Ultimate Party Places For Kids In Maryland

If you have a kid, and their birthday is coming up, you will relate to the struggle. Planning a kid’s birthday is not a piece of cake. You have to plan hard and even make sure that all of them are satisfied. Social media has added to the pressure. With all the celeb kids having the biggest bashes of the year, you, too,  want to give your kids the best. 

Maryland and fun are just synonyms. There are plenty of places that you can choose from to throw your kids a party that they will forever remember. So let us look at some of the kids party places in Maryland.

Let’s Get The Party Started!

Whether it is a birthday party or just celebrating your kids’ achievement, Maryland has a wide range of places that attract both kids and adults alike. Hence, if you are inviting the other kids’ parents, they will have a good time, too. 

1. Pirate Adventures On The Chesapeake

If your kids and their friends love the sea and the pirates, they will have a great time here. Inform all the guests that it is a themed party, and watch the small pirates waddling their way to the park. There are a lot of mystery and scavenger hunts all across the place. 

The adults can also enjoy a good time themselves. There is a specific area where all of you can relax and even keep an eye on your little ones. You will find the Naval Academy and the history of Annapolis, where you get to know a lot about all their interesting facts. 

There is a separate hall where you can serve food and even cut the cake. This comes as a good break after the kids come back from their adventures. 

2. The Go-Kart Track  

If your family or your kids’ friends are specifically interested in having some good action, then this is the place for them. I would rate it as one of the best birthday party places in Maryland. When I took my family there, my two sons were beyond excited to see all the tracks there. 

There are three tracks overall. The Junior Track is for the small ones in the family. Kids from 42” and up can use this track. There is even a Family Track which has singles and doubles karts. This means that you can sit with another person and have a great ride around the track. The best track is the Drift one. This for those 54” and above. You can have a nice drift, racing with the other players, and it is a popular favorite among teenagers, too.   

There is also a golf course in the venue, so if you are not that interested in the karts, you can head over there and spend some quality time with the grown-ups. The venue will also arrange the party for you. You can head over to their site and check out the deals and the packages that they offer.  

3. Parks And Pavilions

If you know a park or a garden that your kid fancies a lot. You can even hold a grand party there. If the park is quite well-kept and is not open for the public, that is, the park is for local use only or has a restricted use; then you can contact the people who look after the area and organize a party there. Usually, these types of parks are quite affordable than the grand ceremonial halls and pavilions. 

If you want to surprise your little one in this Covid-19 situation, it is the best option you can opt for. People will be able to maintain their distance, and the kids will have a lot of fun out in the open. You will find there are plenty of good parks in Maryland. In the summer, it looks quite beautiful and even magical!

4. Pool Party

Public pools can be rented for a day. However, in Maryland, there are plenty of indoor pools that also can be rented for a party. In summers, this is one of the most amazing ideas you can go for. The kids and their parents can have equal fun in the pool. Another advantage? This is the perfect idea not only for your kid but even for your teens. Everyone loves a good time at the pool.

Call all your friends, you can even prepare some snacks, or if you don’t want to get into that hassle, just ask the venue manager if they organize parties or not. Most of them do, so you can just leave it all to them.

5. Trampoline Parks

Speaking of parks and pools, another thing that kids get crazy about is trampolines. In Maryland, you will find there are plenty of trampoline parks. This will not only make the party fun but will also work as a great excuse for making all the kids work out. 

Trampoline is not only a fun activity for kids but adults, too. You can unleash your inner kid as you jump and hop on the various blocks. Sky zone is known to be the first trampoline park to open in Maryland. You can contact the managers, and they will help you organize the party. There are tons of different packages that you can choose from. If that doesn’t suit you, you can even check out Flight trampoline Park,  since it has many interesting attractions that will make the party more fun. 

6. Chuck-E-Cheese’s

Now you might feel that it is quite a cliche to have a party in Chuck-E-Cheese’s but, trust me, the kids always love it! However, one of the major drawbacks is that there are only select time slots within which you can have your party. They allow only two hours, after which you have to wrap up.

However, there are a lot of fun things in store here for the kids. The birthday child gets a free t-shirt on behalf of the company, a birthday shoutout, and a Ticket Blaster. The Chuck-E-Cheese’s mascot himself appears and greets the guests and wishes the birthday kid. There is an arcade and games and tons of food. This is the perfect definition of a fun party.  

7. Spa Party

Want to call your kids’ girlfriends over and have an extremely chilled time? A spa party is the one for you. You can pamper and spoil your little princess all you want on her birthday. Call the mothers of the other kids and get glammed up with them, too. You can even get a massage and relax for a few hours.

Ladybug’s Kids Glam Spa is one of the most recommended places to take your little girls. They offer a wide variety of packages and even have professionals who will look after the girls for you. They can get manicures and pedicures done and a lot more. They even help organize parties. Hence, you can take a back seat and have an amazing girls’ day out with the little ones. 

8. Ice Cream Party

This is one of the most popular birthday party places in Maryland, and why shouldn’t it be? Ice cream is loved by both kids and adults alike. An Ice Cream party is still a dream for me! Also, in summers, it is another perfect option to go for. Various shops allow the kids to customize their sundaes and ice creams. You can even get an ice cream cake for your birthday.

The Double Dipper is the perfect place for your kid’s party. They offer a private room and will even organize everything for you. If your kid loves ice cream and sundaes, then what are you waiting for? Contact the ice cream parlors near you and book a party for them there!

9. Bach to Rock  

Now the name might seem a bit absurd to you. Also, you might wonder if putting your kid in a workshop or camp works as a perfect birthday party. However, birthday parties don’t always mean the same thing for everyone. If your kid is passionate about music, can play any instrument, or wants to learn about music properly, this place will be heaven for them.

They also help organize birthday parties and other types of events, too. If your kid has many friends who are equally passionate about music or even show any interest in it, they will have a blast here. There are various themes and genres that your kid can choose from, and the workshop managers and organizers will arrange the party accordingly!

10. Kiddie Crusoe 

This is another one of the popular kids party places in Maryland. Kids will love to spend a day here. There are plenty of things that will immediately attract their attention. There is even a Kiddie City, a whole city for your kids to roam around and explore! 

They offer various packages for parties, and you can choose whichever suits your budget and attract your kids, too. They will help you to organize the party accordingly. It is an extremely fun place to hold a party irrespective of the weather and time of the year.

Birthday Party Ideas

Now, this is a bit more difficult than choosing venues for birthday places. When you book a certain venue, they usually help organize the birthday and keep the kids entertained. However, what to do when you are having a party at home? As a host, you have to keep the party alive. Therefore, here are some of the things that you can do to keep the kids engaged.

1. Arrange Games

Kids often get easily bored a few minutes into the party. Hence,  organizing tons of games to keep them entertained comes in handy. The best game that keeps the kids engaged for the longest time is a scavenger hunt. They will keep having to figure out where the next clue is and where the prize is hidden. This is a lot of fun and provides the kids with maximum exercise, too.

2. Birthday Interview

Everyone deserves to be the centre of attention on their birthday. Hence, this is another idea that you can use. Ask all of the kids to sit in a circle and start asking questions to see who best knows the birthday person. Each right answer gets a treat or the person with the most number of right answers gets a special gift. This is an extremely fun game to play with friends!

3. Movie Night

If you are having a few of their friends over, declare it as a sleepover! This will make the party more fun. The kids can make pillow forts and watch a movie of their choice. Get them some yummy snacks, and they are all set to go. This is the most intimate and fun party ever!

4. Pop The Balloons!

No need to ask the kids to randomly pop the balloons used for decor. However, take a few special balloons and put in some fun game activities on a piece of paper. Ask them to pop a balloon at random. Once, they d, whatever activity falls, everyone has to do that. Once that is over, ask them to pop another one. This even works as a fun pinata party that they will love. 


I hope you were satisfied with the kid’s party places in Maryland. There are tons of other places, too, that help organizes birthdays and other types of parties. Before booking a particular venue, make sure to get to know what your child wants first. You don’t want them to be disappointed on their birthday. Hence, find out their preferences and ideas for their birthday. Whether they want an outdoor party or an indoor one, how many people they want, and after you have enough information, throw them the party of a lifetime!             





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