Best Fitness Trackers For Kids 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. MorePro2. BIGGERFIVE3. Willful
MorePro Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Best Fitness Trackers For KidsBIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker WatchWillful Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are revolutionary devices that have brought all your physical activity statistics to your wrist. If you want to promote a healthy lifestyle in your kids and monitor their physical activities at the same time, you need to have the best fitness tracker for kids.

Fitness trackers for kids are specially designed for kids and encourage them to have healthy habits.  Unlike adult tracking accessories that focus on strict calories count and aim towards gaining or losing weight, these kids’ trackers focus on encouraging more activity in your kids. 

They have special features that track all the activities such as steps, distance, and sleep timing of your child and give an exact stats report to you on your smartphones. Apart from that, fitness trackers for kids set up healthy goals and task lists for your kids and help build a strong bond between you and them.

After considering all the important features and essential elements, here is our handpicked list of the best fitness trackers for kids.

Top 10 Best Fitness Trackers For Kids 2021

1. MorePro Slim Kids Fitness Tracker

MorePro Slim Kids Fitness Tracker Best Fitness Trackers For Kids

MorePro Slim Kids Fitness Tracker is one of the smartest fitness tracking devices available in the market. It has several beneficial features that make it one of the best fitness trackers for kids.

To begin with, it tracks and records body temperature all the time and shows you detailed information regarding the highest, lowest, or average body temperature. Plus, it records real-time heart rate activity and informs you about the accurate physical state of the kid. It also features a sleep tracker that records sleep from 8:00 pm to 10:00 am.

It features six exercise modes, i.e., run/ride/walk outdoor, run indoor, HIIT, and plank modes. Plus, it counts real-time steps and calories all the time to track the daily goals.

In terms of build and display, it features a dynamic HRV index display and an appealing design. It is IP68 waterproof, and your kids can enjoy any water activity without taking it off. Plus, it is convenient to use, and simple inputs, such as sliding touch buttons to the left or right, can switch between different functions. 

It also allows you to set the photo on the dial and see messages or call notifications, set reminders, alarm, stopwatch, etc.

Lastly, all the health data is safe and recorded in the kid’s registered account only. You can manually disconnect the tracker with the app, and all the data will be cleared to 0.


2. BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch

BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch

Biggerfive fitness tracker is one of the most popular and handiest fitness trackers for kids.

It sports a slim and adjustable design that makes it ideal for kids or teens. It is made of flexible and durable TPU material and does not contain any sort of harmful substance. It weighs just 17 grams and is pretty comfortable to wear all day long.

It tracks all-day activities, such as steps, distance, calories burned, and you can easily see everything on the watch display or your phone’s app. It also maintains a record of the sleep cycle and features a smart silent clock that wakes you up without disturbing other family members.,

It has a built-in USB interface for charging, and with a full charge (usually takes 1-2 hours), it can last up to 7 days. It is also IP67 waterproof and won’t get into any trouble in rain or splashing.

Lastly, it comes with a “VeryFitPro” mobile app that you can install on your smartphone for tracking all the progress. It comes in several style variants and your kids can easily choose their favorite one. 


3. Willful Fitness Tracker

Willful Fitness Tracker

If you are looking for a fitness tracker that doesn’t need an app’s support or Bluetooth connectivity, then Willful Fitness Tracker is the ideal solution for you. It motivates your kids to opt for a healthy lifestyle and stay more active than before.

It tracks everything from all-day steps taken, total distance traveled, calories burned, to sleep levels. As already mentioned, it doesn’t need an app or smartphone, and you can enter all the information, i.e., age, weight, height, or gender, directly into the watch and get accurate data.

It is IP68 waterproof, and you can play in the rain or get your hands wet and still feel relieved about its functioning. It features a built-in USB charging support, and with a full charge, it can last up to 7 days.

One added benefit is that it is quite simple to use and you can also give it to elderly family members.


4. Garmin Vívofit Jr, Kids Fitness Tracker

Garmin Vívofit Jr, Kids Fitness Tracker

Garmin kids activity tracker is a highly popular fitness tracking device, and the reason behind it is its incredible features and striking looks. Several distinctive characteristics and those smart looks make it one of the best kids’ fitness trackers.

The most attractive feature of the tracker is that you don’t need to charge it after a while, like others. It has a 1-year battery life and needs no regular charging. When the battery life is over, you can replace it.

Next, it is highly waterproof and even swim-friendly with its 5 ATM water resistance. It is made of durable polymers and sports a silicone strap. 

One feature that we really like about the device is that it helps you track all the bodily goals. Plus, it allows you to aim for several tasks or chores. You can set up tasks, such as taking the dog out for a walk, etc., for your kids and maintain a better schedule. On finishing such tasks, you can reward gifts to your kids and make them perform better in life.

 Lastly, it is compatible with a mobile app and helps you easily monitor all the physical activities.


5. GOGUM Slim Fitness Tracker 

GOGUM Slim Fitness Tracker 

Gogum Slim Fitness Tracker is one of the best activity trackers for kids in terms of efficiency and appearance. It comes in attractive colors and style variants, and your kids are going to love it on their wrists.

It tracks all the activities like heart rate, steps, distance, calories, and sleep data. Plus, it comes with eleven modern sports, including swimming, stationary, hiking, stair bike, outdoor indoor (cycle, run, walk), stepper, rowing machine, and elliptical. 

You can set a daily goal for your kids, and when they achieve it, you can reward them with something they love. Hence, it creates a healthy lifestyle and motivates a better relationship between you and your kids.

It comes with a 0.96” IPS color screen and IP68 waterproof ability. Plus, its slim and lightweight design makes it utterly comfortable to wear all day long. Another smart feature of the band is its cordless USB charging mode, and with one charge, the battery may last for 5 to 7 days.

Lastly, it comes with a replacement band, so you don’t have to worry about damage or getting lost.


6. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker

 Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker

Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker comes with many smart features that we don’t find in other fitness trackers for kids. It motivates your kids to have a healthy lifestyle and simultaneously develops better habits and a sportive nature in them.

It tracks all the body’s activities and maintains a record of their sleep. Plus, the special bedtime reminders and silent alarms become handy characteristics when you don’t want to disturb others.

When kids complete a given task or achieve a goal, they earn virtual badges. It results in funny on-screen celebrations and special gifts from your side. It is completely waterproof, and the kids can go for pool parties or other water activities without damaging it.

Another impressive part is the challenge feature where your kids can challenge their friends to step into competitions and send messages to each other.

The five-day battery backup and compatibility with smartphones are other features that make it a reliable option. Plus, a special parental control can allow your kids to see a limited kid’s view, and you can see all the activities. 

However, its single con is its budget. You may call it a bit overpriced as compared with other smart options.


7. ONIOU Kids Fitness Tracker Watch

ONIOU Kids Fitness Tracker Watch

If you have young kids and don’t want them to play outdoors with expensive fitness trackers, Oniou has a profitable solution. The affordable kids’ fitness tracker watch from Oniou is an ideal replacement for expensive fitness trackers.

In terms of build, it is durable, lightweight, and pretty convenient to wear and use. It tracks the all-day activities of your kids from steps, distance, and calories burned to activity duration throughout the day. It also tracks the sleep timing and even the time spent for light as well as deep sleep. 

The watch has a silent alarm clock that enables your kids to wake up more peacefully without getting annoyed.

It also comes with a handy reminder that reminds your kids about moving if they have been still at a place for a long time. It can also set reminders for general chores such as going to bed, taking medicine, going for a walk, etc.

Lastly, it comes with a USB charging facility and lasts for around 5 days after a full charge. Plus, it is compatible with smartphones.

We can see that it offers all the features that more expensive fitness trackers reward us with. Hence, it is one of the best kids’ activity trackers on a budget.


8. Ace’s Activity Tracker

Ace's Activity Tracker

Next on the list is Ace’s Activity tracker for kids. It comes with all the features we require in a fitness tracker and motivates your child to choose a healthier lifestyle. It is designed to give a comfortable feel while wearing.

First of all, it keeps track of all the fitness activities, such as active minutes, sleep time, etc. Just tap the screen, and it shows all the stats on its bright screen. It is fully showerproof and can survive all splashes and spills. Its lightweight body and the admissible wristband are ideal for growing kids.

It comes with celebratory messages and achievement badges when your kids complete a task, and they can also communicate or challenge other kids. It automatically syncs stats with the iOS and Android devices and lets you know your child’s activities. 

You can also adjust the kid’s view and keep parental control on the device.


9. MoreFit Kids Fitness Tracker

MoreFit Kids Fitness Tracker

MoreFit Kids Fitness tracker is a reliable activity tracking device that is specially designed to monitor your child’s health and development. Its attractive looks, reasonable pricing, and impressive features make it one of the best fitness trackers for kids.

It comes with a cool customizable interface where your kids can adjust the looks to three separate themes and choose their favorite dynamic clock face. It is designed for all-around action and comes with a silicone band and an adjustable steep.

It monitors your child’s all-day activities, be it distance, calories burned, steps, or sleep. You can adjust it to four modes, i.e., walking, running, cycling, or climbing. Plus, it allows you to set reminders of daily goals, activities and has automatic reminders for moving.

Lastly, its 2 hours of full charge can last up to 5 days and being a waterproof device, it can easily be carried to pools or while hand washing without any worry.


10. Mgaolo Slim Fitness Tracker

Mgaolo Slim Fitness Tracker

Mgaolo Slim Fitness Tracker comes with stylish patterned straps and a slim and adjustable design. It is suitable not just for kids but also for teens, women, or adults.

It is made with TPU material, and the best part is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. 

It comes with a long list of smart functions. To begin with, it gives you round-the-clock details of your kid’s physical activities. It acts as a heart rate and blood pressure monitor, sleep monitor, step and calorie counter, Bluetooth phone call reminder. It shows the caller’s name display and allows you to reject or answer the phone call.

It also shows call and SMS notifications and other sedentary reminders. You can also use it for alarm, countdown, or stopwatch purposes. It comes with a whopping 11 sport modes and gives you real-time stats in the mobile app.

Lastly, it is fully IP68 waterproof and comes with a USB charge facility and long battery life.


What’s your pick? The Conclusion

Fitness trackers for kids are a healthy way to develop a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to go for healthy activities.

When it comes to selecting the best fitness trackers for kids, the most recommendable advice is to select one according to the features you need and the price you are willing to pay. If you have a 5-year-old boy, your requirements would be simpler and different from those of a 12-year-old girl.

Hence, the best way to choose the most suitable fitness device is to set down your requirements. Our list of the best activity tracker for kids has assembled the most advanced and reliable devices, and you can easily select one according to your kid’s preferences and requirements.

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