height using a throttle stick. It will automatically hover at a set height after take-off and before landing which makes it convenient to control and maneuver the gadget. 

It also features Headless Modes which allows the player to fly the drone and operate it without any difficulty. The One Key Return feature will automatically turn the drone towards you. The drone is capable of High-speed rotation and can do 360 circles. The gadget allows three different speed settings: Low/ Medium and High Speed. It can also perform flips in all four directions. Charging it is super-easy too! You just have to connect it to an adaptor or computer and let it charge for 40 minutes. 


13. Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter

Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter

A kick scooter can make play-time more fun and exciting. The Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter is a lightweight scooter, that also features bright LED lights that lights up when you ride it. It also flaunts a foldable design that makes it convenient to pick it up and carry. 

The scooter has over 100 LED lights integrated into the stem and deck portion. It also has LED light-up wheels that provide extra visibility and improves safety. The handlebar of the scooter is adjustable. Its height can be modified as per your child’s growth. The scooter has rear brakes for enhanced safety. 


14. Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit

Playz Edible Candy! Food Science STEM Chemistry Kit

Who doesn’t love sweets and candies? If you are looking for an appropriate gift for an 11 year old for Christmas, nothing can be better than a candy-making kit. The Playz Edible Candy Food Science Chemistry Kit is one such amazing activity set. It is a fun way to encourage STEM education and encourages kids to use their imagination in a creative way. 

The food science chemistry kit comes with an easy-to-follow, fact-filled colorful lab guide. The well-illustrated booklet presents information in a friendly way so that even science becomes fun and exciting. The set includes over 27 different tools and ingredients which you can utilize in over 40 different food science experiments. 

You might need to provide your child with some additional common household supplies. A 56 pages lab guide will help the child learn the various science experiments and prepare formulae that can be eaten too. The kids will be able to prepare delicious chewy jelly candies, crystal rock candies, chocolates, lollipops, and a lot more! 


15. Flashing Cube Electronic Memory & Brain

Flashing Cube Electronic Memory & Brain,

Exercising your brain with puzzles and riddles helps in improving the IQ. The Flashing Cube Electronic memory and Brain game is a fun and exciting way to improve critical skills and logical reasoning. If you want to put some educational elements in your child’s playtime, this can be one of the best gifts for 11 year old boys.  

This game by FlashDash offers fun and adventure that will keep your brain busy and also develop quick thinking. It offers four quick-fingered games like Speed Games and  Memory games with a unique light-up cube design. The four games are called: Chase Me, Catch Me, Follow Me and Remember Me respectively. 

The challenging games, though easy to learn, can be really tough to master. However, they can get addictive real quick real soon. It also features a Light Show Mode where you just have to press one button to unleash a dazzling show of vibrant multicolored lights. Each of the games is accompanied by entertaining sounds too. You can also turn them down when you feel.


How To Pick The Best Gift For 11 Year Old Boys?

Picking an appropriate gift for an 11 year old boy is not as easy as you think. You need to consider its educational value as well as recreational value to find the best gift for them.

If you are looking for a birthday gift for an 11 year old boy, laser tags can be a great option. It will allow the kid to involve all his friends and family members and play in large groups. For more sporty boys you can get them some kind of balls or even a soccer or baseball gear kit. 

For Christmas gifts, drones and remote-controlled cars and airplanes are perfect gifts for boys who love to play outdoors. Board games are a great gift choice if you and your son are planning to spend an Indoor vacation with your extended family. 

If you want to get something of more educational value, Puzzles and mazes or brain games are your best choices. They will help in developing their logical reasoning and critical thinking skills. Lego sets can help in encouraging STEM education. You can also get them Drawing kits if he is into paintings. They will help in the development of their imaginative and creative skills. 

The Bottom Line

It is often tough to know what 11 year old boys are really into. Whether looking for a birthday gift or Christmas present, people get confused while shopping for them. With drones, robots, and lego sets in our curated list, looking for the best gift for 11 year old boys will be easier for you. We hope this list of cool gifts will help you get an idea about what can be fun yet useful for 11 year olds and help you find the ideal gift for them.

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