Best Birthday Gifts For 2 Year Old Baby Girls 2021 : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. Hudson Baby2. M SANMERSEN3. Simple Joy By Carters

Hudson Baby Girls' Cotton Dress, Cardigan and Shoe Set Best Birthday Gifts For 2 Year Old Baby Girls

M SANMERSEN Piano MatSimple Joys by Carter's Baby Girls' Fleece Footed Pajamas (3-Pack)

The age of two is a golden age of transition of your baby into a toddler who loves to walk, talk and explore everything new. This is the age for your baby girl to learn new things and develop her skills for the future.

This age opens up a lot of new gift ideas that can interest your kid—these range from the usual options of adorable clothes and toys to more interactive and educational stuff.

As all parents know, a child’s smile can brighten the day of just anyone, and if you want to choose the perfect gift for your princess’s second birthday that will make her flash that amazing happy smile, we are here to help!

In this article, we have listed some of the best birthday gifts for 2 year old baby girls that they are sure to love! Check out below for some fascinating gifts for your toddler.

We know that choosing the perfect give is no easy task, especially with the huge range of possible gifts for your little girl. But, here, we have tried to include gifts of all types to match the very different personalities that babies have. Take a look at the list below for some awesome gift ideas for your lovely toddler!

Top 14 Best Birthday Gifts For 2 Year Old Baby Girls 2021

1. Hudson Baby Girls’ Cotton Dress, Cardigan and Shoe Set

Hudson Baby Girls' Cotton Dress, Cardigan and Shoe Set Best Birthday Gifts For 2 Year Old Baby Girls

Who doesn’t love a pretty floral dress? And more so if it is for babies! This combo of 3 is one of the best birthday gifts for 2 year old baby girls who love to get dressed up! A quality product from the Hudson Baby brand, well-known for its premium and fashionable clothes and accessories for babies, is created keeping the comfort of your toddler in mind.

This pretty set consists of a dress with cute little daisies printed all over, an adorable yellow cardigan with buttons, and dainty white shoes with flower detailing. The dress has a gathered waist which adds to its cuteness. The cardigan is of a solid color, with a little pocket on one side. Both of them are made from 100% cotton fabric.

The sleeveless dress is ideal for the hotter summer months and is very skin-friendly. The cotton cardigan is like a thin jacket that can be worn when it is slightly cold, although it does not work as a sweater. It can even be worn over other dresses to get a different look.

Your little princess is sure to love the colorful design and the soft and comfortable feel of the clothes and shoes. It is perfect for daily use as the fabric is very gentle on the baby’s delicate skin. And this wonderful set comes at a very affordable price too!


2. M SANMERSEN Piano Mat


Looking for a meaningful gift that will let your kid learn skills while they are having fun? We have just the right product for you! The M SANMERSEN Piano Mat is a multifunctional toy that is perfect for 2 year old baby girls.

The piano mat has 8 super-sensitive keys that can produce the sound of different animals. The crystal-clear pronunciation can help your child learn to identify and differentiate between the sound each animal produces. The mat has a rotating button by which you can adjust the volume to a level that your child (and you) are comfortable with.

The soft material of the mat allows your child to dance easily on top of it to the rhythm of the sound, making it an enjoyable experience for them. The keys show flashing light effects, which make it visually more appealing. This is a perfect gift for bonding with your kid over fun activities that help in their overall growth.

The piano mat can be folded, so it is convenient to carry when you’re going on picnics or short outdoor trips. The material ensures that it stays free from damage even if you happen to drop it accidentally. 

You can rest assured of your child’s safety, as the mat is made of a non-woven soft fabric that won’t hurt their small feet. Also, the material is non-toxic and very easy to clean. The product runs on AA batteries and is designed to save power. It automatically shuts down when not in use for more than 2 minutes.


3. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girls’ Fleece Footed Pajamas (3-Pack)

Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Girls' Fleece Footed Pajamas (3-Pack)

All parents are well aware of the fact that babies absolutely love their naps! And with the Simple Joys by Carter’s Fleece Footed Pajamas, you can ensure that your baby girl sleeps comfortably even during cold weather.

This pack of 3 pajamas is made of fleece material, which will keep your kid warm and cozy. Perfect as a nightdress, you won’t have to worry about them waking up due to the cold. 

They come in bright and cheerful colors and prints, which your child is sure to love. This, combined with how warm and comfortable they feel, will make it the favorite pajamas your baby girl owns!

These footed pajamas are the ideal gift for babies who have the habit of kicking off their socks while sleeping. The one-piece design keeps them fully covered up to the feet so that they stay relatively warm even without a blanket.

It is very easy to put on, as it comes with a long zipper running from the neckline to the ankle. The material is safe for babies as it is free from any chemical treatments. It is also flame-resistant.

As these are designed to give a snug fit, it is preferable to go for a larger size to ensure that it is not too tight for the baby. This is especially important if you are buying this for someone else’s toddler and are not sure about the size they usually wear.


4. MINGKIDS Star Projection Kids Toy

MINGKIDS Star Projection Kids Toy

This star projection toy from MINGKIDS is a fascinating gift for all kids who love to look at the moon and stars. Ideal for a kid’s room, this small device will enable you to create a room full of stars for your little one.

The toy features a unique mushroom shape and can also double up as a night light. It can be set to either steady or rotating mode and can project 9 different colors of light. The brightness can be adjusted as per your preferences.

This is an excellent choice if your child is scared of sleeping in the dark due to its night light function. And the best part is that it comes with a timer which you can set for 5 or more minutes depending on the time taken by your kid to fall asleep. The projector will automatically switch off when the timer is up, saving you the effort of manually turning it off.

It comes with a remote so you can operate it while lulling your baby to sleep. Additionally, there are buttons on the toy itself in case you can’t find the remote at the moment. The projector toy is also fitted with a soundless motor, so your child can sleep peacefully even when it is set to the rotating mode.

This gender-neutral toy is also among the best gifts for a 2 year old boy’s birthday. In fact, children of all ages are sure to like the soothing and peaceful vibe provided by the lights!


5. LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book

Here is a great option if you want your child to engage in some easy learning in a playful manner. The LeapFrog Scout and Violet 100 Words Book features more than 100 age-appropriate words that are carefully chosen by experts. Early exposure to learning these will be beneficial for your child’s brain development.

The interactive book is bright and colorful and light enough for the child to carry around. The words are divided into 12 categories such as colors, pets, mealtimes, activities, clothes, vehicles, etc. It also features two songs – the Learning Friends theme song and My Favorite Word, which can be played by pressing the star-shaped button at the bottom corner.

Touching the words on the pages plays each of them with sound effects along with some fun facts. This will help your child memorize the words with the right pronunciation, thus increasing their vocabulary from a young age. 

 The book is bilingual, i.e., all the sounds and songs can be heard in both English and Spanish by flipping the language switch. This is perfect as a gift for baby girls who are more than 18 months of age. It runs on 2 AA batteries.


6. LeapFrog Spin And Sing Alphabet Zoo

LeapFrog Spin And Sing Alphabet Zoo

The LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo is another interactive toy from the same brand, that helps your child learn in a fun way! This is a great way to introduce letters and animals to your kid.

The toy features a spinning wheel with the letters of the alphabet and corresponding animal names on it. Rotating the wheel activates the inner machinery, which triggers spinning balls on one side, and a projection of LED lights on the other.

It has three different modes, accessible by the buttons at the base. In the letter and animal modes, the toddler will hear and learn the correct pronunciation of the particular letter or animal name respectively. The music mode features the ABC song and the old MacDonald tune, which the little one can sing along with!

In addition, the toy features bee, rabbit, and frog buttons, which are helpful in enhancing the motor skills of children. This cute interactive toy is great for preparing your princess for school. And the pretty pink color is sure to appeal to your baby girl!


7. ArtCreativity Bubble Lawn Mower

ArtCreativity Bubble Lawn Mower 

Want an unusual gift to surprise the little one in your family on their birthday? Shaped like a lawnmower, this product comes with a bubble blower machine that will fill your surroundings with beautiful sparkly bubbles. This unique toy is one of the best gift ideas for 2 year old boys and girls who love their outdoor playtime!

It comes with its own fuel, i.e., a bottle of bubble solution! Just pour it in the designated place and let your child have fun filling up the whole house (or lawn) with bubbles! Your kid will love to accompany you with her own lawnmower while you are (actually) mowing the lawn.

Apart from the bubbles, the sound effects of the toy also add to the fun! The wheels make realistic gear sounds when pushed around, which are sure to fascinate the child. The 18-inch lawnmower runs on 3 AA batteries.

Made with high-quality, durable plastic, this toy can withstand the rough use that it may be subjected to in the hands of your toddler. Assembling the toy is super easy, and so is the storage as it won’t take up much space once the handle is detached.


8. Plush Animal Backpack For Toddlers

Plush Animal Backpack For Toddlers

Here is a super adorable gift that will help prepare your child for their future schooldays – a cute animal backpack! Ideal for toddlers, the backpack is just the right size to carry all the little possessions of your baby girl.

The plush material is super soft, so your child may even want to hug it to sleep every night! It consists of one main and one front compartment, each secured with a zip closure. The zipper is designed for kids and is easy to pull open without any strain on their little hands.

It features adjustable shoulder straps to ensure that it fits your child’s body. The soft straps are designed to sit comfortably on your kid’s back. It is lightweight and colorful and strong enough to carry a few books and toys.

It comes in the shape of a variety of different baby animals. You can choose from options such as a unicorn, an elephant, a penguin, and even a very cute dinosaur! This is a great gift that your baby girl would love to carry around with her wherever she goes!


9. Baby Toddler Girls Grip Socks

Baby Toddler Girls Grip Socks

Baby Toddler Girls Grip Socks is among the best birthday gifts for 2 year old baby girls who love to run around the house. These socks are specially designed with an anti-skid bottom that can protect your child from slipping as they scamper around.

Ideal for colder days (and nights), this set of six pairs of soft and comfortable socks come in cute animal designs. The multiple options will ensure that you get one matching your little girl’s dress every time!

It features elastic straps that will prevent your child from pulling them off. And unlike usual socks, the child cannot kick them off their feet even during sleep due to the snugly fitting straps. They can be worn all-year-round, being suitable for both summer and winter.

These are soft and lightweight and can protect their feet from injuries, dirt, and dust if they refuse to wear their shoes inside the house. In fact, these can also be used indoors as replacements for shoes. You can also get a set for older and younger kids, as these socks are available in multiple sizes!


10. Disney Umbrella and Slicker Set

Disney Umbrella and Slicker Set

The Disney Umbrella and Slicker Set is the perfect gift option for baby girls obsessed with Disney cartoons. This colorful set includes a rain slicker featuring Minnie Mouse on it and a matching umbrella too!

Designed in a combination of black and pink, the set is made of high-quality material that will last. 

The slicker is created from a water-repellent vinyl material that keeps away humidity and moisture. The adjustable hood comes with an elastic band for the perfect fit around the child’s head. It features a front button closure that is so convenient that your little one can put it on even by herself!

The polka-dotted umbrella is made of polyester and is 8-paneled. It is designed to keep the safety of children in mind and opens and closes with ease without any chances of injuring the child.

It also features a pretty Minnie Mouse handle, which helps the child grip the umbrella securely. A velcro strap and nylon cord makes carrying it super easy when it’s not being used. It also has safety caps.

The size is perfect for two-year-olds and is light enough for them to carry with ease. Your kid may even look forward to rainy days so that they get to wear their favorite Minnie Mouse rainwear! 


11. iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn

iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn

The iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn is the right choice for children who are full of energy. This inflatable plush toy will let them prance around to their heart’s content on the back of their personal unicorn!

The hopper comes with a pump for inflating it to its full size. To do so, you just need to pull out the white stopper on the belly and insert the tip of the pump into the hole. Once fully inflated, the stopper should be replaced to its original place immediately to prevent loss of air.

The toy is designed to be totally safe, as it has four anti-slip legs that can balance the weight of a child effectively. Also, the material is super soft, so it won’t hurt the delicate skin of your child even if they hop on it all day! The hopper can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Playing with it can help in brain development and stronger muscles, making it a perfect gift for a growing child. The unique white and pink unicorn with rainbow-colored fur will be love at first sight for little kids! It is sure to become the best attraction for your child’s birthday party.


12. allobebe Baby Balance Bike

allobebe Baby Balance Bike

This cute pink Baby Balance Bike from allobebe is a great choice as the best birthday gift for a 2 year old baby girl! This product is great for developing strength, balance, and coordination in young kids.

It has an adjustable seat that can be set according to your child’s height. Playing on it can help in their overall development through the refinement of their motor skills. 

The bike is high on safety; it is sturdy enough to carry your child without breaking down. Its materials are non-toxic and have passed the ASTM FM963-17 & CPSIA standard test of America. Moreover, the steering is limited to a 50° angle, which minimizes the chances of your child falling off from the side.

This no pedal bike is ideal for use indoors as it has soft EVA wheels that do not damage your floor. Besides, it is almost noiseless, so it won’t cause any disturbance to your work. The bike is super easy to install, taking no more than a few minutes.

It can be used outdoors as well, but make sure to keep away from bumpy or sloping roads to ensure safety.



13. Simple Joys by Carter’s Baby Girl’s Footless Cotton Pajamas (3-Pack)Simple Joys by Carter's Baby Girl's Footless Cotton Pajamas (3-Pack)This set of 3 Footless Cotton Pajamas from Simple Joys by Carter’s is great as a summer home wear for your little princess. The 100% cotton material will keep your kid cool and comfortable through all the scorching months.

The pajamas feature cute prints in adorable colors that your child is sure to love.  It has a long zipper closure, which runs from the ankle to the chin area, making it easy to put on and off the child. It also comes with a snap-on tab over the chin area to protect their chins from getting scratched by the zipper.

The designs are bright and cheerful and come with ribbed cuffs on the sleeves and legs that give it a classy look. The pajamas have a snug fit for safety. And the best part is that you get several options to choose from, so you can gift a set that matches your child’s preferences and personality!


14. VTech Learn and Discover Pretty Party Playset

VTech Learn And Discover Pretty Party Playset

Here is an excellent gift option for our little master chefs! The VTech Learn and Discover Pretty Party Playset is ideal for baby girls who love to watch and copy their parents while they are cooking.

This kitchen playset contains a tray with a pitcher of lemonade, two cups, and 4 different sweets that your child could pretend to share with family and friends.

But that’s not all; the feature that sets it apart from other playsets is its interactive response! Putting each individual piece in its designated position on the tray makes them light up and interact with your kid. Your child learns more about colors, shapes, and different objects as they play with them.

In addition to this, the set has more than 70 songs, phrases, and tunes that your child can listen to and learn. And to give a real touch to the toy, the lemonade inside the pitcher actually moves when the pitcher is tipped over!

This is a wonderful gift for interactive learning that your child is going to spend hours on. It runs on 2 AA batteries, which are included with the set.


Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Birthday Gifts For 2 Year Old Baby Girls

Choosing gifts for 2-year-olds can be a tricky affair, as children of this age can be picky in their choices. Moreover, they are naive and tend to break, drop and break things easily too. This makes their safety a cause of concern for parents.

For all these reasons, it is necessary that you choose their gift with care. Keeping a few factors in mind can make choosing the best birthday gifts for a 2 year old baby girl much easier! To help you decide on the ideal gift, here we have listed down a few of the considerations that you can go through before selecting one. Take a look!

1. Safety

This is undoubtedly the first consideration while choosing a gift for a toddler. Gifts or toys with very small pieces are not recommended for kids of this age, as they may accidentally swallow them, leading to health complications. In extreme cases, it can also get stuck in the throat and choke the child. Also, they may get hurt by the broken pieces too.

For the same reason, anything that may have chemicals or is even slightly harmful should be kept away from 2-year old kids. Also, toys with sharp edges or pointed ends are unsuitable for this age group.

The chosen gift should be child-friendly, age-appropriate, and keep the child out of harm’s way.

2. Skill Development

Children of this age group are at a crucial stage of both physical and mental development. Therefore, it is best to gift them something that will help them develop their skills. 

Interactive toys are a great choice as they will help the child learn in a playful way without tiring them out. Toys that will help them exercise their bodies as they play are also a good option.

3. Materials

When choosing a gift for a 2-year old child, you should pay special attention to the material used. As already mentioned above, anything containing chemicals is a strict no; you should always go for non-toxic ones.

In addition, it is better to choose more durable materials that won’t break easily, as kids of this age group are prone to breaking things. In this regard, it is always advisable to focus your attention on your kid while they are playing to avoid any accidents.

4. Personality Of The Child

Children don’t care if their toy or gift is cheap or expensive. All you need is to ensure that you buy one that matches their personality. For example, an active child will love gifts that enable them to run or jump around while playing. 

Observing your child while they are doing their stuff can give you a good idea of what they find interesting. This may include animals, nature, music, or even all of these!

And if you are buying a gift for a friend’s child and are not sure about their personality, it is best to go for one of the safer bets. For example, most toddlers love musical toys or pretty dresses.

Happy Gift Shopping!

Getting a gift for someone is challenging, and it is more so when you are choosing one for a kid who is just developing her unique personality. Although toddlers are easily satisfied, they won’t look twice at a gift that doesn’t appeal to them.

Therefore, it is necessary that you take their personality into consideration while selecting their gift. The safety of the child is also extremely important, so make sure that you choose one that won’t be hurting your child in any way. Besides this, you must also ensure that the product you choose is suitable for this particular age group. 

The products above have been carefully chosen to suit the liking of two-year-olds, and we have taken special care to include products of all types to give you more options.

We hope that our list of the best birthday gifts for a 2 year old baby girl mentioned above will help make your choice. We have options from varied categories to ensure you get one that is perfect for your baby girl!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What Should I Get My Toddler For Her 2nd Birthday?

There are a variety of fascinating gift options that you can explore for your daughter’s 2nd birthday. This includes clothes, toys, interactive learning material, as well as different articles that a child uses.
If you are wondering what will be the perfect gift for your child, the best way is to get her something that matches her interests and personality. Some of the options that you can choose from include the VTech Learn and Discover Pretty Party Playset,  iPlay, iLearn Bouncy Pals Unicorn, ArtCreativity Bubble Lawn Mower, and the Hudson Baby Girls’ Cotton Dress, Cardigan, and Shoe Set.

Q2. What Is The Best Gift For A 2-year Old Girl?

Two-year-old kids are at the stage where their brains and bodies are undergoing development. Therefore, the best gift for baby girls of this age will be something that makes them exercise their bodies or mind, but in a playful way.

Interactive educational toys are some of the best gifts that you can give your child. These help them learn a host of different things such as words, numbers, letters, colors, and songs. Toys that help in improving motor skills, coordination, and balance are also great choices for this age group.

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