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“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.”-Walt Disney

Reading, in its simplest sense, is the key to unlock the doors of imagination in your young toddler. It helps to encase themselves in a world where the possibilities are endless, and there are no rules or restrictions.

Personally, I believe that books are a great getaway for your kids. To encourage them to read more, I would suggest you build a cozy little nook for them to fall in love with stories, and develop a life-long skill for the future. 

Below are a few kids reading nook ideas that will create the perfect environment for your little bibliophile.

Elements Of A Perfect Kids Nook

I often found it difficult to help my child fall in love with the magical world of books. After immense research and scouring the net, I was able to gather a few essential elements that are required to create the right environment for their reading time.

 Let us take a closer look at the crucial factors of any type of reading nook for a toddler. 

1. Source Of Light

To design the ideal alcove for your child, you need to think about how you can enhance the ambiance and aura of the room. In other words, try bringing in a sense of natural lighting to your kid’s reading nook.

According to several scientific studies, natural light can have a huge impact on mental and physical health. Consequently, it is also known to improve concentration and thereby improving academics as well. You can integrate natural lighting in your child’s nook area by designing it next to a window.

However, you can also create the same ambiance with artificial lights. To create the perfect nook for your kid, it is important to pick a light that doesn’t stress their eyes. Look for lamps that emit a soft white or yellow light.

Irrespective of the color, the light should aid in creating a subtle, harmonious environment that stimulates your child’s inner thoughts and thinking. In a nutshell, it should mimic natural light.

2. Seating

Another important component for any kids reading nook is the seating. You need to select a suitable choice of seating that offers comfort at its best for your child. Try looking for mini sofas, chairs, hammocks, etc., depending upon your child’s tastes and preferences.

3. Theme

When I first went shopping for my kid’s reading alcove, I was baffled at the number of options available. Due to this, it was difficult in finding the right furniture for my child’s space.

I would recommend you to ask your child what their likes and dislikes are. After you establish a theme, you can purchase your furniture accordingly. But, make sure to stick within your budget.

4. Storage

When designing the perfect kids reading nook, it is essential to take into account the importance of storage. Over time, your child will develop into an avid reader, and thus prefer to keep their collections at easily accessible places.

Therefore, I advise you to integrate a few storage ideas such as a bookcase or a couple of shelves to help them kickstart their collection.

5. Color

Even though this is a minor factor, a color of a space can actually affect the mood and psychology of your child. Hence, it is often important to design your kid’s reading nook with specific colors.

Some of the recommended colors include, yellow, green, brown, pink, and blue. All of these colors tend to significantly impact the feel and vibe of the overall space.

6. Accessories

The last but not the least element that is part of any nook criteria is accessories. To make the space more inviting, try adding a couple of pillows that match the overall color scheme or theme of the cranny.

If you wish to, you can also add a throw blanket, as there is nothing better than being wrapped in your favorite blanket, and reading under a light.

Benefits Of A Kids Reading Nook

Creating a nook for your child to read has numerous benefits. Let us take a tour of the advantages of using a reading nook for a toddler. 

The biggest pro of having a kids reading nook is that it helps them spark their imagination, and provides them with different perspectives at understanding the world.

In the current situation of the pandemic, my children were engrossed with their respective iPads and laptops for their school, increasing their screen time.  Hence, I wanted to create a positive environment that would help them unwind and relax.

Furthermore, having their own reading nook helps them to learn the value of independence, and helps them to rely on their judgment.

Kids Reading Nook Ideas

1. Indoor Treehouse

Every child dreams of having their own treehouse. A simple, outdoor getaway is all they need after a rough day at school. Why not bring this adventure indoors?

With the harmonious amalgamation of fake perch, ladders, wood-grained walls, you can convert any part of your child’s room as their indoor treehouse reading nook.

Plus, you can also add rail shelves along the walls to improve the accessibility of books for your child.

2. Imagination Closet

Another wonderful idea for a fun, playful kids reading nook is an imagination closet. In its simplest sense, it’s just an ordinary wardrobe converted into a magical escapade for your child.

With this closet, your interloper can unlock the doors of imagination and magic, where squirrels talk, and a kingdom of Narnia awaits for their young leader. Just like the fine pages of the novels written by C.S. Lewis.

3. Hallway Nooks

Are you looking for alternative ways to create the best kids reading nook in tight, compact spaces? Well, we have got you covered. If your little one’s room isn’t big enough for a proper reading area, take it to the hallway.

In other words, try looking for unused space in your home, and renovate it into a beautiful reading area. You can add small window frames to allow the emission of natural sunlight, and a daybed with shelves underneath it for additional storage space.

4. Tents And Teepees 

If you want to keep things simple yet elegant, I would suggest you build a tent as a nook for your child. All you have to do is hang a canopy in a corner of their room, and tuck in a few soft beanbags. There you have it! Your child’s perfect reading hideaway.

5. Benches

Another example of a simple nook is a bench nook. A typical bench converted into a colorful nook for reading is the perfect getaway for your little one. To add a personal touch to it, you can decorate it with your child’s favorite things such as artwork, toys, etc.

6. Bunk-Bed Nooks

Lastly, bunk bed nooks are another impeccable choice for a reading nook for a toddler These are the perfect tool to foster a lifelong love for reading.

If you were to take a closer look at such a type of nook, you will find that the bottom space of the bunk bed is converted into a mini-library while the top functions as their bed.

Bunk bed nooks are a great choice if you have multiple children, and tend to add a sense of nostalgia that can be cherished for years to come.


On the whole, it is quite evident that a kids reading nook is a great way to help children learn while having fun. It helps them to unleash their inner creativity and imagination, and explore a hidden world.

Therefore, as a parent, to create the perfect nook, I would suggest you think about the lighting, seating, and furniture of the room. Your main goal should be to make the space fun and full of character that offers your little toddler a positive learning experience.


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