Best Christmas Gifts For 7 Year Old Boys 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. IQ Builder

2. Osmo3. Paw Patrol
IQ Builder STEM Learning Toy Set  Best Christmas Gifts For 7-Year-Old BoysOsmo Creative Starter KitNickelodeon- Paw Patrol Electronic Me Reader

“Deck the halls with boughs of holly

Fa la la la la, la la la la

Tis the season to be jolly 

Fa la la la la, la la la la.” 

Christmas is the festive season of giving. It’s about bringing happiness and joy to your lives. In a nutshell, Christmas is about giving and providing a helping hand for someone in need. 

The concept of gift-giving dates back to ancient history. However, in today’s modern world, it has become much more versatile. Christmas bears gifts for everyone, including children. 

However, finding the perfect gift for children, especially boys, is not an easy task. With a plethora of demands and options to choose from, it can be quite confusing and difficult to find that one gift for your child. 

Therefore, to help narrow your search, below are a few gift ideas that are ideal to be the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy, as well as a few factors to think about when hunting for the perfect gift. 

Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts For 7-Year-Old Boys 2021

1. IQ Builder STEM Learning Toy Set 

IQ Builder STEM Learning Toy Set  Best Christmas Gifts For 7-Year-Old Boys

The first contender as one of the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy is the IQ Builder STEM Learning Toys Creative Construction Engineering Building toy set.

 Designed to boost your child’s creative thinking capabilities, this gift is the perfect fit if you are looking for something educational yet fun. 

One of the unique features of this gift is that its whole structure revolves around flexing the mental muscles of your child. In simpler terms, it helps your child think outside the box and improve their problem-solving skills. 

If you take a sneak peek at what’s inside the box, you would find that the set consists of forty connecting balls, 5 wheels, wheel connectors, ball connectors, as well as cover plates. 

Your child’s main goal should be to build as many innovative and imaginative structures as possible. Created to enhance your child’s creativity, these toy sets are specifically engineered to build any geometric shape that they can imagine. 

Furthermore, each set consists of three unique instructional eBooks to expose individuals to all three levels, i.e., beginner, intermediate, and expert. 

The best part about this particular toy set is its packaging. With a functional and useful box, this is the perfect unit for storing all your pieces in a safe and secured manner. 

On the whole, if your child loves to build, create, and design, then this is the perfect option for you. 


2. Osmo Creative Starter Kit For Ipad

Osmo Creative Starter Kit

When speaking about the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy, it is hard to miss the Osmo Creative Starter Kit for Ipad. Renowned for its award-winning set of games, Osmo has never failed to find innovative yet educational ways to entertain a child. 

In this starter kit, individuals will find a unique base for an Ipad along with a reflector, a Creative board, dry erase markers, three-game apps, as well as a Microfiber eraser pouch. 

Let’s take a look at the game apps. As mentioned above, three-game apps are included within the starter kit, which is, Monster, Masterpiece, and Newton. 

The first game is Monster. Compared to the other three games, this game stands to be the most favorite ones amongst seven year old boys. In this game, children can draw and bring Mo to life. 

Another game included in the kit is Newton. When compared to all the other games, Newton is relatively advanced in terms of level.

In this game, children need to figure out various pathways to guide balls with everyday objects. In short, it helps them learn various concepts of Physics, such as Newton’s three laws of motion. 

The last but not the least game is Masterpiece. This game is developed for children to hone their mobility and dexterity. All they have to do is draw whatever they wish to. 

Then, the app helps transform their drawing into a template. This easy-to-follow outline helps them draw their image on paper perfectly. 

Once your child is done, the app creates a time-lapse video for them to look back, and cherish these moments. 

Overall, the main objective of this game is to enhance your child’s visual thinking, drawing ability, and speed, as well as problem-solving skills, while bringing out their inner Piccasso. 

The perfect way to describe this game is the harmonious amalgamation of technology and art, and you should try this with your child. 


3. Nickelodeon- Paw Patrol Electronic Me Reader

Nickelodeon- Paw Patrol Electronic Me Reader

Books are a magical tool created to transport you to the farthest of lands without asking you to get up. Due to the immense popularity of reading, books are a great idea as one of the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy

Hence, if you are looking for a good book to give your son, you should check out the Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Electronic Me Reader. 

With the addition of 8 unique illustrated books, your child can virtually mingle with their favorite puppies. 

The best part about this particular book is that it consists of an audio reader. This way, your child can listen to each story being read aloud. For activating the audio reader, all you have to do is select your choice of book from the 8 enticing stories. 

Then, locate the appropriate book on the tablet, and press the page buttons to maneuver. With the harmonious blend of sounds and dialogues, your child can truly enjoy the story.  

Overall, reading just got a lot better with this electronic reader, as it has something in it for every family member. 


4. Toyk Store Flying Toy Ball

Toyk Store Flying Toy Ball

Another product that is an ideal fit as one of the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy is the Toyk Store Flying Toy Ball Infrared Induction RC flying drone. 

Flying toys, especially drones, are quite popular amongst 7-year-old boys as it instills a sense of thrill in them of making something right from scratch, and watching it soar in the sky. 

It makes them inquisitive and curious to learn about the functioning of drones. Furthermore, flying toys are the perfect choice to make your child think outside the box. With such toys, your child can learn how to perform incredible tricks and stunts. 

This particular flying drone is designed with an induction receiver and a launcher to help the ball fly and move. 

The cherry on the cake with this flying drone is its control. Integrated with a wireless remote, the manufacturers of this toy have made it quite easier for children to move the ball. For switching the drone on or off, you just need to press the button.  

This flying drone speaks volumes about modern technology. In simpler terms, the ball can be controlled by your hand. As there are sensors present under the ball, it will detect the motion of your hand, and move the ball accordingly. 

For instance, if you place your hand underneath the ball, it will move up again. The introduction of this motion sensor prevents the ball from getting damaged due to an unexpected fall. Plus, the addition of the gyroscope can aid in improving the object’s accuracy and performance. 

If you are looking for a good flying product to give your 7-year-old son for Christmas, then you should try this product out. 


5. Gili STEM Building Toy Dumptruck

Gili STEM Building Toy Dumptruck

When speaking about the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy, it is hard to miss out on the Gili STEM Building Toy For Boys Dump Truck or Airplane 2 in 1 Construction Engineering Kit from your shopping list. 

Designed to boost your child’s divergent thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skill, this toy emboldens both collaborative and solo play, making them understand the true value of teamwork. 

If you were to take a gaze at the product, you would notice that the kit comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual that guides them to maneuver through the pieces. This kit has 361 distinct pieces that allow your kid to build an airplane or a dump truck based on their liking. 

When purchasing any gift or toy, many parents often emphasize the overall safety of the product. In the case of this STEM toy, each piece is made with quality material and is quite sturdy. This makes them completely non-toxic and harmless for children to play with. 

On the whole, if your son is interested in building or engineering, this is the perfect tool to help stimulate their minds, while at the same time having fun. 


6. Rabosky Dart Game Toy

Rabosky Dart Game Toy

If you are on the hunt to find the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy, try including the Rabosky Dart Game toy on your shopping list. 

Dartboards are quite fun and prove to have many benefits. This particular dartboard is renowned for its stylish look and versatility. 

As mentioned above, this dartboard is extolled for its eye-catching design. With the inclusion of bright colors, this board is great to look at. 

If you take a closer look at the dartboard, you will notice that the dartboard features a regular, rudimentary board on one side and a target bullseye game on the other side. Therefore, individuals can experience two games for the price of one. 

One of the advantages of this particular dartboard is that it is known to improve your child’s hand-to-eye coordination. As dartboards require you to throw the darts accurately,  children can boost their hand-to-eye coordination, which is a vital aspect of life. 

Plus, it helps to boost your concentration. Whether it is figuring out the score or thinking about where you want the darts to land, the art of playing darts helps to boost your focus and concentration. 

This kit features six typical magnetic darts in two main colors, i.e., yellow and red, as well as twelve dart flights.

 The advantage of this kit is that the manufacturers have included a 30 days free exchange period. So, if you are not satisfied with it or feel it is not the right fit for your family, then you can return the product at zero cost.

Overall, this is a good game, as it is entertaining yet educational at the same time. 


7. Root RT1 iRobot Coding Robot

Root RT1 iRobot Coding Robot

Another remarkable gift idea as one of the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy is the Root RT1 iRobot Coding Robot Programmable STEM toy. The best way to describe this particular toy is endless possibilities. 

Children, at this tender age, love to learn about coding, as well as how robots work. With this toy, they can enter the fascinating world of coding and robots. 

If you look closely at the toy, you will notice that there is an app that can be used to move the robot. This coding app is compatible with all iOs, macOS, Windows, and Android devices. 

Furthermore, children can understand the fundamental concepts of coding and code to move the robot forwarders, backward, or even across flat surfaces. 

Plus, children can also code the robot to blink, glow, or flash the various colors of the rainbow. If you want to prompt your robot to complete various tasks, then all you have to do is activate the tap and bump button to do so. 

In the kit, you will also find one set of vinyl cling stickers, a fold-out whiteboard, a dry erase cloth along with markers, as well as a charging cable. 

The next time you visit the toy store, make sure to keep an eye out for this coding robot, as it is a favorite amongst many children. 


8. LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat 70419 Kit

LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat 70419 Kit

LEGOs are every 7-year-old favorite. If you are on the hunt for a toy that will help you introduce your little one to the wonderful augmented reality, you should buy the LEGO Hidden Side Wrecked Shrimp Boat 70419 Kit app toy. 

With the harmonious blend of augmented reality and LEGO toys, this toy does provide a wonderful experience. This kit includes a Wrecked Shrimp boat playset, which allows your kid to get inspired by their very own nautical world. 

The addition of four extraordinary mini-figures, i.e., Parker L. Jackson, Jack Davids, Captain Jones, Jones Jr. enhances the overall experience for your kid. 

Kids can use the app to find and capture ghosts that are floating around throughout the playset

If you look closely, the shrimp boat tends to break into two to amplify your shipwreck adventures. 

On the whole, the best way to describe this set is an amalgamation of entertainment with physical playtime. 


9. Beijue 16 Bit Handheld Games

Beijue 16 Bit Handheld Games

If you are on the colossal journey to find the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy, then try getting your hands on the Beijue 16 Bit Handheld electronic gaming controller for your child.

With its stylish design, it has attracted many children and is a favorite amongst most 7 year old boys. Once you take a closer look at the device, you will notice the device is available in 5 unique shades of green, blue, red, yellow, and white.

Furthermore, this gaming console has a 3-inch display that provides children with beautiful, high-definition visuals. Its size is perfect and compact to fit in your hands.

With gaming consoles, battery and charging become two of the most vital elements. In this particular gaming console, individuals are offered a unique, rechargeable lithium battery.

This proves them a steady source of energy and can be used for the longest of times. The inclusion of a charger eliminates the constant process of buying and replacing the old batteries with the new ones.  

However, it should be noted that this gaming console is home to small parts, and is not a suitable choice for kids under the age of 4 years.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use the product only after reading the instructional manual provided thoroughly. This will ensure that the product is used correctly.


10. Fundia Take Apart Dinosaur Toys

Fundia Take Apart Dinosaur Toys

 Lastly, the Fundia Take Apart Dinosaur STEM toy is yet another favorite amongst seven years old. Built after thorough research about the needs and requirements of seven year olds, this kit transports children into the magnificent and fascinating world of dinosaurs.

This is a 3 pack set of dinosaur toys. Once you open the kit, you will find a Velociraptor, Triceratops, and the renowned Tyrannosaurus Rex. Each dinosaur is designed with exquisite and intricate workmanship.

Furthermore, to adhere to the safety standards of toys, each dinosaur is composed of a durable, premium-quality ABS plastic instead of a typical plastic material.

Apart from the dinosaurs, you will also find an electric drill, as well as a manual screwdriver.

This way, kids are given a variety of choices and can exercise their ability to think creatively in a better way.

Once you open the box, you will find an instructional manual. This manual consists of directions to assemble the dinosaur. With an easy-to-read script, you and your child can complete the installation process in a jiffy.

On the whole, this is yet another remarkable STEM learning toy for your kid.


Factors To Consider When Purchasing The Best Christmas Gifts For 7-Year-Old Boys 

Seven-year-olds are quite hard to please. They are extremely picky about the toys they play with, the foods they eat, and what they do. Therefore, finding the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy requires intensive research of certain factors. 

Below are a few crucial factors to contemplate when searching for the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy

1. Tastes And Preferences 

The first and foremost factor to ponder upon when searching for the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy is their tastes and preferences. Your target group is your son. 

Therefore, it becomes your responsibility to understand what your child likes and dislikes before going out and buying a Christmas present for him. 

This way, your search becomes easier and effective, as you can look for models of toys or books in that particular category. For example, if your child likes to draw, then drawing books make an ideal gift for your son. 

2. Physical Development 

As your child is at such a tender age, it becomes your duty to find a toy that entertains your child while helping in their growth and development. 

Therefore, try to look for toys that will allow your child to learn and practice new abilities and skills over a period of time.

Besides, try to find toys that will enable your kids to learn and figure out things on their own. This way, their ability to think logically will improve, and they tend to become persistent problem-solvers.

Plus, they also help children increase their spatial relations skills, as well as hand-eye coordination, and motor skills.

Examples of such toys include puzzles, blocks, art supplies, or even shape sorters.

3. Boost Creativity

Many parents often insist upon toys that spark their child’s imagination and creativity. Therefore, when hunting for the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy, try looking for something that your child can use to think outside the box.

These types of toys will enhance your child’s language and literacy skills, sequence skills, as well as ability to solve a particular problem effectively and swiftly.

A classic example of such a toy is action figures. By purchasing your son’s favorite set of action figures, you are providing them with a medium to formulate their own stories.

They can use basic household items such as cardboard boxes for cooking up a story, and lead their adventure, whether it is through barns or pirate ships. The possibilities are endless.

4. Fun-Filled

As a parent, your child must develop both academically and socially. Therefore, try looking for toys or books that engage everyone. This way, your child understands how to bond with others, and be acquainted with social skills.

An example of this could be to introduce family game nights. This way, your child learns how to play a particular game, as well as develop qualities like sportive spirit, teamwork, and group communication.

5. Safety

With fun comes safety. Hence, when hunting for the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy, it is important to make sure that the toy is safe.

Here are a few important things to be kept in mind when speaking about toy safety.

Firstly, as a parent, you should read all of the instructions and warnings present on the packaging of the toy.

Furthermore, try to avoid purchasing those toys which either have a sharp edge or rigid points.

If you are purchasing art supplies such as paints, crayons, etc., then you should keep an eye out for marks such as ASTM D-4236. 

This mark indicates that the product has been thoroughly reviewed by an expert toxicologist.

Another important rule to remember is to make sure the toy is durable. Your main goal is to find a toy that is fun yet safe to use.

If your toy employs the use of batteries, you need to make sure that it is secured firmly. This way, your kid doesn’t access them easily.

6. Price

The last but not the least factor to think about when buying the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy is the price of the gift. Your main goal is to find that gift that is useful to your child without going broke.

A helpful tip would be to consider your budget before your trip to the toy store. This way, you know what range you have to look for toys.

Gift Ideas For A 7 Year Old Boy 

There are many options to choose from when buying a gift for a 7 year old boy. Below are a few categories of gifts to think about. 

1. STEM Toys

The first idea that makes a great fit for the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy is a STEM toy. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These kinds of toys help your child to learn new, enticing concepts pertaining to the respective fields.  

STEM toys have their own set of advantages that are worth knowing, as they may hinder the final decision of buying one.

STEM toys allow children to gain knowledge from their day-to-day exposure molding their interests and aspirations. They help to understand and quickly grasp various concepts related to maths, science, and boost their self-esteem and confidence.

In addition, STEM toys facilitate the accumulation of problem-solving skills. They encourage children to think originally and boost their cognitive learning at a fast rate.

Moreover, children are given the opportunity to think and formulate ideas independently and overcome various obstacles and hurdles on their own.

The best part about STEM toys is that they require children to be creative and think outside the box. For example, if there is a single solution to a particular problem, the task of finding the solutions becomes quite boring.

Hence, these toys enable children to look for multiple ways to solve a problem and use their imagination to understand the concept under consideration.

Not only are STEM toys a good tool for the brain and mind, but also for the hands and eyes. They help boost the child’s hand-to-eye coordination and have a drastic impact on their motor skills.

A rule of thumb to remember is that the more the kids are exposed to such types of activities, the better and confident they become.

2. Books

Another great Christmas gift idea is your child’s favorite book. Reading books provides children with a plethora of benefits both for their physical and mental health.

Firstly, reading books helps to strengthen your brain. According to several researchers and brain scans, it can be concluded that reading for a regular period increases brain connectivity.

Moreover, it enables your child to empathize. In many books, the stores are drafted in a way wherein they tend to explore the inner lives of the characters. By reading, your child can learn how to understand their feelings and resonate with them.

According to researchers, this is often termed the theory of the mind. Books are the perfect way to build and navigate through social relationships.

The best part about integrating the craft of reading books into your child’s daily routine is that they can improve their vocabulary. They can learn new words, and integrate them while they speak. 

3. Dart Boards

If you are stuck on what to buy your busy 7 year old, then try considering a good quality dartboard. Did you know that there are numerous advantages of dartboards?

The biggest advantage of using dartboards is that it boosts your child’s hand to eye coordination. As darts require you to throw accurately, it helps them be better at it with regular practice.

Plus, it is an effective tool to stimulate brain activity. Irrespective of whether you are totaling the score, or playing the game, your brain needs to work out to calculate precisely.

It is indeed a great workout for the brain, and ensure it is active at all times.

The cherry on the cake with dartboards is that it enhances an individual’s confidence. By winning a game of darts, individuals can feel much more confident.

For shy children, winning a game will cause them to feel good, and open up to people.

4. Jerseys And Caps

Children, especially boys, love their sports. At the age of 7, they love to start collecting favorite jerseys and/or caps that represent their favorite team.

 So if you are looking for the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy, try searching for your child’s favorite jersey or cap.

5. Drawing Books 

Another great idea as a Christmas gift for your son could be a drawing book. Drawing has multiple benefits and is often seen as a therapeutic tool.

Firstly, drawing helps to enhance your child’s fine motor skills. These include the movement of your fingers, wrists, and your hands. As an adult, our fine motor skills are relied upon while carrying out activities such as texting or driving.

Therefore, it becomes a crucial responsibility to develop them at such a young age. By holding and manipulating various writing instruments, your child can boost their fine motor skills.

Apart from developing their fine motor skills, drawing can also encourage your child’s visual analysis. In other words, drawing helps to boost concepts such as distance size comparison and texture in a deliberate way.

By asking your child to draw certain specific items, your child can understand the definite relationship between the two objects. As a result, they can create a visual analysis of usual, everyday spaces.

6. Robots 

Lastly, robots make an incredible gift for boys at the age of seven. Robotics, in a nutshell, is the art of creating, designing, and functioning robots. As a fresh entrant into the education industry, it has multiple benefits.

Firstly, robotics help to incorporate creative thinking into your child. In simpler terms, it allows your child to intellectually yet creatively express themselves. Plus, they have complete control over the equipment. This way, they can manipulate it as per their tastes and preferences.

 Moreover, learning how to code robots helps children to make them prepared. As our world is dynamic, children can constantly change their skill set and interest, and in turn, be prepared for future challenges.

Lastly, the importance of robotics is a great tool to instill teamwork into your children. Robotics encourages children to work in groups and find solutions to a common problem. They help boost your child’s social skills.


From the above discussion, it is quite apparent that finding the best Christmas gifts for a 7 year old boy is not a piece of cake.

With the constant change of demands by children, as well as a plethora of options to choose from, it can be quite difficult and confusing in selecting the best one for your child.

However, if you think about a few of the aforementioned factors, you are on the path of success to find a good gift for your child.

Firstly, you need to think about their likes and dislikes. By having a clear understanding of their interests and preferences, you can find a suitable toy for them.

Besides, try to look for those toys that will help them grow academically and socially, while at the same time keep them entertained. You can try STEM toys, coloring books, novels, etc. These types of toys boost your child’s motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination, as well as brain activity. 

Lastly, stick to your planned budget. This way, you can buy an effective toy without going broke.

You can try some of the above-mentioned models, as they are some of the best out of the best when it comes to buying the best Christmas gifts for a 7-year-old boy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Do 7 Year Olds Like To Play?

Many people often contemplate what to get for their seven year old boy for Christmas. With a constant change of interests, it can be quite hard to understand what they like to play or do.
Below are a few things that seven year old children like to play.
Firstly, they love the outdoors. Children, at the age of 7, tend to spend most of their time outside. They love activities that involve a lot of muscle. These include bike riding, jump rope, rollerblading, hopscotch, and all types of ball games.
Therefore, try considering a good quality set of skates or a new bike for their Christmas gift.
In addition to the above, they also like to read and write. If your child loves to read books, then a good gift could be their favorite book series or a book written by their favorite authors.
On the other hand, if your son likes to write, try purchasing them a good quality journal. This way, they can escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and enter a magical world.
At the age of 7, individuals like to start their collections. This could be in the form of cards, watches, etc. Thus, as a parent, you can help them do this by buying their favorite collectible for Christmas.
A helpful tip would be that irrespective of the gift, your main goal should be that the gift is useful and holds some value to the child.

Q2. What Would A 7 Year Old Boy Want For Christmas?

If you have a 7 year old son and are wondering what to get them for Christmas, you can check some of the aforementioned models of toys.
Besides, you can also try the Klutz Lego Chain Reactions Science & Building Kit, the Spike ball 3 ball kit, the Hog wild Toys Air Strike Catapult, the Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot, as well as the Nintendo Switch gaming console.

Q3. What Should A 7 Year Old Do?

Like at any age, being seven requires you to reach certain milestones. Some of these milestones are listed below.
Children at the age of 7 begin to have a specific learning style. For instance, some like to work hands-on like a science experiment, whereas others prefer to work independently.
Besides, most children by the age of 7 begin to develop a sense of team spirit and sporting nature.
Lastly, children at the age of 7 improve their vocabulary and form proper sentences which are grammatically fluent.
Hence, try to look for gifts that coincide with these qualities. This way, your child can grow yet having fun at the same time.

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