What Is The Average Height of A 7-Year-Old Kid?

I remember when I used to dream about being an adult and being taller than everyone else. Ahh, those were the days! I always thought that milk and exercise were the way to a tall and healthy body. So I made it a point to drink lots of milk and eat lots of fruits.

But what should be the average height of a 7-year-old children? Is there a “one size fits all” policy, or do some other factors play a part as well? Below, you will find some of the answers to these questions. These points will also be useful in cases when you might be looking for a gift for a 7 year old.

What is the average height of 7 year old children?

There is no fixed height that can be applied to children in general. However, it is generally considered (and that means on average), that the average height of seven-year-old lies between 3.8 ft to 4.2 ft.

This is not a fixed number, though, as genetics play an important role as well. I was taller than most other kids my age because my grandfather was a tall man. So, chances are that your child’s height would depend on your height and genetics in general.

How many times should I measure the height of my child?

The scientific answer would be to measure them once, every year. But then, the more honest answer would be to keep measuring them until you run out of walls to destroy (my son agrees upon this course of action).

On a more serious note, there is no limit to the number of times you should measure your child, especially before puberty. On average, it can be a good idea to measure their heights every month.

When should I be concerned about the height of my child?

Generally speaking, there is no cause for concern. A shorter or taller frame, especially at the young age of 7, does not wholly define the future height of your child. Even though it can give a rough idea, most children get growth spurts or boost later on – so you never really know.

Additionally, gender also plays an essential role in determining the actual height. Hence, the average height of a 7-year-old boy would be different from the average height of a 7-year-old girl.

If your child is shorter than most other kids his age, you should keep an eye on their eating habits and lifestyle. It is not a cause of concern per se. But it can be good to identify early on some of the symptoms of diseases that might develop later.

A good way of identifying this is to keep a growth chart (to monitor their growth regularly) and inspect your genetic history.

What problems arise from having a non-average height?

I had to deal with a lot of anxiety due to my tall height. It is not that the children are made fun of, but the fact that small things that are usually of no concern can be overthought upon. Especially if it’s the brain of a young child that is doing the thinking.

So make sure not to put any kind of pressure on their small shoulders or compare them to any of their friends or siblings.


The average height of 7-year-old children, although well defined, does not always apply to every child — genetics, nutrition, and hormones play a major role in determining the actual height. So, while it is good to have a scale, it shouldn’t be applied constantly or rigidly.

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