How To Tell Your Kids You Are Pregnant?

Being blessed with a child is indeed Big News! And if you are expecting another child, we know you can’t wait to let the world know. But if you have other children, you might wonder how you should break the news to them. Telling your previous borns about your pregnancy can be pretty tricky. You might be getting an entirely different reaction than what you have expected. 

Little children are often curious about pregnancy and childbirth. If you still haven’t been asked “Where do babies come from?”, be ready to be questioned soon. Parents often dread questions about sex and pregnancy and tend to avoid answering them. But that isn’t a healthy way to introduce kids to normal human biology. To make things a bit smoother for you, we spoke to different parents who have faced similar situations. And we have come up with some ideas for you to let your other children know about the arrival of their new sibling.

However, if you are thinking of announcing your pregnancy to them, you would have to confront a lot more questions. Nonetheless, you have to make sure one thing, that your kids hear about your pregnancy from you first. This way, you can deliver the news positively and answer the loads of questions that might pop into their little heads. 

Picking The Right Time!

Considering the right time to announce your pregnancy to your kids is of major importance. It is preferable to wait at least till the end of your first trimester. It would be easier for you to explain the concept of a growing baby in your belly when you have already started showing a little. It would be easier for your kids to visualize and imagine the growing baby in your tummy. 

Also, after the first trimester, the risk of miscarriage is lower. According to parents who have faced similar situations, you would not have to have a heartbreaking miscarriage conversation with your kids if any such unfortunate event occurs. 

Notice when your kids are well-rested and calm. If your kids are tired and cranky, they will not be able to handle the news in the right way. 

Starting The Conversation!

Beginning a conversation about pregnancy with your kids needs to be friendly and ensuring. You need to give your full attention to your kids to let them know that they are still important to you. Here are some great ways to start a conversation:

1. Take Your Kids To Your Ultrasound Appointment

Involving your kids from the initial stage of your pregnancy will help them accept the new family member in a better and smoother way. You can show them the first picture of their new sibling and tell them that they too were once that little.

2. Write A Letter!

How exciting would it be to receive a letter from your new little brother/sister! Drop a note in your kid’s name, and they will be overjoyed to hear from the baby. Ask them how they feel, and you can also help them write a letter to their new sibling.

3. Read A Book With Them

You and your child can read storybooks about welcoming new siblings into the family. This will help to start a conversation. You can also bring them gifts with “Big Brother” and “Big Sister” written on them! 


Welcoming a baby to your family is absolute bliss! And when your other kids are excited too about their new sibling, the occasion becomes more joyous. We hope we have helped you decide how you can break the Big News to your kids!

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