Paw Patrol Party Game Ideas

If your family is a Paw Patrol fan like ours, or your kids love the show, then the best way to celebrate their birthdays is having a Paw Patrol-themed party. 

A Paw Patrol Party would be the biggest surprise for your kids and would indeed make it their best birthday ever. Plus, you can add several interactive and skill-development activities to the party to make it a fun and learning experience.

So, if you are looking for some cool ideas to have a memorable Paw Patrol party, then here is the solution. Here are my top 10 Paw Patrol Party Game Ideas that would make your upcoming party the greatest party ever.

Top 10 Paw Patrol Party Game Ideas 2021

1. The Coolest Paw Patrol Party Invitations

The first thing that you do when you organize a party is – invite your friends. For that purpose, you can make a phone call, invite them by meeting, or you can do the coolest thing possible – invite them using Paw Patrol Party Invite and Thank You Combo Pack.

These greeting packs include white envelopes, thank-you postcards that feature Chase, Marshall, and other Paw Patrol pups. Thus, it will give your guests prior information that you have a Paw Patrol party and make everyone excited about the celebrations.

One helpful feature of the pack is that it also comes with a handy checklist to make it easy to keep track of all the guests.

2. Paw Patrol Party Decorations

The next task to have a fabulous party is to make sure that everything you have is based on the Paw Patrol theme.

To begin with, you can get these colorful PAW Patrol Balloons and Foil PAW Patrol Balloons that not just look cute but feature all the Paw Patrol pups. Next, if you are having a birthday party for your little kid, then you must have this PAW Patrol Birthday Banner. These small inputs will give a more themed look to your party space.

However, if you don’t want to buy everything separately, you can simply get every party item in a single package like this PAW Patrol Party Supplies Kit. This amazing Paw Party kit includes PAW Patrol invitations, cake plates, dinner plates, cups and forks, knives, and spoons, along with napkins. 

Plus, it has 1 PAW Patrol tablecloth, birthday candles, PAW Patrol banner, PAW Patrol party hats & party blowers. The package also includes 1 PAW Patrol balloon, 10 red balloons, curling ribbon, red balloon, and eight yellow & red streamers.

3. Paw Patrol Sunglasses

 Paw Patrol Costume Sunglasses is one such incredible accessory that can double the fun at your Paw Patrol house party.  Gift these Chase-styled sunglasses to your birthday boy/girl and let them be the real superheroes of their own Adventure Bay.

The best part about these sunglasses is that they feature 100% UV400 protection and are impact resistant other than being super cool.  Hence, if you are planning an outdoor party or a picnic, these cool sunglasses will not just look excellent but also act as reliable sunglasses.

To make the function more interesting, you can get different types of sunglasses of various characters and let all the kids become their favorite characters.

Another exciting thing that you can do to make your party super fun is to give each of your guests a special badge, such as a Paw Print Rubber Bracelet. It will get everyone involved in your theme and unite your Paw Patrol Gang.

4. Paw Patrol Bowling

Bowling is one of the best paw patrol party games that you can introduce at the party. The best part is that it is super fun to play, and everyone knows how to bowl. 

However, if you want a better alternative than simple bowling pins, you can get these Paw Patrol Bowling Set and uplift all the fun.

To play bowling, make all the kids stand in one line and let them bowl one by one. The bowling set includes one1 plastic ball and six 7.5” plastic pins in different colors. The most enjoyable part is that each pin has a distinct Paw Patrol character that makes them look adorable.

5. Give Chase His Badge Or Pin The Badge On Skye

The next paw party birthday games you can play are similar to “Pin the tail on the donkey” but with a Paw Patrol theme twist.

You can choose your favorite characters like Chase or Skye and play these simple pinning games with the kids. This Skye one comes with a large high gloss waterproof poster along with two soft blindfolds, badge stickers, and double-sided tapes.

You can gather all the kids at the party and make them play this super cute game. The winner gets a special gift such as a cool badge or a hairband. 

The coolest part about these games is that you can use the poster to decorate your kid’s room’s wall after the party is over.

6. Paw Patrol Plastic Cups for Kids 

If you are wondering what else you can do to create an exceptional themed “Pawrty”,  here is something quite interesting -super cute Paw Patrol Plastic Cups

These adorable Paw Patrol-themed plastic cups are perfect to match your party theme. You can use it to serve soft drinks to your kids and simultaneously use them to play lots of games that need plastic cups like cup stacking or cup bowling.

The best part is – they are available in several variants and feature various characters. So, just select your most favorite ones and serve with fun.

Now, if you want to level up the fun to a whole new level and don’t want a full supply kit, then you can also go for Paw Patrol Paper Dessert Plates for Kids, Paw Patrol Paper Dinner Plates and, Paw Patrol Paper Lunch Napkins

These adorable paper plates and napkins feature all your favorite Paw Patrol characters like Chase, Marshall, Rocky, Rubble, and Skye, and you definitely cannot ignore them for your house party. 

7. Play Pinata

Pinata is one of the most popular and most entertaining party games. When you have a Paw Patrol Themed Party, a Skye PAW Patrol Pinata will add much-desired entertainment and laughter to your celebrations.

The most beneficial part about this 16″ x 16″ pinata is that it looks extremely adorable and can hold up to 2 lbs. of candy and favors. Plus, its cute wagging tail will make your party look delightful.

If you don’t know how to play pinata games, then here is the simplest way. 

First of all, hang the pinata at a suitable place after filling it with candies or toys and make the kids stand in a single line with three meters of distance. Next, blindfold the first kid in line, give them a wooden stick and gently spin them around three times. If the kids are below three or four years, you can leave the blindfolding part.

Give each child two or three chances to hit the pinata, and let’s see who breaks it. When the pinata is broken, everyone gathers the candies.

However, when the pinata is broken, ensure that the winner has stopped swinging the wooden stick before you let others grab the toys and candy.

8. Paw Patrol Drawing Pad 

If you want to add some educational or learning activity time to your party, some drawing or creative activities are the best options.

These Paw Patrol Coloring and Activity Pads are one such learning and fun activities that you can add to your party. It comes with 30 pages with coloring, games, puzzles, mazes, and word search games. 

You can make your kids sit around the table or on the floor with these pads and colors and let them have some artistic time. Such activities are always beneficial for developing creative perspectives in the kids and also allow you to spend some much-required time with your kids.

9. Paw Patrol Puzzle Time

If you have kids older than five years in your party who can solve puzzle games, then Paw Patrol Wooden Puzzle is a fun way to add some skill activities to your party.

Each pack contains five 24-pieces puzzles and features all the incredible Paw Patrol, team members. These puzzle games will let the kids engage in a happy sport, and for adding more fun, you can divide the participants into teams and make it a competition with a timer. 

Let’s see who makes it first.

10. Paw Patrol Gifts 

You have had a great party. Your guests are about to leave, and you want to give everyone a souvenir of this “greatest party ever” to make it more memorable and successful.

You can now gift everyone a small Paw Patrol memento like these Mini Paw Patrol Toys Assortments.

The package includes dog tag keychains, rulers, spinning tops, disc shooters, horns, and balls and features images of rescue pups Marshall, Chase, Zuma, Skye, and Rubble. With these cool Paw Patrol gifts, everyone is going to remember your party for a long, long time.

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