Best Science Books For Kids 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. What Should Danny Do?

2. Becoming A Good Creature3. Awesome Science Experiments
What Should Danny Do? Best Science Books For KidsBecoming A Good CreatureAwesome Science Experiments For Kids

It is a misconception that kids are only capable of reading fairy tales and fantasies book. While the fictional stories do seem enthralling to them, it is a fact that the human brain attains most of its development during childhood years. This means that your kid is ready to take on more. And what better place to start from than science, right?

Childhood is the time when curiosity takes over the mind. Kids are filled with a million questions about the origins of the earth, evolution, the stars, galaxies, lights, sounds, biology, everything. Instead of leaving them with question marks in their minds, it is always best to quench their thirst for answers. They might not understand it all at once, but you must sow the seeds of knowledge in their minds at a young age. 

As parents, the best gift you can give to your child is to nurture scientific knowledge and curiosity within your children. Combine this with the joy of reading, and you’re all set for welcoming your kid to the world of science. If you’re wondering where to start from, don’t fret because we’ve got your back. We have carefully curated a list of the best science books for kids that you can gift to your child. Read on to find out more. 

Top 10 Best Science Books For Kids 2021

1. What Should Danny Do?

What Should Danny Do? Best Science Books For Kids

Adir Levy and Ganit Levy bring you a fascinating book meant to educate as well as engage young minds. What Should Danny Do? is interesting not only because of the cool science facts it provides your kids but also because it has nine different endings. 

Nine different stories, nine different endings, and your child can choose how the story progresses along the way. The book tells us the story of Danny, a superhero kid who deals with the daily challenges of life. As they keep reading, your child will realize that it is their choices that shaped Danny’s day.  It is interesting as the book imparts scientific knowledge and teaches your kids how essential the power of choice is. 

One of the early ideas science preaches is man’s free will and the freedom to make decisions for himself. As they read this book, your kids will learn how important it is to stand their ground and make choices. This book also enhances their self-confidence and helps them grow up to be self-sufficient people. 

With attractive illustrations from Matt Sadler, this interactive book is bound to keep your kids hooked. You will also enjoy watching your kids make decisions and grow as they read this book. It is most definitely one of the best science books for kids.


2. Becoming A Good Creature

Becoming A Good Creature

Based on the New York Times bestseller How To Be A Good Creature by Sy Montgomery and Rebecca Green, this book is a children’s version of the adult memoir. It follows the picture book format and is ideal for growing kids. 

This book follows the daily adventures of Sy Montgomery as she learns the values of life from teachers who aren’t humans– she has gorillas, dogs, octopuses, tarantulas, tigers, and many more animals as her teachers. These animals teach her critical life lessons like discovering your passion, doing what you love, being brave, being patient, finding joy in the little things in life, and learning forgiveness. 

The animals teach Sy that empathy and the will to connect with the rest of the world can help you discover happiness as well yourself. Isn’t that what we’re here in this world for anyway, right? This book will teach your child the importance of being considerate and building a safe network for yourself to lead a healthy life. 

Rebecca Green’s beautiful pictures keep your child hooked to the novel and entertain them amidst all the value of education. This book will impart good knowledge to your children and help them grow up to be better humans. 


3. Awesome Science Experiments For Kids

Awesome Science Experiments For Kids

How can a list of the best science books for kids not have a science experiment book, right? Aiming to intrigue kids between the ages of 5 and 10 years, this book, like its title, contains incredible science experiments. 

The mere theory is not enough to fully understand and engage with science. Empirical knowledge is essential to develop a healthy scientific mindset. With more than 100 STEM/ STEAM projects for your kid to work on, this book is an absolute knock-out when it comes to balancing between learning and entertaining. The experiments make your kids lay their hands on multiple facets of science, technology, engineering, and math and bring the brilliance of STEAM into education. 

With awesome experiments like Fuzzy Rocket, Drinking Straw Roller Coaster, Magnet-Powered Car, and Pencil Sundial, this book will tap into the fun part of your child as well as make them scientifically more capable. 

There are colorful real-life photos for better understanding and easy instructions directed in a step-by-step manner so that your child can handle their science on their own. The scientific explanations behind these experiments are detailed simply. The best part? You can do these experiments using the household objects you use daily. 

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids is an excellent book if you want your child to have theoretical and practical knowledge of science. 


4. Sea Serpent Of Science

Sea Serpent Of Science

This book tells you all about the magical world of oceans. It is a wonderful depiction of the oceanic realm, with quirky descriptions and an engaging plot. 

Tevin Hansen has authored over 20 middle-grade books, including Hole in the Wall, Hairytale Adventures, and the Junkyard Adventures series. In this book, Hansen teaches young kids the intricacies of marine biology and science, thereby cultivating in their minds a deep interest in these subjects. 

It is a junkyard adventure book, where two kids Eli and Grace, explore the ocean. The brother-sister duo finds out its deep mysteries and experiences the extraordinary sea life as they dig deeper into the science of it all. They collect coral samples, discover a rare deep-sea jellyfish, and explore the sea caves underwater. 

Along with Eli and Grace, your kid will also get to learn what goes on in one of the vastest and unexplored places on earth. Sea Serpent of Science is a highly imaginative story that not only makes your kid develop an interest in marine biology but also implants a love for reading within their young minds. It is most definitely entertaining and is an outstanding read for children and adults alike. 


5. The Everything Kids’ Science Experiment Book

The Everything Kids’ Science Experiment Book

Here is yet another science experiment book to make your kids fall in love with science. It is a universally acknowledged adage that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. The Everything Kids’ Science Experiment Book truly believes in this saying, thereby makes science truly fun for your kids. 

Through the simple yet profound experiments, the book has, your child will learn to discover the scientific reasons behind the everyday things happening around them. The experiments are all quite simple, and one can perform them using basic household items. 

The experiments deal with questions like, “can magnets be turned off?” or “what is inside coins?” and even “can a swimming pool be cleaned with just the breath of one person?”. They help develop your child’s interest in practical science.

Authored by Tom Robinson, who teaches science in high school, this book widens your child’s learning scope and nurtures an interest in biology, chemistry, physics, and technology. The book explains experiments in simple terms, with clear drawings describing how to go about it. 

Robinson also elaborates the scientific reasons behind these phenomena in a clear manner such that young minds can quickly grasp them. One can also use this book as part of the school curriculum for kids. It will most definitely be a strong candidate for the best kids science book and a great purchase. 


6. Learn & Climb Science Kit For Kids

Learn & Climb Science Kit For Kids

Learn & Climb’s Science Kit is a beautiful way to introduce your kids to science and scientific reasoning. This kit aims to give a new dimension to learning as it takes your kid along the world of practical science. 

The kit consists of 21 exciting science experiments that engage as well as educate your child. These experiments include creating your lava lamp, playing with creative crystals, and the classic volcano eruption model. 

The best part about the kit is that most of the apparatus required comes along with it, so you don’t have to squander around looking for materials. The rest of the materials are household items you use on a daily basis, like vinegar, lime juice, and paper clips.

The kit makes everything easier with simplified instructions and proper scientific explanations behind each phenomenon introduced to your child through the experiments. Video explanations are also available online to make things more convenient.

The equipment is kid-friendly, so you can let your kid explore as much as they want without any worries. You can join your kid on the fun ride and help them discover the science behind everyday things. This Science Kit is going to be a worthwhile buy for your kids and comes highly recommended. 


7. National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why

National Geographic Little Kids First Big Book of Why

When it’s got National Geographic in its name, then you know this one’s going to be amazing. In relation to the National Geographic Little Kids magazine, this book mainly aims at preschoolers and brings the world of science to them. 

Its author Amy Shields is a popular children’s writer and a long-time editor of National Geographic magazines. This book follows a question-answer format that is interactive and much more relatable to the young mind. Apart from the quiz format, there are interesting games, recipes, and crafts for your kid to grasp scientific concepts quickly. 

While reading this book, your kid will get answers to questions like, “What makes a car go?” or “What does the doctor see in my throat?”. Your kids will ground their answers on sound educational findings, most of them explained to them in a practical sense. Complex theories are elaborated in a simple manner using examples from their immediate world, so they can relate and learn. 

The Big Book of Why prompts your kid to push their boundaries and think beyond the box. It makes them connect seemingly unrelated topics and encourages them to come up with their own ideas. This book helps to develop your child’s imaginative skills as well as improve their rationale. And of course, it’s National Geographic. 


8. Science Encyclopedia

Science Encyclopedia

Another National Geographic publication, the Science Encyclopedia, targets slightly older children as it tackles topics like food chemistry, atom-smashing, plate tectonics, the nervous system, wave power, and robotics. 

It provides your child with a comprehensive synopsis of a wide range of subjects beginning from the life sciences to physical sciences. By the time they’re done reading this book, your kids will know the A-Z basics of science. It is indeed one of the best kids’ science books as it aims to inculcate scientific values within your child. 

It is a colorful book with fascinating photographs, information, DIY experiments, and facts about scientists and National Geographic’s explorers. Your kid will enjoy learning with this book’s help, and it can even help out with their assignments. Science Encyclopedia would be an excellent purchase for your kids as it would keep them up-to-date with this dynamic world. 


9. Space Coloring Book For Kids

Space Coloring Book For Kids

Space is a vast topic yet to be completely explored by scientists. It is full of many question marks and remains one of the most intriguing subjects of study ever. Your kid might also have wondered about the mysteries of space at least once in their lifetime. So why not tap into their curiosity by introducing them to space through the world of colors?

This coloring book will engage your kids with spaceships, planets, astronauts, and even aliens. It is suitable for all kids, and if your inner child is getting excited, then adults will also. This book features full-page drawings of anything and everything related to space. Your kid can explore their imagination and fill them up with the colors of their choice. Learning via coloring is also a quick way to remember the concepts as they will remain imprinted on your child’s mind. 

The information they get from this book will stay on in their minds for long, thereby cultivating a love for astronomy and other related subjects in their minds. This book is a must-buy if your kid is into coloring and is a potential science enthusiast. 


10. Matter: Physical Science For Kids

Matter Physical Science For Kids

Matter is everything; everything is matter. Matter is one of the foundational topics of science that kids learn from elementary school. But it could turn out to be a tad boring at times because of the complexities. 

But worry not, because this book explains even boring topics like matter in a fun and exciting manner. It targets kids between the ages of 5 and 8 and lets them explore the A-Z of matter. By relating it to their day-to-day life, this book explains concepts in an effortless manner such that your kid would be eager to return to it. 

With an easy vocabulary, fun experiments, and detailed illustrations, Matter: Physical Science for Kids is bound to make your kids hooked. 



The best kids science books ensure that your child remains open to newer dimensions of scientific possibilities and yet retains their creative abilities. The books in this list all enhance their knowledge of science and entertain them with their colorful illustrations and interface. 

It is very challenging to write the best kids science books. One has to keep in mind that the facts are all correct while writing the text in a manner that kids can easily understand. But science is also a world of wonders and will help constantly to generate curiosity in your child’s mind. After all, the most innovative scientific minds originated from curiosity regarding the minute things in this world. 

Children need to realize their interests from a young age to shape their future accordingly. These books are the starting point to your child becoming perhaps the next Einstein or Hawking or Marie Curie. Let their minds wander, explore, learn and enjoy this magical world of science during their prime years. Trust us when we say that your kid will fall in love with these books and science. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Should I Do If There Are Too Many Books To Choose From?

Science is a vast subject, and there are various topics to focus on. Instead of bombarding your child with books related to a single topic, it’s always best to let them read a few books from different disciplines and find out their area of interest by themselves. The best kids science books on this list can be the right place to start from.

Q2. What Are The Ideal Features Of The Best Science Book For Kids?

Ideally, a science book for kids must detail the scientific explanations in simple language. It must be factually accurate and help kids relate the concepts to their immediate surroundings for an enhanced learning experience. It must also provide theoretical as well as practical knowledge in a fun way. 

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