Hatchimals At Toys R Us – What is it?

It’s no news that kids are obsessed with toys. They will always find out the latest version of the toys and will keep on asking for it, and the toy companies are always on a huge profit margin for this. However, you might not always be up to date with all these new toys that keep launching. When I first heard about hatchimals, I was completely clueless. With a little bit of searching and Googling, I was amazed to see this product.

What Is “Hatchimals”?

Just a few months back, my four-year-old daughter walked up to me and started to talk about this new toy named “Hatchimal”. She kept on describing it to be the animal that comes out of an egg. This took me by surprise. A toy that tends to hatch out of an egg is quite an innovative advancement in the market. I asked her to show me the video where she found the toy.

What I say almost blew my mind. The toy came inside an egg. It hatches and gives way to an animal. I saw the Hatchimal WOW toys, where a penguin was born. It looked quite interesting and even I was curious about it too.

Later on, I found out that it is a robotic toy that was made to unbox itself. These toys intrigue the kids with their innovation and creativity. Your kid can play the different sounds that come with it. Some of the premium quality hatchimals even dance to the music that is being played by your kid. This feels like they have their pet minus all the hassle of having a pet.   

Are There Different Types Of Hatchimals?

There are varieties of Hatchimnals that you can choose from. All these different animals even come in a range of colors. I found out some of the most interesting hatchimals that are available on the market. 

1. Pengualas

From the name you can understand that this is a penguin. This penguin comes in two colors: one is pink and teal, another is teal and yellow. There is a small tuft of hair on the head of the penguin that gives it a cutesy look. According to the producers of the toys, they have given the pengualas a relaxed and clumsy personality. 

2. Draggles

Does your kid often wish to have a pet dragon? Do they keep on asking you to bring home a real dragon one day? Well, then I would suggest you go for the draggles. They are the small and cute version of the dragons that your kid will adore. Also, it is one of the most common species of hatchimals that are found all over the shops. It is described to have a personality that is quite reliable and friendly. It also seeks a lot of attention from the owners. These robotic types do behave like real-life pets to a small extent, thereby even satisfying your kids’ wants for them.  

3. Owlicorns

This species is a mix of a party owl and unicorn. If your kid likes to live in their world of fancy and imagination, they will love this. Moreover, if they are obsessed with Harry Potter and magical things, they will want this as their pet toy. However, unlike the other types, this owlicorn isn’t available in all stores. It is only available in the “Toys R Us” stores and keeps on running out super fast.

4. Burtles

This is a combination of a turtle and a bee, and I assure you that even I was amazed at first. However, you are bound to fall in love with these cute little creatures. You will find that they come in two types of colors: teal and purple, and purple and teal.

5. Bearakeets

These tiny so-called “enthusiastic” bearakeets have purple and back-spotted shells. They are available in some of the few Walmart and Target stores. 

Other types of Hatchimals are released most of the time. If none of the above ones appealed to your kid, you can look out for the new ones that are released from time to time. Maybe, you will find the one, sooner or later!     

Hatchimals In Toys R Us

Now that you have got hold of a good amount of details regarding Hatchimals, you might be wondering where to get one from. As a mother of two kids, who is quite used to buying toys every now and then, the best company I would recommend is “Toys R Us”. Not a doubt, you might be wondering how much are hatchimals at Toys R Us. So I tried to make a small list to help you out with the extra work.

1. USA

If you visit the Toys R Us online website, you will find a wide variety of hatchimals that might not even be available in the store nearest your location. If you are looking for the smallest hatchimal, it will cost you near around $18. However, if you are going for the biggest hatchimal, it will cost you around $74. There is also a mystery hatchimal which you can give your kid as a surprise, this will cost you about $95.  

2. Canada

On the Toys R Us website in the Canadian area, the prices seemed to be a bit different than the ones in the USA. If you were to go for the smallest hatchimal on the site, you would have to spend about $6. The largest one will cost you near about $71. The mystery hatchimal will cost you $43. Additionally, you will also find there a pack of them being sold together. This makes for the perfect gift for your kid during the holidays. This one will cost you around $23.  


I hope that you have been satisfied with our answer to how much are hatchimals at Toys R Us. Toy companies keep on coming up with new innovative toys with advanced technology from time to time. When they are young, it is quite fun to gift them toys and see them playing with them. However, if you are wondering when do they stop playing with toys, you can refer to this article. Hope your kid enjoys their new set of hatchimal and finally gets their pet toy!   



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