How Much Should A 7 Year Old Weigh?

My niece has just turned 7 and my sister found that she is a little smaller than her classmates. And as most parents would do out of concern, she promptly booked an appointment with a pediatrician for her check-up. I accompanied her to the doctor’s clinic and came to know a lot about the right weight range for kids.

I learned how much should a 7 year old weigh and how a child’s height and weight can tell a lot about their well-being. You can tell whether they are being properly fed, overfed, or are malnourished by checking their weight. I realized numerous other parents out there might also have similar concerns about their child’s weight. So, why not share the knowledge I gained? Keep reading to know what I learned about the average weight for 7 year old boy/girl. 

What Should Be The Average Weight For 7 Year Old Boy/Girl?

The average weight for a 7 year old kid is approximately 50 pounds. It is almost the same for boys and girls with a little variation. But the number can fluctuate a bit when the kid goes through growth spurts. 

Growth spurts can be a tricky time for children. While some gain weight, others may suffer from weight loss too. Usually, the average weight for 7 year old boy/girl is calculated by taking their average height as 4 ft, but not all 7-year-old children have the same height. Thus, their weight may vary a little too. 

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has published a chart to understand under which weight percentile your child falls. The 50th percentile of this chart is 50lbs. But if your kid weighs more than 50lbs, you don’t have to assume that your kid is obese. Your kid’s height and bone mass also contribute to determining his/her weight. The important thing is to ensure that they are leading a healthy life with a proper diet and exercise.  

Why Is Checking Your Child’s Weight Important?

With a raging epidemic of obesity, weight gain is equally of concern as is weight loss due to nourishment. Thus, checking your child’s weight from time to time is of utmost importance. The CDC advises using the BMI ( Body Mass Index) to determine whether your kid’s weight falls within the normal range. You can calculate your kid’s BMI by this simple formula: 

{Weight (lbs)÷ Height² (in)} ×703

  • If the BMI is within the range of 18.5-25.0, it is considered normal.
  • If it is below 18.5, it indicates underweight. 
  • BMI over 25.1 indicates being overweight.
  • If the BMI crosses 30.0, it implies being obese.

According to pediatricians, being overweight or underweight can give rise to several health issues. While being overweight is the leading cause of heart diseases, being underweight can call for problems like anemia, low immunity, and growth and development issues. As a parent, you can help your child to remain in a healthy weight range by helping him to eat a balanced diet and live an active lifestyle. 

Professionals also suggest that body-shaming and cynical discussion about weight can have a negative impact on kids. Parents should always maintain a body-positive attitude with their kids and teach them about healthy lifestyles with love and care. 

Final Words

It is absolutely normal for parents to be concerned about their child’s health.  A healthy and active lifestyle will ensure your child’s well-being even if his weight crosses the average weight for 7 yr old boy

I hope my experience with my niece’s pediatrician has helped with your concern regarding “how much should a 7 year old weigh”. If you have more questions regarding your child’s weight and development, I recommend you consult a pediatrician. They would help you to know more! 

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