Best iPad Cases For Kids 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. SEYMAC2. Grifobes3. BMOUO
SEYMAC Stock Case Best iPad Cases For Kids Grifobes Kids CaseBMOUO Kids Case

The iPad has become the most reliable companion of kids in these quarantine times. Be it learning, attending classes, playing games, watching videos, or any other infotainment purposes, the iPad has come closer to kids. Hence, if you want to ensure that the expensive device stays safe in your kids’ hands, all you need is the best iPad case for kids.

iPads are delicate devices and, as already mentioned, one of the most essential and helpful accessories in these times. On the opposite, kids (especially the young ones) tend to drop their objects or even throw them if they are annoyed. Thus, the device’s safety becomes an issue in itself.

To ensure that the device stays safe all the while, investing in a protective iPad case is highly recommendable. These small cases not just protect the iPad from drops but look extremely attractive to the kids. They feature beautiful designs and colors and serve the dual purpose of appearance and safety.

Here, we have handpicked the most efficient iPad Cases for your kids that not just look impressive but ensure the overall safety of your device. Let’s have a look at them all.

Top 10 Best iPad Cases 2021

1. SEYMAC Stock Case

SEYMAC Stock Case Best iPad Cases

Seymac iPad Case is one of the most popular cases for 8th or 7th generation iPads. It has garnered thousands of positive customer reviews and emerged as an absolute favorite of kids. The reason behind it is its solid protective design, vibrant colors, compatible fit, and affordable price range. 

The case features a soft hand strap, portable shoulder strap, and a smart rotating stand. As a result, the kids can easily carry the iPad around or keep it steady at one place and enjoy their favorite movies or lessons. You can also hand it anywhere for hands-free entertainment.

The case is made from high-grade thermoplastic polycarbonate and an anti-skidding silicone built-in screen protector. Hence, it becomes a shock/drop-proof and highly durable case that ensures foolproof protection to the iPad. 

With all these protective features, the case also provides easy access to the buttons, controls, and ports. Simultaneously, it also protects the ports or plugs from getting broken and prevents dust from entering the device.

One thing to consider before buying the case is that it is compatible only with iPad 8th/7th Generation 10.2 inch models. Plus, it is also available for iPad mini devices in several color and style variants. So, if you have a mini, you can go for Seymac too.

Lastly, it is available in several color variants like pink, blue, purple, green, orange, etc., and allows your kids to choose their favorite color. All these impressive features make it the best iPad case for kids.


2. Grifobes Kids Case

Grifobes Kids Case

Grifobes Kids Case comes in the most attractive designs, and your kids would love it on their iPad. The protective case comes in several superhero color-combinations, such as Hulk’s green, Spiderman’s red and blue, etc. Thus, it will protect the device, as well as let your kids show off their favorite colors.

The case is made of a strong PC and silicone mixture and features a 3-layer full-body protection structure. The exterior is made from durable plastic material and gives a snug fit and hybrid protection to the case. Hence, it is highly capable of protecting the device from any scratches, accidental drops, or impacts. 

The case sports a spiderman inspired rugged design and comes with a convenient kickstand that slides out when you have to use the iPad. It also features precise cuts allowing you to use all the ports, buttons, cameras, or sensors.

Lastly, it is a highly affordable case, and if you are looking for a case compatible with the 8th and 7th generation iPads, it is one of the best deals. If you want to gift your kids the most suitable iPad case for their birthday, it can be a pleasant choice as well. 


3. BMOUO Kids Case

BMOUO Kids Case

The next on the list is Bmouo’s Kids iPad Case. It is particularly designed to protect iPad 10.2 i.e., (iPad 8th generation, Model A2428 A2429 A2430 A2270), iPad 10.2 2019 (iPad 7th Generation, Model A2197,A2200,A2198).

If you have pretty mature kids who don’t break their stuff that easily, investing in an affordable case is a smart choice. This iPad case would protect the iPad from those inevitable device-breaking drops, impacts, or harmful dust, and at the same time, won’t make any hole in your pocket.

The case features a smart built-in 180-degree rotatable handle and offers more flexibility in the viewing experience. You can quickly fold it back into the stand for a horizontal position or typing purposes.

In terms of its build, it is constructed from heavy-duty EVA foam and is fully shock-resistant. It also prevents any bump, dust, or scratch damage to the device and simultaneously allows you uninterrupted access to all the buttons, ports, and cameras.

Lastly, it is available in some lively colors and will become an instant favorite of your kids.


4. PEPKOO Kids Case

PEPKOO Kids Case

Pepkoo Kids iPad Case is specifically designed for kids and made from non-toxic and shock-absorbing EVA flexible foam. Its lightweight body, beautiful design, and comfortable grip for your kids’ tiny hands make it one of the most adorable iPad cases on the list.

Its special protective corners, rugged front frame, and full-body shockproof design protect your iPad from any sort of damage. Plus, its multi-function handle-kickstand allows multiple viewing and typing positions and lets your kids easily set it according to their preferences.

The design is quite convenient to carry around, and the best part about its stand is that unlike other poor quality stands that slip easily, it can firmly stay stable on different types of surfaces. So be it a table, desk, or even floor, it will stay firm and let you enjoy multiple viewing experiences.

Lastly, it comes with a 2-year free limited warranty and arrives in several adorable colors and style variants. Hence, to sum up, it is one of the best iPad cases for kids


5. ZUGU CASE (2020/2019) Muse Case

ZUGU CASE (2020/2019) Muse Case

An iPad is quite an investment and if you want to give the best possible protection to it, then investing in Zugu’s Muse Case for iPad is highly recommendable. Even the manufacturers themselves call it “Not cheap, but worth every penny!”. Hence, you can estimate that it might cost you more than other cases but in terms of efficiency, it is the best iPad case for kids.

The case is claimed to be the result of years of innovation and persistence. Its sleek design is comparatively slimmer than other kids’ cases, and even you can own it yourself. 

Next, it is designed to give you maximum convenience. For example, it features an elastic sleeve to carry your Apple pencil, and you don’t have to worry about it getting lost.

In terms of build, it is made from synthetic (cruelty-free) leather and an impressive microfiber lining. As a result, it keeps all scuffs & scratches away from your iPad. Plus, it sports premium PC/TPU shells to ensure maximum protection and boasts to protect your iPad from a drop of even 5 feet on concrete!

For additional convenience, it features eight magnetically secure angles so that you get comfortable viewing and unparalleled entertainment. Plus, its inside air vents keep the iPad cool and uplift the overall performance.

Lastly, it comes with an industry-leading 2-year warranty, and you don’t have to worry about any damage or issue with the case. 


6. LEDNICEKER New iPad 8th Generation Case

LEDNICEKER New iPad 8th Generation Case

The Lendiceker iPad case is one of the most affordable cases on the list. If you don’t want to spend a lot of sum on a device case, then it is an advisable option. Even after being in the affordable range, it has pocketed thousands of positive customer reviews and gives you the desired performance in a low price range.

It is a two-piece protective case that protects your iPad from all sides and features a crystal clear, fully integrated screen protector. The protective screen fits over the display and protects it from scratches or damage. Don’t worry about the touch response, as it allows you a fully responsive touch as well.

It comes with a heavy-duty yet soft foam structure that guards the tablet against any shock or impacts. It also comes with a foldable stand that can stand on its own. Plus, it is a durable material and lasts for a long time.

Not to forget, it has perfect cutouts for speakers, cameras, and other input and outputs.


7. LLGLTOMO iPad 8th Generation Case

LLGLTOMO iPad 8th Generation Case

LLGLTOMO’s iPad Case comes in some vibrant color combinations that make your kid’s iPad look cool, attractive and simultaneously protect it from any drop or damage.

It is constructed from long-lasting elements, such as silicone and polycarbonate. As a result, it protects the 8th or 7th generation device from all sides and lasts for a long time. 

Its anti-slip design makes it pretty easy to hold, and even young kids can easily hold and carry the iPad around with this case.

The best part about the case is that it comes with several handy accessories. You get a 360° rotating kickstand, adjustable shoulder strap, and soft hand strap with the case. These accessories make carrying, holding, or standing of the iPad super convenient. 

Just imagine hanging it in your car while you’re driving and having a shared video viewing. Plus, you can set up the kickstand while you’re cooking with your kids, or they can even wear it outdoors. So, there are certainly no chances of getting your iPad lost.

Plus, it also has a loop for Apple pencils. Hence, on a minimum budget, you get the maximum possible convenience.


8. Haloway iPad Three Layer Heavy Duty Kids Case 

Haloway iPad Three Layer Heavy Duty Kids Case  

If you want to gift your kid an iPad for their birthday and are looking for a suitable case that not just looks attractive but keeps the device safe, you can go for Haloway’s three layers case.

It is an adjustable hybrid three-layered kids case that comes with a shockproof anti-fall back cover. The back cover adds lots of convenience to your work and allows you more entertainment. You can easily view videos or study using your iPad at several angles. Plus, it allows you full access to all the iPad features without hiding any ports or buttons. 

The front cover of the case features a snap-on design and allows you easy installation and removal. It also comes with a dust cover to protect the charging slot from any dust or damage.

The case is made of soft rubber silicone and eco-friendly rigid polycarbonate plastic that protects the tab from any shock, impact, or fall. Along with that, two polymer sponges are provided in the case that give enough cushioning and keep the surface safe from scratches. 

You can calculate its efficiency simply by the fact that it is claimed to keep your device safe from a 6 feet fall on a concrete surface! Hence, even if it might not protect the device from such height (or it might), it would obviously keep it safe from several falls.

Finally, the innovative case also absorbs some heat from the iPad and helps in keeping it cool.  


9. LTROP New iPad 8th Generation Case

LTROP New iPad 8th Generation Case

The next on the list is LTROP New iPad Case that is specially designed for 7th and 8th generation iPads.

It features a snug-fitting design and comes with a built-in stand for allowing you a hands-free viewing in landscape and portrait orientations. Plus, it lets you easily access all the controls or ports with its specific iPad design.

The most impressive thing about the case is its simplicity and effectiveness. It is not much flashy or extremely fancy, and yet, in its simple, attractive colors, it manages to protect the device with unprecedented efficiency. Perhaps that’s why it is one of the most popular iPad cases with a huge number of positive reviews from the customers.

Another impressive feature of the case is that it is pretty lightweight and doesn’t kill all the fun of having an iPad like other bulky cases. 


10. PZOZ iPad Kids Case

PZOZ iPad Kids Case

Here the list comes to an end with the PZOZ iPad Case. It is made with excellent-quality EVA foam material and is certified by SGS International Certification. The most beneficial part is it is free of harmful BPA material and thus, offers a safe and secure environment to your kids.

The case features PC material on the front frame and double protective layers for collision prevention. Along with that, its lightweight design is really helpful for young kids, and they can easily carry it to their school.

Next, it features a 360-degree rotating and 180-degree folding bracket. It allows you to carry, adjust the viewing angle, and here is the cutest part – a bear on the back! It looks utterly adorable, and if you have young kids, it can be an ideal present as well.


Factors To Consider While Choosing The Best iPad Cases for Kids 2021

As the market is loaded with tons of poor quality cases that don’t give a perfect fit and fail to protect the device as well, selecting the best can be a task. So, the best thing to do is check some essential elements that decide if the case is worth the money or not or simply fulfills the required demands.

Here are all such elements that you must consider before selecting a case for your iPad. – 

1. Fit

The first and foremost thing to notice is the fit. Many cases don’t give a snug fit, and as a result, either they don’t fit at all or hide some screen or buttons. 

Plus, many cases marked for iPads are not always fit for the model you own. They might be for iPad minis or something else. So, when you approach a case, first of all, properly check if it is fit for your device or not.

Next, make sure that the case contains exact cutouts for all the buttons, ports, cameras, speakers, and they are all easily accessible.

2. Protective Measures And Quality

The next thing to consider is if the case serves the main purpose for it is bought, i.e., the safety of your device. If you have young kids, there would be inevitable frequent falls or impacts, and the case must be protective enough to survive them.

Make sure that the case is built of high-quality material and can survive falls from 4 or 5 feet. No matter how appealing a case looks, it is useless if it doesn’t protect the iPad. 

You can also check for certain protective measures, such as a screen protector, guards at the corners, etc. Along with that, make sure that there is a soft material, like foam, that doesn’t harm the body of the iPad and doesn’t cause scratches.

3. Handles And accessibility

Lastly, check that the case has strong and convenient accessories, such as handles or straps.

When your kid is attending classes or doing any activity, a kickstand would help let the iPad stay in a firm position and allow convenient hands-free entertainment.

Handles and shoulder straps make it super convenient to carry the iPad around and hence, become a handy accessory.


Cases for adults are generally plain and simple, while the kid’s cases are quite colorful and vibrant. Plus, they are more prone to damage and hence, must include added safety features.

Thus, the process of selecting the best iPad for kids is all about creating an amalgamation of safety and good looks. 

The case that fits your needs the most also depends on your kids’ age, habits, and choice. For example, the preferences and requirements of a 6-year-old would certainly be different from a 10-year-old. So, the most recommendable thing to do is to finalize a few products and then have your kids select their favorite variant.

Lastly, our list of the best iPad cases for kids has given you the most suitable options. Now all you have to do is select any one according to your budget, preferences, and requirements.

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